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  1. Earlier in the day we called and only waited about 5 minutes, but we needed to call back and now I've been on hold for 1 hour and 4 minutes so far. We just got our FCC yesterday so I guess a lot of other people are getting it too and trying to use it up. They made it that you have to call to use your credit instead of letting you add it online the easy way...
  2. OK, not all suites, but the really expensive ones.. on the photos on the Celebrity website there's pictures of a piano in the living room area.. why? I mean, do people just suddenly feel like playing the piano? Or can you call down to the front desk and ask for a piano man to come up to the room and sing for you? Just seems like a waste of space to me, why not have a nice super comfy recliner or 2 in it's place?
  3. I didn't know they sold it. Hopefully they will bring some other ships to Baltimore. It's an easy port for us to get to, we're still thinking of doing the caribbean or bermuda some time soon
  4. Thanks for all of the ideas so far, keep em coming! We are big foodies but also not too adventurous, so we won't be touching anything involving innards, guts or brains 🙂 rye ice cream sounds interesting though. is rye bread a big deal over there? I saw some other restaurants talking about it. I think we would be most interested in some good local meats or fish, I don't do shellfish but my fiance does. She also raves about escargot, but I won't touch it no matter how much garlic butter it's swimming in.
  5. thanks, i always figured it's just best to book a flight as soon as it's available (11 months out?). We did that for our upcoming Celebrity cruise to Ireland & Iceland next june. We got main cabin economy so we could pick our own seats, flying from Philadelphia nonstop to Dublin for around $1100 pp... Well the fare was $675 or so, then the taxes they hit you with were over $400. Not sure if that's a good price or not. We did biz class for our last cruise where we flew to Seattle but it was way too expensive to do for this flight.
  6. Does anyone know of any good sites for finding cheap flights? Or is it just luck? I've tried Expedia or Cheapo Air or just going direct to an airline's site and it's always hit or miss
  7. Oh, yeah, we would only want to do the real island not some fake petting zoo at sea. Guess we'll have to keep searching for a cruise that can go to the real one
  8. oh, that sucks 😞 But, I thought the ones on the real pig island were natural or at least no one knows how they got there, and they live on their own in the wild? But I doubt that stops tourists from feeding them every day
  9. What's cruel about it? We were hoping it was the real pig island, don't know if we want to go to some fake one they made to cash in. I was wondering about this one, because on google maps the real island looks far away. I did find some private excursions leaving from Nassau, but it's an 8+ hour excursion and we were afraid if we did that it would be risky trying to get back to the ship on time. So is this like a pig petting zoo that rcl built themselves? We did find this one on Norwegian https://www.ncl.com/shore-excursions/FPO_04/Swim-with-the-Pigs ?destination=Bahamas+%26+Florida+Cruises&sort=searchWeight&sortOrder=asc&perPage=12 But we like RCL and Celebrity
  10. We are planning to visit the Bahamas and the #1 thing we want to do is see the swimming pigs. I read an old blog post saying there was an excursion from Cocokay. Does anyone know if RCL still offers that? I tried looking through the excursions on their site, but didn't see it
  11. We did the Solstice 2 years ago to Alaska and loved it, you will too! If you love fish n chips, in Ketchican there is a super great, super tiny hole in the wall place called Alva's fish and chowder. It's literally right across the street from when you get off the ship. The fish is so fresh, it was probably swimming an hour ago. Prices weren't too bad, but it's not much of a restaurant, just a few picnic tables inside, but really worth it if you love tasty fish.
  12. One thing, if you love good restaurants and if you can afford it I recommend getting at least a sky suite so that you can eat at the Luminae. I don't know about the edge, but one on the Solstice was probably the best restaurant we ever visited on land or sea. It spoiled us, from now on we will only book suites, but just have to save up a bit more between cruises. We go for he Sky suites, they are a little bigger than a regular balcony room and you get lots of extras including a better room service menu. We had room service for breakfast every day, and midnight burger binges almost every night 🙂
  13. Does anyone know of any cruise lines that offer excursions to the pig island? Seems most don't show their excursions till after you book, which is a pain. I was looking up several different cruises and I found some private companies/boats that will take you there from Nassau, but it's an 8+ hour round trip and I worry if it runs late we might not get back to the ship in time. So I'd rather book through the cruise line so they will wait for us 🙂 Or better yet, any itineraries that stop at an island that would be closer, so the excursion won't take as long?
  14. This is the #1 reason we like Celebrity. We don't need to be entertained and have activities the whole time. We like to kick back and relax. We don't even go to the shows (not our thing), we spend most evenings (and days at sea) in the casino or chillin' in our room on the balcony. There's still plenty of stuff to do, but IMO a Celebrity cruise is perfect for if you want to unwind rather than get wound up. Can't speak about the Edge though, haven't sailed on her yet but we are hoping to do Edge or Apex after our Ireland & Iceland cruise next summer
  15. Carnival isn't an option for us. My Fiance isn't a fan of them at all, and won't even consider them. I wouldn't mind trying them though, but her 2 votes always beats my 1. We've done the Celebrity Solstice to Alaska and Regal Princess to new england. We feel like Royal Caribbean would be a good fit for some of their cruises so we would really only be interested in the grandeur from Baltimore, or others from NY. I like Baltimore because it seems like it boarding will be painless and I like the idea of a smaller ship. We don't really do a lot of the extra stuff offered on cruises. We never go to shows, we don't really hang out in lounges, we don't use the pool. Most of our time spent on board is eating or gambling (slots and bingo). We are bigtime foodies, but we also don't do the speciality restaurants often because we already paid so much for the cruise and would rather spend money to eat at a local place in a port if we can. So maybe we'll give the grandeur a try. We are doing an Ireland & Iceland cruise with Celebrity next summer, so we were hoping to plan for the caribbean probably Jan or Feb '21
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