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  1. I would not be surprised if most of us are now looking at the river cruise itineraries just in case there is a full season coming up. Theo
  2. This time I have to call a wild card for sure, we are having the grandkids over(3 of them). Theo
  3. After the hint that @notamermaid should/could know this place it was not too difficult to find. Franziskus Eck, Koblenz, Rhine & Mosel rivers. Still have no idea what the building next door is. Theo
  4. How do you know they are "Boys". I looked very closely 😁 but can not determine the gender. Theo
  5. With the 2 pillars below and the window/doors on the top it looks like a one of those little balconies where "important" people make speeches from. Italian or French? Theo
  6. Yes you are correct. Your turn. Interesting place. Madurodam is a Dutch miniature city in The Hague on a scale of 1 to 25, opened on July 2, 1952 at George Maduroplein. This tourist theme park attracts approximately 600,000 paying visitors every year. The park covers a total area of 62,630 m². The city itself measures 17,630 m². The miniature city has often served as inspiration for the construction of various theme parks worldwide such as Legoland Billund and the Disneyland Park in Anaheim. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madurodam Theo
  7. Not so much a miniature "model", more part of something larger like a miniature 🏘️🏰🏭 Theo
  8. You are all thinking too big. This place is small, very small, 🔍😊. Theo
  9. Neither Alkmaar or Edam. Read my last post again, there is a small clue in there. Theo
  10. Yes cheese is in the picture. You figured all that it is in the Netherlands. Although it is a cheese market it is not the cheese market in Gouda. Think smaller. Theo
  11. For some this will be easy. Here is a picture I took in 2002 while visiting Europe (😉 😉) with our 5 grandkids. With this one I need the exact location within the City & Country. You can pick any river you like in that area. If you're right you win the price; posting the next one. Theo
  12. I am?? Big surprise, I just took a wild guess at this location because if I remember right (doesn't happen too often) you posted a different picture of this area before. Anyway, I have to look for something to post but if anybody wants to post a wild card go ahead. Right now we are looking at a river cruise for 2022 🤞. Theo
  13. OK lets start off with the Garonne River estuary between Bordeaux and the sea. If that is not the one we can start the elimination process 😉. Theo
  14. Because you said "our weather" can we assume that it is in England, River Thames? Theo
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