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  1. OMG. This reminds me of when my 8 year old son asked his aunt to send in the paperwork to register his Koosa (you also score more points if you remember what they were). Apparently she transposed the letters spelling the creature's name wrong and the birth certificate said "Brain". Oh, boy was he upset when he opened the mail that day! I had to look up the name since it was so long ago. Apparently those things were out for years before he got one. He wasn't even born when they first showed up. Then again, I was never one of those parents who waited in lines for days for some new toy to come out. Guess that makes me a "mom from back then".
  2. This is hilarious. I just looked up mine and it is "My Sharona". I have been humming "my corona" ever since I saw that video on like page 2.
  3. Sounds like I need to customize my mask better. You think my daughter (nurse) might have given me that advice since I complained to her first. I'm going to have to rethink our relationship.:)
  4. Could you draw that out for me? I have spent the last three Fridays at the store trying to hold my breath while I shopped for groceries. Roll it up and how does it stay in place? Sorry for the dumb question but it looks like this could same me from months of agony wearing my mask.
  5. My husband and I had to listen to Tubthumping about 30 times before we could figure out that song. I could watch this clip 100 times and still not know what he said about the guy in the crevice or what he had in the front of the sled. I do love crisps though!
  6. Could I get the Newcastle video with subtitles? Apparently I don't have an ear for English.
  7. Well, I signed up for the galley tour and then they wouldn't let me leave until I actually cooked for the crew. What's this about? IF I wanted to cook I would have stayed home.
  8. I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone here. This is the best thread going! BTW, anyone cheat and go over to Celebrity (no sure how many of you go both lines) but the puzzle joke was hilarious, especially since my daughter and I did a couple last weekend. Thank goodness you are way more proliferant. I need more than a couple a day!
  9. I thought it looked like BC. I wouldn't know for sure, the closest I have gotten is the Canada Pavilion in Epcot.
  10. Tell him to avoid RI. Some of us take quarantine orders seriously. LOL https://www.foxnews.com/us/3-massachusetts-golfers-arrested-for-violating-rhode-island-coronavirus-quarantine-order-police
  11. I noticed that while at work this week too. Yeah, nothing more aggravating, than picking up one of those "don't hang up" calls.
  12. Thanks everyone. I had to step away from the monitor while drinking my coffee. It doesn't like to be spit on!
  13. I am willing to put a deposit down in order to lock in my cruise next year. Same ship, same week and 50% more. Total bummer! I figure I will try to beat all those other people stuck traveling during school vacation and are waiting for their FCC. It would have really sucked if I missed out on the $18 booze package but I must have slept late that day.
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