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  1. Is there public transport that could get us from wherever we stay to the cruise terminal? And is the cruise terminal location somewhere that we would want to stay? We definitely want to explore Venice while we're there, and if being close to the cruise terminal isn't the best option for doing that, we are not worried about getting luggage to the terminal. We'd rather stay near whatever the city center is, close to restaurants, shopping, touristy things.
  2. We are sailing out of Venice for a Greece/Croatia cruise, not until September 2021. Family of 6. We are wanting to fly into Venice at least 3 days ahead of the cruise and stay. What is the best area that would be convenient to restaurants and the sites of Venice, since we won't have a vehicle? I have never been to Italy so this is all new to me. Thank you!
  3. When we were there in 2018, we did not plan an excursion, and we were bored. So We definitely want to plan an excursion this year. What were your favorite excursions here? We are already whale watching in Juneau. Not opposed to it again, but probably looking for something different. We'll be there in August.
  4. Depends on who you are as a person. I do not want to hang out on deck with other people. My whole life is full of other people lol, and on vacation, I want as little interaction with humans as possible. So we always get a balcony and I would never cruise without one. If you're a people person, and don't think you'll spend much time in your room, save the money and stay in an inside and enjoy the scenery from the public spaces.
  5. If I had been a teenager when cell phones were popular, and my parents had paid for a trip to Alaska, and I spent my vacation with my nose in a phone, my mother would have thrown my phone overboard without hesitation. Either take them and tell them that they need to be present and involved, or leave them at home with an extensive list of chores and go have fun. I have no idea how anyone, at any age, could have a bad time in Alaska, but I guess everyone is different.
  6. Not specific to Alaska, but magnetic hooks for the walls. We did this for the first time in October and it was life changing! lol, so much easier to hang things up and not have random stuff just hanging all over the room.
  7. Seward for sure. Anchorage, while beautiful scenery on the outskirts, is a big city, with all the annoyances of big cities. In August, we land in Anchorage at noon on Wednesday, are taking a bus to Seward that day, and renting a car once in Seward and keeping it until Friday afternoon when we embark. When we went in 2018, the only time we spent in Anchorage was the few hours before we had to catch our flight, and that was plenty of time for me.
  8. Do it. We had plenty of time to drive to Emerald Lake and be back in plenty of time.
  9. Jayleen!! We adore her! Booked again with her this August.
  10. Are you saying $5000 per person or $5000 for the whole trip sounds reasonable? We went the last week of August 2018. Was not out of Seattle, but Northbound out of Vancouver. For airfare from Pittsburgh to Vancouver, 1 night hotel in Vancouver, the cruise (aft balcony on RCCL Royal Caribbean, no drink package but did do the ultimate dining package), Crab feast excursion in Ketchikan, whale watching in Juneau, car rental in Skagway, no excursion in ISP, 2 nights hotel in Girdwood after the cruise, rental car from Seward to Anchorage, flight home from Anchorage to Pittsburgh, all spending money down to the penny, which includes all souvenirs and food/drinks off the ship and everything we spent that was not included in the cost of the cruise itself, we spent $12,000 for 2 people.
  11. I've never actually booked an excursion for any cruise through the cruise line. I've never been late. Independent companies want you to enjoy and leave good reviews for your trip, there's very little reason you wouldn't make it back to the ship on time.
  12. I'm 37 and happily married to someone who unfortunately, does't like to travel internationally. There are several places in the world that I'm interested in visiting, and I've decided that being married isn't going to stop me from going alone lol. I would love to travel solo, though I really don't have any interest in meeting new people. Just me, myself and I, a balcony, and a book is all I need.
  13. We'll be in Icy Strait Point this August and I'm looking for bear watching tours. Which one is the best, in your opinion?
  14. In my research and reading trip reports and posts, it seems to me that doing the cruise affiliated land tours is a whole lot of riding around on buses and being shuttled from one place to another. We did land, but on our own, and I don't think I could do it any other way. I also think it's a lot more cost effective to do it on your own.
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