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  1. Cruise Directors don't seem motivated to change things up. Though Ricky Matthews did call out the cheaters. Ken Rush ran a pretty unique one and put an effort to make it unique. Casey Pelter goes through the motions and doesn't really keep any score and just gives away a couple of medals to team captains.
  2. Thanks for what you have posted. 5 weeks for us,. Glad to hear about the Escape room.
  3. I inquired with Marcel the current CD on Mariner about who will be our cruise director for our 9/16. He said Gemma Stubs, she is great, she is our Activity manager, will be giving the opportunity..... you will love her
  4. Very true, people are extra paranoid these days about privacy information and in some cases its warranted. I work in the Medical Marijuana industry and I escort customer/patients into the dispensary. Before I call them back (yes, I have access to PHI) I look at their information including their address and purchasing history. I use that for legitimate purposes, the only time I've accidentally raised a customer's eye brow was when I was making casual confirmation I asked when the local festival in her town started. I got a. "How do you know where I live look". I learned to avoid that pretty quick
  5. I have and in the one case, I bought a new camera in St Martin and brought it to dinner, the waiter saw it and mentioned he had the same camera and took a fairly nice picture of my wife and I. we saw he a few years later on Freedom and I had the camera. Also I think some crew members look for things to make one week/cruise seem a little different. Off to read the replies.
  6. That would probably be why I made sure I mentioned the recent history of the Oasis class. There are some differences.
  7. Why not? correct me if I'm wrong, but no show has run more than 5 years since the Oasis class debuted. Oasis (from memory) started with Hair Spray around 2009 and switched to Cats in 2014. Allure started with Chicago in 2010 or so and switched in 2015.
  8. Do you generally see a lot of kids on Empress? I had one cruise booked on her, till the great re-deployment debacle of 2017 I think it was? If it lacks some of the facilities of the larger ships, I wouldn't mind if Royal made this into an adults only ship, maybe feature some smaller ports, longer shore times, something to separate it since they lost the Cuba cruises for now.
  9. I haven't been looking ahead lately. Thanks for this post, I'd consider a 7 day , with hopefully at least 4 ports, on MJ if it hits a few ports, hopefully 1 new one.
  10. I think that was true of the older website, haven't seen it on the new one, but haven't looked. Who knows if it did anything.
  11. I'm not tired of it, but I can see how others might be. I often think that if I was choosing a career over again, it might be marketing or advertising related, so these days I do analyze and scoff at this more often.
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