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  1. Instant answers: whenever I wonder about where a place is or what some distances are I just Google the place name and click on the map that comes up. From Jakarta it is 500 road miles to the eastern tip of the island of Java. Then it is a 3 mile vehicle ferry ride across to the island of Bali. Yup, fits a 24 hour bus ride. Sorry to hear of the repeated quarantines for the returning crews. Bill
  2. Zelker, for our 2016 Seabourn cruise the purchase price of the FCDs we had in hand from a 2015 cruise was indeed counted as part of required deposit money for the 2016 cruise. Has there been a change in policy since then? We bought some more FCDs on that 2016 cruise but haven't used them because of cruising elsewhere. Now we are considering a Seabourn cruise well into 2021 but as those FCDs and their benefits expire this year we had our TA discuss the present situation with Seabourn. A reasonable solution was found and we left the funds as what to us became a worthwhile gamble on them. For the OP, I think you are in the same boat just on a much bigger scale. To you, is risking the new deposit money a fair bet versus the price saving? Maybe no, maybe yes. Bill
  3. NPCL: "wrong" -where did I say they were operating unethically? Voluntary actions are fine but not at someone else's demand. I see the pay cuts as being the same as those practiced at all staff levels when a business is in trouble. I wonder if there is a conditional pay (bonus) system here, if so that's pay that has already gone to zero. Actually there is a fine point about how ethical it would be to feed false breadcrumbs and let the customers continue to look in the wrong direction. Look at the amount of misdirected upset being vented on these boards because of people not appreciating that prepaying for a service may work 99% of the time but it is still a gamble. Look at the effort they are wasting because they are not being pointed towards factual information. There is no bucket of cash being held back greedily. The best overall refund is going to come from taking the time to maximize the funds available and distributing them evenly. Rushing will underuse the cash flow and credit, squeaky wheels will bias the payouts. TM: -"grossly" -would you invest your 401k in the company with the poorest paid executive suite in its class? Or even better in one with no executive suite seeing as you don't think they do necessary work? Focus on facts that will hold up, folks. Bill
  4. Loreni, would you keep working if your salary was cut off or would you quickly look for another source of income for your house? Their money is of the same importance to them as yours is to you. Likewise as an individual their obligation to look out for your wallet is exactly the same as your obligation to look out for their wallet IE nil. If you want the company to survive so that it can pay its obligation to you then don't hobble the people trying to fix it. Let's keep sight of the basic point, diverting the salaries won't solve the refunds. Bill
  5. Because they already spent it on expenses that occured before sailing and on expenses that continued despite not sailing. The billions in additonal stocks/bonds/loans were to prevent the coffers from running completely dry. Somebody can correct me but I think Carnival is spending $250 million a month just to stand still. Bill
  6. It's amazing how many cases of the "poor" pointing to the "rich" can be cured with a moment's reality check. The executive compensation is in the SEC reports. The back log of refunds has been in the discussions here. Without even looking I suspect that the monthly salaries are in the area of 1% or less of the refund backlog. Would 1% of your refund fix your mortgage this month? Sorry to be blunt but we need those executives to stave off bankruptcy or the refunds will be 0%. Bill
  7. Roy, I suspect that the substantial cost of the Suez canal fees is more than the current low cost of the extra fuel via the Cape. The extra days don't matter right now either. Bill
  8. Hello Kindergirl, glad your folks made it back okay. Regarding the comments on senior care may I suggest that there are two things to do: 1 -leave them entirely in charge of their life. 2 -invisibly ignore point one. Point 1 is important for morale, for self-esteem, for purpose, for the pride and sense of accomplishment in enjoying each day. Point 2 is important to ensure that there is a physical and medical safety net around them. Falls are a big hazard, stoves are a hazard, underplaying medical symptoms are a hazard. Watch for them not mentioning "incidents". It's a subtle game of duplicity, been there done that three times. Try structuring advice to be their idea and their decision. As a couple concerned for each other and still able to travel they are probably doing okay. A minor point about groceries at the border, haven't done it for a while but I think the principle is that sensitive foods must be inspected while the practice is that if they visibly came from a US inspected source then they're fine. What they're trying to catch are those steaks your buddy cut at his farm, pretty rare for most of us. The same concept seems to apply going south too. Bill PS: a big thanks to all your helpers here!
  9. Reef Knot, Paulchili, I've been tracking some Europe 2021 ideas since Christmas and comparing them with their 2020 equivalents. So far the 2020 prices have been consistently 2/3's of the 2021 ones so your 50% markup is sounding normal rather than something new. This seems to be the marketing strategy of the past few years, start with high hopes 2 years ahead and then whittle the prices down in the last 6-9 months. Even the January-February Wave season sale was hollow. The 2020 version of one of my cruises had been on "sale" and has just changed to "non sale". All that happened was that a $300 p/p OBC was dropped while the cruise fare actually went down $200 for a mere price rise of $100 p/p on a 21 day cruise. To me the "sale" wasn't exactly a big deal but most people seem to go by that word rather than the underlying figures. Bill
  10. Sounds like this has all been a politician's overreaction amplified by the press. https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/confusion-reigns-but-cruise-ship-heading-to-fremantle-has-no-coronavirus-cases-on-board-20200323-p54d5r.html Magnifica is on a world cruise, Italy westward to Italy. Bill
  11. The phrase in the press was "ban cruise ships from foreign ports". Bill
  12. For the thought of the ship sailing the world cruisers back home I should mention that it is around 13,500 miles, 28 days at 20 knots from Fremantle to Florida. The shortest route is via South Africa. Three points about this choice from least to most important are: -HAL would earn $4 million in fares to keep in their treasury at a time when it has a big hole in it (300 people x $500/day x 28 days). The ship might steam this route home anyway as it connects with the spring drydock although June's subsequent New England-Canada cruises are obviously off. -an assurance would be needed from South Africa that 3 weeks from now the ship could stop in for fuel and supplies. -there would be 10 days across the Indian Ocean, beyond the reach of shoreside medical. For the normal range of risks that a crowd the age of HAL's clientele represents that's a serious concern. Then it's 18 days to Florida with 10 days in the open ocean before they would be off the coast of Brazil. Never easy choices, Bill
  13. Hi Kindergirl, I sympathize with your situation. Just so nothing is overlooked, you do know that Freemantle is the seaport for Perth, a much bigger city 9 miles away. I'm impressed by your thoughts of your folks staying at Perth or someone flying out to accompany them back. What I would like to add is: -as a few cruises are terminating at Perth, staying there for several days may improve the chances of getting a workable flight. -some major airports have sleeping rooms inside the security area. A couple of times we have consciously chosen misconnecting flights so that we could use these rooms to get 8 hours in a bed before moving on. -I'm not sure where you are but in addition to the Sydney-Los Angeles flights available, Air Canada has direct flights from both Sydney and Brisbane to Vancouver that would also enable one to cross the Pacific without having to go by way of an Asian airport. The flying time for the segment is 14 hours. If you are on the East Coast, flights via Dubai or Qatar are possibilities. - https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ is a website that seems to have all the air schedules in one place. You do have to read and use all the buttons to get its full benefits but it will then quickly give you a realistic picture of what air routes might be feasible. Good Luck, Bill
  14. The characters don't fit any country/port. Ovation has 9 days to make a 2 day trip, I think they've put garbage characters in the AIS because they're just drifting, have been for a day+. Probably waiting for direction from Seattle, who are trying to figure out what the heck will happen next. Bill
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