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  1. We did Express Walk Off on Divina last week. It was anything but express. Was supposed to start at 7:00AM, very, very long lines, didn’t move until about 7:45. Once off the ship, line continued in the terminal. They refused escalator use if you had two bags, so back in a long line to use ONE elevator. The Security lines at the airport were long. We made our 10:30 AM flight, but just barely. I’d plan for a later flight so you experience less stress!
  2. We disembarked from Divina on Tuesday. It was suggested that we self quarantine for 14 days due to the predominantly European passengers. We were also told to cancel Doctor appointments that were previously scheduled that fell during the 14 day period.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Guess I’ll go and load up my Kindle!
  4. Just curious, anyone know what TV channels are available on the Divina? Not planning on watching a lot, but we do have four sea days!
  5. Wow, you have given a great deal of your time and such great info to this thread, so THANK YOU! Guess I’ll jump in...what do you think of aft facing cabin 10262 on the Divina? When I look at the deck plans, it appears that there is nothing across from the cabin when you open the door to leave? Is it open space? Or just a wall? Thanks!
  6. Can we bring a case of bottled water onboard with us? How about a gallon of distilled water for a CPAP machine? Thanks!
  7. 110? Did you mean 120V? And really, only one?? What do folks usually bring to increase capabilities for charging cell phones, cameras, etc?
  8. Can anyone tell me how many electrical outlets the staterooms on the Divina have? Trying to decide if I need to purchase adaptors (without surge suppressors). Thanks!
  9. Can someone please tell me about formal nights and theme nights? We’re doing an 11 day Caribbean cruise in March and I’m not sure what to pack. Thanks in advance!
  10. I developed a UTI mid cruise on Allure last year. The medical facility ran a quick urinalysis to confirm, then gave me a course of antibiotics. No insurance, paid out of pocket, but I don't remember how much it was...several hundred dollars, I think.
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