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  1. Oh, its 10 days where it goes up a little. I was thinking 9 days, probably just hopeful on my part as this will be our first 9 day cruise.
  2. Do you know both amounts, I'm confident we will go if booked, so I'd consider the non-refundable.
  3. At no point, did I say I was bringing any, but thanks for the contribution, I'm sure it will be helpful to someone.
  4. I could do some research, but I'm in a time bind and may have to make a decision soon. I haven't booked a next cruise onboard since 2017 and I've never booked longer than a 7 day. What is the onboard credit offered for a D1 balcony on a 9 day cruise if you know the specific cruise. Thanks.
  5. I meant to tell you in my previous message I would look into this one. Thanks.
  6. Your posts do seem to indicate some experience. I've only been at it about 2 months now after never trying it for the first time. I am starting with a Randy's chill unit. (randys.com I think) They can do either liquid or dry. It has 3 heats, the highest will definitely combust, so I keep in on the middle setting and maybe hit the high setting (pun intended) at the end to get the most out of it. I've been through too many dry coils that I think I should have $15 each) so I hesitate to recommend it. It does work and has some advantages. I also bought the device shown below. It works pretty good, but some drawbacks.
  7. Hello all, we are planning our first cruise from here and it will be about 380 days from now, so I will be back here this fall to start asking a lot more questions. But for now, we plan to stay near the port. if we get in a day early, it is easy to get to the Ground Zero/WTC location. Ferry?
  8. The water is changed, sanitizer levels are kept up and filters cleaned. Oh, and we all know comedians are experts on everything! Feel free to avoid the hottubs, especially the ones in the solarium not overun with teenagers. INTERESTING, I quoted another thread and it posted here. Probably because I was in CC on my phone and laptop.
  9. Best of luck to you and those on your cruise.
  10. This is one area that I think Royal could do better at minimal cost and good PR when a situation happens that requires last minute rescheduling. If you had a GS for 7 days, you should be able to get on on any other sailing within a reasonable time. So often those limited similar cruises don't seem to be a good match. Of course the full refund is an option.
  11. Mike has this to day about Symphony - I’m here until August 17.
  12. I've never heard of this being done before, but I can see the logic of it. I'd love to see pictures of the dams and how they work.
  13. Yes, it did, the internet warriors out there are already clamoring that the ship wasn't in dry dock because it was floating. This article seems to indicate the accident happened as the water was being removed? I have no idea if there are external supports to the ship normally when the water is removed? Has an Oasis class ever been to this dock yard yet? All the dry Oasis class photos I have seen are construction photos from the European ship yards
  14. Both of these statement are generalities that are largely true. In 2 of my three previous Oasis class cruises, I never felt the ship move. in fact, I was sleeping pool side on Allure's pool deck in 2011 and thought, we should have departed Nassau by now. I got up and walked to the side and saw, we had left Nassau, I never felt it. In 2013 on Allure the seas between Nassau and St Martin were 15-20 ft. i had the last Ocean View balcony at the back of the ship. I barely felt anything, i would call it relaxing. Its rare to hear reports of large numbers of people getting sea sick on these ships, but it could happen to some people.
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