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  1. Thanks again. They have a 4 day rail pass, so not sure what they will do. I think car or earlier travel maybe the only options.
  2. OH bugger. They are really screwed then. Arrive a day earlier, arrive a day later (< 24 hours in Venice), drive or don't come at all. So no guaranteed trains to get to Venice on the 24th?
  3. Thanks heaps again. No sign of issues on the 26th on the train from Venice to Rome?
  4. Sorry i just also read the strike is not always guranteed to happen?
  5. Wow thanks so much I will advise them of this info. They can't travel earlier as they have other travel commitments before then. They do have assigned seats in their existing bookings. So that other option is guaranteed to run? Or should they look at driving? Bookings were through an Aussie travel agent. Thanks again.
  6. OK here are the details: 24 July 9:07 Leaving Monterosso and arriving Pisa Centrale 10:17 10:32 Leaving Pisa Centrale and arriving Firenze 11:32 12:15 Leaving Firenze and arriving Venezia 2:20pm - Trenitalia Domestic. So 3 train trips on strike day!
  7. There on 24th and 25th of July. Should I pre-book? Any recommendations?
  8. Checking. Thanks heaps for your knowledgeable info.
  9. We have friends travelling to Venice via rail on the 24th and we will be using a bus from the airport to main Venice, will they be affected do you think?
  10. We leave for Rome on the 26th at 10:25am. 😞 Trenitalia. But maybe it is just air on the 26th? I have reached out to our AirBNB host and travel guide.
  11. It is real: https://www.cgsse.it/web/guest/scioperi-generali
  12. I am also trying to understand if that is correct? I am travelling from Venice to Rome via train on July 26 before a cruise on the 28th.
  13. Very interesting reading: Loss of propulsion of the passenger cruise ship Norwegian Star Bass Strait, 18 nm SW of Cape Liptrap, Victoria on 10 February 2017 https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/5772657/mo-2017-003_prelim.pdf
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