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  1. Kings Point? My godfather's wife, my aunt, was the Commodant's (?) secretary for something like 25 years.Many's the time a friend and I would ride our bikes over, visit the museam, maybe watch some football if it was a fall Saturday, and visit the Old Grist Mill. Then a stop at "Bruce's, Baker to the Stars" to pick up some of their amazing onion rolls before heading home. Good times, Good memories.
  2. I am always excited to dine with anyone whose life path is significantly different than mine. And I find that people are generally pretty open, usually commensurate with my own openness. But I know that there are people who just don't care to make conversation with a stranger. But for us, that is one of the greatest charms of traveling. I've sat at a Captain's Table one time, as I previously said. I didn't do anything to get the invitation. I didn't seek it out. Getting the invitation didn't boost my ego or self image. I didn't look at diners at other tables and mentally congratulate
  3. I don't think it is a coincidence that the 11the circuit reversed itself the same day Florida appealed to the Supreme Court.
  4. If you are comparing to just the TA's posted price that may not be their best price. Because of cruiseline rules only people who make some kind of personal contact with the TA, like signing up for their marketing emails, calling them on the phone, soliciting a price using a TA compete site, etc., get access to the best price.
  5. Never on a sea cruise (although there was an uncomfortable 2 days in the North Atlantic going from Halifax to Portland ME) but on a Victory Cruiseline Montreal to Boston cruise (Victory 2) a couple of years ago my wife and I were invited to the Captain's Table. No special meal or anything but it was still pretty cool and we found out that the Captain's wife was more interesting than the Captain.
  6. Yes, they are. People panicking because now we can measure such minute quantities.
  7. Absolutely. Never listen to the words, ALWAYS do the numbers. I 'shop around' by putting my desired cruise and cabin class out for bid on a website that lets TAs quote their best price on my cruise. I'm pretty self sufficient and well able to do my own research, so by the time I'm ready to actually book, all I am looking for is the best price from a TA I can vet. I don't need their advice and I don't need their handholding. Usually doing the booking is my only contact with them.
  8. That was a very fair description of a very contentious topic. Well done.
  9. Which is why you have to call or email a TA to be sure of getting the best price, since frequently they are not allowed to advertise their 'special' deals.
  10. Approximately?? You aren't anywhere near the right ballpark. There are just under 8 billion people on the whole earth. For there to be a billion flights a day, and everyone on earth was flying that would mean an average of 8 people on each flight. So your 'estimate isn't even remotely reasonable. And it took a 5 second Google search to confirm common sense. https://financesonline.com/number-of-flights-worldwide/ The actual number of flights per day, globally, is in the vicinity of 100,000. 100,000 is NOT approximately a billion. You are off by 4 orders of magnitude, or about a facto
  11. This is another good reason to book with a TA so they handle this kind of kerfuffle.
  12. It will be interesting to see how it plays out when it hits the courts. Giving special priveleges to people who 'prove' they are vaccinated is essentially requiring people to divulge their vaccination status as a condition of receiving the special priveleges. Which, depending how the law is written, could be a serious problem for RC. And the fines are significant if a court finds against the cruiseline.
  13. This is all bogus. 80% of people DO NOT die within a year of retirement, and people who retire early tend to die sooner than people who retire at age 65. https://www.elderguru.com/why-do-retirees-die-soon-after-retirement/
  14. Personally I find that just enjoying the things I CAN do and not worrying about or lamenting the things I CAN'T do has made life pleasant and fullfilling. So if I cruise again, great. If I can't cruise again, fine. Cruising is a very pleasant leisure activity, but it is not a necessity of my life.
  15. I'm aware of these intermittent opportunities, but they are too complex for my simple mind. But I wish that weren't the case because I like up-scale travel and I like money.
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