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  1. way to take pessimism to a whole new level 🤣 Think the amount of cruises they have sold and the future plans for the company all point to this not happening. Don’t think so many people would be weighing in on whether or not the ship will get a refurb if there was a chance it wouldn’t exist! coronavirus aside... this is all temporary! Onwards and upwards!
  2. looks like we will be on the same cruise! Real shame we won’t get the new ship but we are hopeful for some sort of compensation on board and (if all goes ahead) we will make the most of it!
  3. We are booked for the med cruise Aug 2020. Unsure if the cruise will even go ahead... let alone if the ship will be revolutionised. However, as many people have already expressed, we were sold a certain standard of ship and don’t believe it’s fair to charge the same price for a shabbier cruise ship we didn’t initially book.
  4. agreed! Very sad though as I’m sure they had a false sense of security on board!
  5. We flew in yesterday on a BA flight from London. Turbulence for about 2-3 hours straight as soon as we neared the east coast / Boston area! No trouble to our pilots though. Safe and sound in FL now 🙂 safe travels everyone
  6. You’ll have chic nights, there a white party on the pool deck (weather permitting), a party like gatsby night and also silent disco 🙂 Our equinox cruise last year also featuring game shows in the theatre and ABBA/Michael Jackson parties in the Sky Lounge. you won’t be bored even though some of the theatre shows aren’t great.
  7. My mum spent 10 days on the sofa bed and found it comfortable! This was on the equinox 2018. i wouldn’t have liked to see her try and climb up on the upper berth bed every night! Lol! The upper berth would def suit teens/kids though.
  8. 4 more days until our cruise on the celebrity reflection! 481 since we booked though!!! cant wait to fly out on Thursday 😁🥳
  9. Has been down for a few hours. Think it’s pretty standard time for maintenance on a Sunday morning! Maybe they’re making it a bit more functional!
  10. My favourite is always poached eggs (from the egg station), a toasted english muffin and then a selection of cheeses / meats! Always fun to do "pimped" mcmuffins at the buffet :) Apple sausage and mozzerella is one of my faves !
  11. thanks so much for posting the pool bar menu! Great to see a French Caribbean on there! It will be my 1st drink on board 😁
  12. This is pretty much what we did on our cruise last year! I don’t feel the need to tip with every drink to every server... I think it would really rack up and I don’t like to carry cash on board. Much prefer to tip the bar tenders we like at the end.
  13. Following along! Loving all the menu/daily planner pics 🥰
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