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  1. Smart and necessary move by princess cruises. And all other lines must follow this lead. No one should be on a cruise ship now. Bravo P😍rincess, we still love you.
  2. I would NOT worry about the tender. On the Emerald princess we also tendered at Kotor, and the tender took barely only around 5- minutes to shore, once tender took off. Im sure once you tell Mlladen of Montenegro M tours your schedule, he will be at port when you need him. Do you know when your ship departs Kotor later in day? The tour I spoke about is 6 hrs so you need to be able to fit that into ships port times. Otherwise he can tailor another tour.
  3. Recommend using a company called Montenegro M, owner is Madden a great guy. they have a 6 hr tour that leaves at 8 am from cruise ship port, that takes you to Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks, Budvah, and Kotor. In Budvah try lunch at the National Restaurant worth the time to stop. They can tailor your stops to your needs. Mlladen or Sasha should be the tour guides you ask for. We had Sasha , he was marvelous. http://mtours.me/
  4. Be up at around 5:30 am. Beautiful sail in into Kotor. Well worth the early rise from bed.
  5. We stayed at the Rialto Hotel just last month ( June 2019) and I can’t recommend a better option. It’s a vintage hotel right on grand canal next to Rialto Bridge. So you are right in the thick of things , close to all attractions. A private water taxi or a vaporetto from airport will bring you right to hotels dock area so you won’t be dragging luggage. And the hotel staff were great. Great place to stay fo4 a few nights to see the magic of Venice
  6. Looking towards summer/ fall 2021 to cruise Princess on a British isles itinerary. Any idea when princess puts Europe 2021 for sale?
  7. We just returned from Athens and climbing up to the Acropolis. We did it on June 22 and late afternoon around 99 degrees. Everyone in 60,s and one 70. The key is to do it in stages,no need to rush yourself, as there are benches to rest and take breaks along the way up. Since the Acropolis and Parthenon are a once in a lifetime, omg moment, be smart about it and be determined and you will make it. Bring plenty of water, don’t eat a big breakfast or heavy lunches beforehand though, especially in dead of summer. Just do It ,because being on the Acropolis is worth every step and climb. I have Keen walking shoes and they did great with some of the slippery paths. So an excellent pair of sneakers or walking shoes that grip well is essential.
  8. I’m wondering when this sale will start. Also , is princess no longer offering $100 pp deposits on Europe cruises?
  9. I know the voltage is 220. Are iPhones and iPads really dual voltage which means they can be used in Italy just with the normal adapters? if you plug in a dual voltage appliance into a converter would it hurt the device? I did buy a converter and now I’m thinking all I really needed it for was for my DW hairdryer which is not dual voltage for sure. all responses greatly appreciated
  10. I want to pre - book the Crown Grill for nights other than formal.
  11. Any thoughts from anyone which 2 days could be the formal nights. I called princess and they said they don’t know this at this time. To me they are usually 2nd night and 6 night on a 7 day cruise. But since there is only one sea day which will be the third night , I would think that’s the first formal, and perhaps Crete which is 6 night is second formal ? Thoughts? Sat, 06/15/19 Rome (civitavecchia), Italy View general port information See Travel Summary For progressive Check In Times – 7:00pm Sun, 06/16/19 Salerno, Italy 7:00am – 7:00pm Mon, 06/17/19 At Sea Tue, 06/18/19 Kotor, Montenegro Tender Required wheelchair Access Limited 7:00am – 5:00pm Wed, 06/19/19 Corfu, Greece 7:00am – 4:00pm Thu, 06/20/19 Crete (chania), Greece 12:00pm – 10:00pm Fri, 06/21/19 Mykonos, Greece 7:00am – 9:00pm Sat, 06/22/19 Athens (piraeus), Greece View general port information 4:00am
  12. Actually I’m on the June 15 out of Rome , and the cruise shows 2 formal nights but doesn’t specify which night. Just trying to figure out what nights to possibly reserve one of the specialty restaurants.
  13. Leaving on a 7 day cruise from Rome to Athens. The cruise leaves on a Saturday and has one sea day , . Anyone know what nights of the cruise are two formal nights.
  14. When going straight to the Acropolis museum ticket purchase site, it shows tickets are sold in window blocks of 2 hrs. For example from 12:00-1400 , 1400-1600 and so on as an example .. It mentions having to be there at the exact start time for entrance but then you can stay as long as you like. So if I buy the 14:00-16:00 time are they saying I must be there at 14;00 or can arrive anytime within that window? Could I arrive at 15:30 and get in ?
  15. Thank you Nicagal. Actually I booked the same company https://www.motoscafivenezia.it/en/ about 2 weeks ago for our upcoming June trip. So glad to hear your experience with them and the decision to spend the money will be worth it as we arrive in Venice!
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