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  1. We just left Misty Fjords and our wonderful Zodiac excursion off of Maasdam. Tomorrow is Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage. Monday I debark in Vancouver and go for my Global entry interview before heading home. Sometime between now and December I need to get my interview done. A-
  2. Thanks Rich, I really appreciate reading this thread, one of the bright spots on CC. A-
  3. It depends on when it was issued, before making my choice the T&C were The deadline for making your selection online is June 1, 2020. If you do not respond by June 1st, you will be deemed to have elected the respective Option #1 above. Please note, guests who select option 1 may cancel the future cruise credit at any time and the value, less the 25% bonus amount and US$250 onboard credit per person, will be refunded. Most airlines and other travel-related services such as hotels, transportation, and tours are allowing refunds or waiving change fees due to the COVID-19 pandemic; please work directly with those operators regarding their charges. Please note that due to the unprecedented volume of bookings impacted by cancellations, processing your election of Option 1 or 2 may take up to 60 days as our team works through each booking. Should you have any questions, please contact us at the A-
  4. It is completely possible that this projection goes to the worse case budget, which allows the state to ask the FED for more money based on accurate statistical assumptions. This is their be prepared for the worse case.
  5. The reason businesses are being allowed to reopen is the hospitals have capacity for a surge in infected people and have the equipment and resources to react. The issue for the cruise lines is when passengers get sick at sea can they utilize the local ports (port they left from) hospital system? For me I would have flown from the US to Vancouver a week ago to travel to Alaska (the US) so would the Canadians let me comeback sick to their country or would I need a way back to the US? Its not about a vaccine, its about the hospital capacity to take a surge in patients. A-
  6. The owner recently retired but their mission carries on, they still have children's areas and authors. I think they have dropped most magazines because of the return policies. If you are ever in the SF Bay Area drop into one of their stores or that old time tactile experience. https://www.booksinc.net/storeinfo
  7. If you mean when the site was designed the lack of a cancel button is to give them a last chance to personally try to get those those cancelling to move to another cruise or time, before they process a refund. If you mean they should add a cancel button online its probably the same sales team logic along with they want to controll the process / run on the bank. In November I wasn't sure what trip I was going to take and they had $25 deposits, I booked 3 cruises while I made up my mind and on one of them I paid in full instead of the $25. I called to cancel two and upgrade 1 and I had my money back in about 2 days (I cancelled the one paid in full) but they wanted that last chance to make a sale. I moved the booking to BB TA and used their online form to pick refund or FCC, I received my FCC 2-3 weeks ago. I had cancelled all my excursions and internet and the stuff I bought online in early March when Canada closed the Vancouver port until July 1 so that money came back in about 3 days.
  8. When we sent people home our MSP didn't want employees personal computers or computers we just retired from service being used because they didn't have all the 24 x 7 management tools on those PCS so we had to use their management tool to connect and not USE VPN because we couldn't control what the employees did on those computers and we didn't want to pay for the additional seats of monitoring and AV and all the other fees. I would hope that HAL operates and an even higher level of security, for our situation where we used to use VPN from non owned computers it was no longer recommended for security reasons. It was very tough to purchase additional monitors, cables and accessories when we were shutdown, everyone was sold out. A-
  9. We did a project at downtown Disney in LA about 25 years ago when it first opened. It was a 2000 sq foot bookstore and Cafe. They had me fly down to take measurements in May for a September delivery. After a half hour of parking rigamarole and walk to the site the PM told me they were a little behind and walked me over to an empty lot, said they would be read to measure on July 1. I ask if I can come down after the 4th and no I need to be there on the 1st. I check in a week before an we are on schedule so off I go. Still an empty lot. We go over schedule with my drop dead dates to be able to open on time. I return late in august, still no building but this time we are meeting with a Big dog from Disney. He guaranteed it would be ready in 3 weeks. I show in 3 weeks and still no building and comment to Big Dog that its going to be a time crunch. His comment was I don't care if you have 2000 man hours to produce the product and 400 to install. Just hire 4800 people and get it done in half an hour if that's what it takes. There wasn't room for 800 men in a 2000 square foot building. We ended up working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New years Eve and New Years Day to get it done so we could install in time for it to open for a huge party in January. We did all the woodwork, metal work and coordinated all the "props". Some things take time regardless of how it looks from the outside. This store is gone now, people don't want these type of retail spaces anymore. This was a beautiful store for kids. It was designed to give the sense of exploration of a time long gone. I wish I had better pictures. People use multiple methods of payment, people purchase multiple options, people move and get credits or pay more, there are lots of moving parts that need to be verified. My IRS return was 75 pages, it took my accountant a few months and then it was ready for my review, after that he e-filed. There was a lot of prep work before the IRS had to "push" the button. It took the IRS about 4 weeks to "push" the button with everything verified by a CPA to get my personal refund. The IRS didn't have to to do the preparation math. At the very minimum people will get two credits, one for taxes and fees and one for the cruise fare. If its all on one card it may come together, if its a voyage in progress then they to need to verify each port that wasn't visited. I am sure a lot of it is electronic but it all needs to be verified before it is sent out. That is what bean counters do. A-
