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  1. Shoot - just checked and both of mine (fully paid) are on hold, one to Bermuda in May of this year, and one to the Bahamas in March of 2022.
  2. I was under the kitchen on one of my cruises, and I constantly heard the wheels of those metal trolleys as they were bringing food/dishes back and forth from the dining area to the kitchen.
  3. Lift & Shift expiration extended until the end of November.
  4. My URComped host confirmed drinks will be free in the casino.
  5. Thanks. Just booked this thru URcomped. Now I don't know whether to request an upgrade. I think I'll wait and see what cabins we get assigned. My daughter and her husband have booked also, and together we requested certain cabins, so we could be side by side. Not sure if she wants to spend the upgrade money, and then we may not get cabins next to each other. Choices, choices!
  6. Sounds good. If I may ask, what type cabin were you originally comped for?
  7. That doesn't bother me as I have lots of offers for comped cruises at URComped, including Royal Caribbean, MCS, Virgin and Celebrity. And if I book this newest offer thru the BCC, then I can't book any other Celebrity offer on URComped for at least a year after. And the BCC doesn't actually send me very many offers, as I've only been on one Celebrity cruise in my life.
  8. I spoke with my host at URComped today and he confirmed free drinks in the casino. No perks, no matter what cabin, unless you upgrade to sky suite territory.
  9. I am trying to move my BCC offer to URComped, but haven't been able to touch bases yet with my host. I did see somewhere that the free drinks in the casino (if indeed everyone gets them if playing) are the drinks offered in Celebrity's standard drink package. That's what I thought. I'm not worried about the level, as I'l never end up on enough Celebrity cruises to earn high level status. I got to Prime on Royal in one cruise.
  10. Thanks. I don't think I even have a level anymore. If I did, it would be the lowest level. It's been more than 18 months since I last cruised with them. I have someone I'm waiting to hear from that can probably tell me.
  11. Thanks, but that doesn't really answer my questions. The only Celebrity cruise I've ever taken was a free one through my local casino. It came with free drinks while playing in the casino. In Celebrity's FAQ regarding the Blue Chip Club, it does mention something about the casino drink package, but doesn't explicitly say that you get free drinks while playing. The other thing is if Celebrity is offering perks for booking (right now, for Verandas, I think it's pick 2), you don't get those perks if booking through the Blue Chip Club, correct?
  12. Hi. I just received an offer for a free cabin from Celebrity's Blue Chip Club. Do you get free drinks in the casino with these types of offers? And no perks, correct, even if it's for a veranda cabin?
  13. They didn't remove an actual restaurant - they just changed the 3 dinners at specialty restaurants that you used to get as one of the perks to only 2 dinners.
  14. Pretty good close-up on periscope: https://www.pscp.tv/WSVN/1vOxwovYoEMxB
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