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  1. Thanks again Richjoxyz. Looks like a cooler is the way to go and besides it takes up less space than a fridge esp. in an OV. Cheers Rick
  2. Thanks for the replies everybody and all are duly noted. That cooler idea sounds like it might be the go. Less room and all that. Rick
  3. We are cruising to the Caribbean on the Veendam later this year and have booked an Oceanview cabin. Apparently there were no balcony cabins available when we booked back in January. I was wondering whether anybody has rented a fridge in this type of cabin. I gather space may be a problem. Cheers Rick
  4. Hi Alberta, We did the 21 day B2B Norwegian Fjords and Jewels of the Baltic last May on the Koningsdam which was a fantastic tour. Which ever one you pick, you have to take the Flam railway journey...a much do especially for the scenery. Cheers Rick
  5. I bought a $250 beverage card last year on a 21 day B2B cruise covering Norway & the Baltics. I used mine primarily for buying alcohol and I found it very convenient. I would usually ask the bartender what my card balance was on every other day/night. I am doing the same again later this year on another HAL B2B cruise. Cheers Rick
  6. I think The-Inside-Cabin is taking the pi$$. Rick
  7. Well the Sel De Mer on the Koningsdam may have had great food inside, but when we walked past that restaurant on occasion, the smell emanating into the corridor was pretty foul...and we weren't the only ones expressing this feeling. Rick
  8. Hi All, Thank you for your replies regarding my post on Cuba and the Caribbean. We are in the process of booking some tours of these ports thru Holland America. My question here is whether any of you folks have booked tours privately for Cienfuegos, St Thomas and San Juan. The Holland America tours of these 3 ports look ok but....do the private tours offer more? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rick
  9. We are travelling to the Eastern Caribbean later this year and were wondering whether anybody here has done the Holland America Tour "Best of Havana". The ratings given look impressive so I was wondering whether the local tours compare. I hear Blexie tours are right up there. Cheers Rick
  10. Hi, My wife and myself are cruising to the Eastern Caribbean & Cuba for 14 days in December,2019. I have checked out some HAL tours to Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, San Juan and St Thomas and would like to compare those tours with any private tours people have taken to those places. Any feedback would really be appreciated. Thanks. Rick
  11. Hi Guys, It seems like some folks on the HAL board are bagging the Veendam to a certain extent. I guess we're all different in relation to our expectations, however I'll be boarding the ship with an open mind. If something goes wrong, it will be fixed. Anyway, the ports of call look pretty interesting, so that's really what counts in the long run. Rick
  12. I might add that I believe no other cruise line other than HAL covers all these ports by way of a B2B. Correct me if I'm wrong! Rick
  13. Yeah I've just read all these posts relating to the Veendam. We (my wife and myself) will step aboard the ship with an open mind. We've sailed on the Maasdam previously which is similar to the Veendam, and had a great time all things considered. The thing that drew us to book this particular cruise on the Veendam was the variety of ports of call. We are really looking forward to checking them all out. Rick
  14. Geez. I've just put down a deposit for a 14 day cruise to Cuba/Eastern Caribbean in December, 2019. You've now got me thinking!! Rick
  15. Stevanb I noticed you sailed on the Veendam. We are doing a Cuba/Eastern Caribbean cruise in December,2019 on that same ship. What was the overall experience like on the Veendam? Cheers Rick
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