  10. I was just playing with the math while this was being posted and made some ASSUMPTIONS based on GUESSES not facts. HAL averages 35,000 passengers a week So I take 35000/2 to come up with a guess at how many refunds / bookings per week (17,500) There are about 30 weeks at least of cancellations so that's 525,000 cancellations they have to do. at .5 hrs per cancellation that's 262,500 man hours. If you have 125 employees working on refunds 8 hours a day that's 131 days to process refunds. If it takes two hours it slows down by 4x. I am sure the first cancellation with people at sea or in transit are the hardest because of so many moving parts and different offers. I am sure some are simpler and some are harder but I would be sure they need to. 1) verify that the customer actually paid (fro cruises that never left) and it hasn't been reversed. 2) refund port fees and txes first 3) then refund online extras 5) then refund to each card and method used for payment in the currency used. 6) then get approval before it sends out. It doesn't excuse their communication or lack there of but it might explain why its taking so long. If you expand it across the whole CCL line its about 3.5M refunds /cancellations they have to process with what was probably a small part of the various office staffs. Sure they are trying to hold on to the money but I think its more they just can't get it done as fast as we think.. A-
  11. I am having to sign out and back in occasionally on Android App, if I don't I can read posts. Password dialog seems to relaunch still so you have to login again or hit done. I hit done. If you need better diagnostics or screen shots let me know A-
  12. I am doing well thank you. My shelter in place has been at work most days with My brother, office employees all working from home, shop employees were laid off, we have been paying them to stay home after 3 weeks. We were declared an essential business about 10 days ago so the plan is open. Spend a lot of time searching for frozen vegetables. :=) I think we went out a "slack tide" I really liked the itinerary, was scheduled on Radiance B2B I think leaving a few days ago but when they dropped Glacier Bay I did the 14 Maasdam explorer and a princess 10 day with GB x 2. I would be final packing tomorrow and flying to Vancouver on Sunday had it not cancelled. I know the feeling Glad you didn't get cuaght up in the can't come ashore here scenarios. Sounds like a nice trip, did you also go to Antarctic? I was originally planning to fly to Vancouver today, in which case I was going to look you up, when I made my plane reservations I needed to wait Until Sunday so it was a YVR 8pm arrival and I was just going to relax out and rest. I will be there this weekend next year so we can go to dinner if you are in town and the ships are sailing again. I don't have any decent photos on my phone from today and I need to reload my camera photos. Take care, stay safe and see you in this thread! A-
  13. Hoopster, this was a fun time, I remember meeting you the night before on the aft deck of the Windjammer, remember how we were delayed a few hours for the tide to go down before we could leave port? I learned more about tides the few weeks before we left. I had a lot of fun on this cruise and enjoyed the dinners we had. I can use something fun to follow. Thanks for the Memories, I just decided to poke my head into RCCL today. I was supposed to be packing for a Monday 14 day to Alaska on HAL Maasdam. Hope your are safe and well! Alan
  14. Took about 20 hours for my BBTA email On 4/14 HAL cancelled my Alaska Cruise, on 4/15 I received an email from BBTA to fill out a survey that was chose FCC or cash, booking #, name ship and sail date. On 4/16 I received the email below Dear BBTA Traveler, We have now canceled your cruise. You will receive a 125% future cruise credit for the cruise fare paid on your reservation. This credit will automatically be applied to each guest’s Mariner Society account. If previously you did not have a Mariner Society account, one has been made for you for this future cruise credit. You will also receive $250 shipboard credit for the next cruise you book using your future cruise credit. When you are ready to apply your future cruise credits, please contact us at 1-866-921-7925. Please note that your new cruise must commence travel on-or-before December 31, 2021. I got notice of my FCC from HAL last week Did you get this email or one like it for your sailing? It should serve as notice of cancellation A-
  15. I just looked at next years booking and the shop card for me is slightly less than 8.15% (shop card value divide by fare w/o taxes and port fees). last year it was about 7.9% on RCCL. I think they round down to some magic number or maybe different staterooms pay different commissions. I like the shop cards, sometimes I let them buildup and make a big ticket purchase, other times I use the stuff the business needs and get reimbursed and other times I just use them to shop. My cancelled cruise had $515 OBC from BB TA, $250 OBC shareholder, $200 from HAL, there was no way I would spend it all on board but it would have been nice to take cash or credit home. A-
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