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  1. Ah, Airline prices, they use to do some real wierd stuff. We use to have a division of your company in Florida and we were in Columbus, Ohio. People coming to our plant would book the flight that stopped in Columbus on its way to Detroit. From FLL to Columbus was $300, but if you booked the same flight to Detroit it was $210. Our colleagues would buy the ticket to Detroit and only check their bags to Columbus. Of course this was pre- 9/11/01, that would probably set off alarms today.
  2. I have no idea if that is true, but its the best explanation I've heard. Still whomever programmed the parameters must be insane.
  3. I thought this was bad,, I posted this for our Mariner roll call.
  4. Seems like a reasonable thought. Though I am reminded of the early days of airline frequent flyer miles in the 80s. The major airlines didn't audit anything, but that was way before personal computers and the interweb.
  5. I saw it on my cruise planner for a Sept cruise, $39 per person, at least for now.
  6. Maybe that is what I heard. Terrible turning 60!
  7. Interesting, the "Rubicon" on Symphony is supposedly an early 20th century Submarine trying to torpedo an active volcano to stop an erruption, this doesn't match the image shown, but we know what Royal's cruise planner is like some times. I won't say any more about the room, other than bring your glasses and if I went again, I would bring my cell phone and tell the guy running the thing I will only use it for a flashlight as I found the light level to be a little too low for me to get a couple of the clues.
  8. Is it called Escape the Rubicon on Harmony? That is what it is called on Symphony, I thought I heard it had a different theme on every ship, but maybe I just think i heard that.
  9. Our group on Symphony had 8 people, seemed about right for the size of the room (s)
  10. Thanks! I think i'll leave the old countdown there a little while to see if they fix them.
  11. I actually found it on the map now called DIVERS DEN, but the excursion is not on the cruise planner yet, which in itself is not unusual for Royal's web team. Anyone dove there since May 1st?
  12. I agree, and I've never had any desire to do so. In my 13 years of cruising with Royal, this was one thing I always thought, but then again on any ship there are things I like and don't like. But it seemed like for a couple of years (maybe less) Park West went away. This last cruise on Symphony, they are in the hall way leading out of the casino on deck 4 I think. I do like to casually look as I walk by and I can put up with an occasional approach of a Park West Employee, but last month I finally had to tell the guy, "What part of No do you not understand."
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