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  1. Posted on the roll call by Kev6025, Thanks for the link. As today (Oban, Scotland) is now a sea day due to the weather, I am playing catch-up. Not sure if anyone is still reading this link…but. Linda (Delmarvacruiser), it was nice to meet you two last night although it was pretty late for us (as you could tell). Love the new sitting configuration outside La Veranda. Although a nasty morning, we were able to have breakfast outside while wearing shorts. You are protected from wind and rain. And, you are served hot coffee about every five seconds. I always love the “hit and miss” possibility on the excursions. On Skye we paid for what was a long bus ride to a so-so destitution, while in Glasgow, we had a “freebie” excursion that turned out to be a short bus ride and a very stimulating presentation around a family home. Excursions are somewhat personal. There is not much to dislike on the cruise so I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Kevin and Cathy
  2. Here is the url for Regent's roll call boards.. you need to select the ship and then drill down to the appropriate roll call for the cruise you are interested in. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/428-regent-seven-seas-roll-calls/
  3. Does anyone know the answer to this question? (RSSC Splendor is the ship) If you depart Barcelona at 6:00 p.m. (no stops involved) approximately when will the ship pass through the Straits of Gibraltar? Hoping for a daylight transit.
  4. Another FAQ from the NCL site: Guests who test positive for COVID-19 during their cruise and are required to quarantine will receive a pro-rated cash refund or a pro-rated Future Cruise Credit. If a guest followed all of the cruise line's health and safety protocols, the cruise line will coordinate and cover the cost of necessary onboard COVID-19 related medical treatment, required land-based quarantine and travel arrangements to get the guest safely back to their home. All refund requests must be made within six months of the date they cancelled their voyage or the scheduled embarkation date, whichever is earlier, or they will be entitled to a Future Cruise Credit for the amount specified. To apply for a refund guests should visit https://www.ncl.com/case-submission.
  5. Taken from the NCL Website: https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/sail-safe?intcmp=pdt_sl_SAILSAFEVAC#faq1-12-answer Thanks to Dr. Cocktail for the link above!!! If one person in the party tests positive for COVID-19, immediate family members, those travelling in the same cabin as the guest who tested positive and those identified as a close contact will be denied boarding. If you are denied boarding due to a positive COVID-19 test at embarkation, the cruise line will coordinate and cover costs for travel arrangements, for you and those travelling with you if they are also denied boarding. The cruise line will not be able to assist with travel arrangements if a guest is denied boarding as a result of a violating the cruise line's health and safety protocols. There is a lot of information and FAQ's on the NCL site. There is a ton more information than Regent is supplying. I'm not saying that Regent will do as NCL does but it would be horrendous publicity for Regent if they did not.
  6. Wendy, if you have a cruise booked the new contract will be in the “Health attestation & ticket contract” in your Cruise Details section.
  7. Everyone going or planning to go on a Regent Cruise in the near future should carefully read section 5 of the new RSSC Ticket Contract concerning Public Health. This section details what Regent “may or will” require of its passengers during a voyage. This includes mandatory masking in all public areas on board ship. Plus there is a laundry list of other items that you might encounter while on board.
  8. This type of entry will appear in your itinerary: DAY'S EVENTS TBD: DEPARTURE TBD: FREE 1-NIGHT PRE-US GRANT HOTEL VIEW SAN DIEGO DETAILS
  9. Looks like the 2024 Regent World Cruise will sell out in less than 1 day. Only 3 categories remain un-waitlisted; Concierge D, Concierge E, and Verandah F and that is changing by the minute.
  10. You need to be careful when booking your cabin...not every Penthouse B on deck 9 has the wider balcony; 928 / 929 / 930 / 931 all have the narrower balcony.. A good TA can make sure you get what you want.
  11. We have had the "L" shaped sofa in Penthouse 917 along with a nice sized table and 4 chairs. Yes, it is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon at sea with a good book and a cup of tea. We have room service for breakfast almost everyday. The butler takes care of the cushions every morning and evening, setting up and stowing them, or if they need to be removed during the day due to weather.
  12. The RSSC Explorer deck plans are very accurate. They show the individual cabin where a balcony narrows from the wider depth to the narrower on that particular balcony, example cabin 614. The increased balcony depth allows for 4 couples to have drinks comfortably with multiple conversations going on simultaneously. The Penthouse suites on decks 12 & 14 have the narrow depth balconies. The wider balconies start on deck 10 and below but not all Penthouse suites have the expanded balcony. We prefer cabin 917 when booking the Explorer.
  13. Cruises that are from Miami to Miami are 'closed loops' ONLY if they do not visit a foreign port. Therefore a cruise departing Miami to San Juan to St. Thomas, V.I. and returning to Miami would be a 'closed loop' cruise and not subject to ICE. Just as if you departed Miami to San Juan via American Airlines you are not subject to immigration or customs. If the same cruise went to St. Marteen it would no longer be a closed loop and it would be subject to ICE, (Immigration, Customs Enforcement) at the first U.S. port that the ship entered after leaving St. Marteen. These are FEDERAL agencies and Governor DeSantis has zero to say about how these agencies operate and what they require of U.S. citizens reentering the country.
  14. "I feel that Voyager will be second to start with Rome to Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi to Cape Town; both of those cruises have been sold out for a while. " I'm not too sure on Voyager in October 2021. They just moved the final payment due date on the Rome to Abu Dhabi sailing to 60 days from embarkation. If they had solid plans to sail these itineraries then I think Regent would be clamoring to get those funds as quickly as possible. Tea leaves are murky......
  15. All Regent ships are currently in Italian ports.
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