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  1. Yeah, but you get into rocks and shoals when the family is from a different culture. IAC, as retired Junior High teachers, my wife and I can pretty well handle anything. And we never let anything ruin our cruise. But we were still delighted when we found out they weren't on the second leg.
  2. It is simple for me. If the ships sail, I'll cruise. I'll obey whatever the protocols are. Other than that I won't really change anything.
  3. Yup, like the bozo on our last YC cruise that thought it was fine to have a loud Skype conversation in the lounge that was impossible to filter out.
  4. I have. On our 5/19 Meraviglia Baltic cruise we had the girl from hell in the Yacht Club. This kid (maybe age 8) literally screamed in her grandmother's face at dinner and ran rampant in the lounge and no one in the family (parents, grandparents) did a thing about it. It made it very uncomfortable for the staff. Fortunately they got off after the first leg. Relief at them leaving was the topic of a lot of conversations the first day of the second leg when we realized they were gone. Let me add that there were several kids in that YC who behaved fine, and were not a problem. So I don't think the problem was with kids in general, just this little girl. And there is the fact that different nationalities have very different notions of child-bearing and what is acceptable behavior.
  5. To a degree you can control your health. One of the worst things for you is stress, so living life in the slow lane, living below your income, enjoying the things you get to do and not worrying about the things you don't get to do, are stress reducers and health improvers.
  6. My grandfather always to say, 'if you don't have money you have problems - if you have money you have bigger problems'.
  7. You make an excellent point, namely that we look at poverty in relative terms. It doesn't matter if the poor get richer, because we don't look at that, we focus on the rich/poor gap. My millenial neice was shocked when I said, to her, that a person born today in the US (and the same is true of lots , but by no means all, nations) has it better than 99+% of all of the people who ever lived.
  8. I'm not sure I agree with your price observation (or was it more of a prediction? I wasn't sure, from your wording) . After my 11/7/20 cruise was cancelled I booked a back to back Carib cruise for 9/2021 and a weeklong Carib for 1/2022. Both were booked in the MSC Yacht Club which might not be considered top tier for folks on the Luxury Cruising board, but which is clearly upscale. In booking these cruises I got the largest discounts off the 'i don't use a TA' website price I've ever gotten by a significant amount - and I've been used to a 9-10% discount. So while you may well be correct in the longer term, at the moment there are some amazing deals out there on upscale travel products.
  9. And get back to that gracious age when us riffraff were priced out.
  10. It does. Unquestionably there are economic winners and losers, and as is always, and I mean in every time and place throughout history, the case that it is those on the lower end of the economic scale that bear the brunt of disease and war. Fortunately, as the disease has increased, military action has decreased, so there is that at least.
  11. Some of them are trying to sneak politics into the discussion. He meant 1/20/2017.
  12. That is one of the fallacies - that we are all in this together. There is a vast gulf between people like me who are retired, still getting pension check, still getting my Social Security, back in plus territory on the 401k after the initial big dip, and that Average Joe you are talking about. From a personal point of view I don't need help from the gov't., but I sure am in favor of it for the people who don't have a job or income and are hurting badly. If one is in the fortunate group it is easy to forget about those who aren't.
  13. I have stated from the very beginning that the critical piece is treatment, not a vaccine. Having a vaccine is not a bad thing but it won't be the ultimate answer - and even less so when they are talking about relatively low (i.e., 50%) effective rates being acceptable to the experts in public health. If we see someone in their 70s with co-morbidities and a high-stress job get infected and cured within 10 days, THAT is more important than a marginally effective vaccine, in my book.
  14. Yes there were several, most recently the Third Plague Pandemic which started in 1855 (in China) had spread across the globe by the end of the 19th century, and didn't Peter out until the 1950s. https://www.history.com/news/6-devastating-plagues
  15. Oooo, I hope this is correct. I've never played in a ship's casino and I'm not that much of a gambler, but I could see doing a little to use up (or grow - as if) my outsized OBC.
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