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  1. Has been down for a few hours. Think it’s pretty standard time for maintenance on a Sunday morning! Maybe they’re making it a bit more functional!
  2. My favourite is always poached eggs (from the egg station), a toasted english muffin and then a selection of cheeses / meats! Always fun to do "pimped" mcmuffins at the buffet :) Apple sausage and mozzerella is one of my faves !
  3. thanks so much for posting the pool bar menu! Great to see a French Caribbean on there! It will be my 1st drink on board 😁
  4. This is pretty much what we did on our cruise last year! I don’t feel the need to tip with every drink to every server... I think it would really rack up and I don’t like to carry cash on board. Much prefer to tip the bar tenders we like at the end.
  5. Following along! Loving all the menu/daily planner pics 🥰
  6. I believe it’s on every day (I think). And it’s between 12pm-2pm
  7. So my husband and I always love to book the all you can eat lunch at Sushi on 5 rather than the al la carte menu. Its always a bummer that you can’t pre book this through the dinner reservation system (as far as I’m aware.) what prices has everyone gotten on board for this? We managed to get a great $30 each price on the equinox last year. It was later in the cruise and the guy had dropped the price considerably.
  8. I’ve seen worse fashion faux pas on a cruise than wearing a lanyard! But everyone is on holiday and should be allowed to do/wear what they like ! Im all about the lanyards tbh because I’m so forgetful I’d have my sea pass lost within minutes!
  9. This was from our cruise on the equinox last May
  10. French Caribbean is my favourite ! dont know how I lived my life without these! First time ever having on our celebrity cruise last year.
  11. This was left in our room on the Equinox in May!
  12. Our cruise on the Equinox last May had a white night! It was rather poorly advertised and not many people actually wore white! We didn’t know this actually happened on celebrity cruises! We we were lucky enough to have had all white outfits with us !
  13. My hero! on celebrity I get a toasted English muffin, poached egg and cheese/bacon on top. Yes... I make myself a mccruise-muffin! 😁
  14. We waited until we were on board as we were also unsure about upgrading our classic package to a premium one! We stuck with the classic, never had to pay the difference as the selection for $9 or less in each venue was superb! Although only one person in our party would class themself as a wine connoisseur and she was never disappointed with the choices!
  15. Tomservo- From what I can tell these look like menus from the World Class bar and the Ensemble Lounge... you can order classic package spirits and cocktails ofc by letting the bar tender know what drinks package you’re on! Thanks for the menu posts though 🙂 Good to get an update list!
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