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  1. No. This has no bearing on the Drink Package. As I said, Chocolate Covered Nuts are no longer stocked and the Pringles, small can of plain nuts, and Twix bar is stocked once complimentary and if you want more you need to ask and you will be charged (by policy). Id highly suggest buying them and bringing them on board.
  2. So with the choice of bottle of alcohol, you can choose Sparkling Wine (Asti) as one of the choices, or white, red, or a bottle of spirits (Rum Vidka Gin etc). You don’t receive the bottle of Asti anymore with the YC automatically upon arrival. You do if you are Diamond, as part of the Diamond perk, so for us we chose Gin and they brought Asti and the Macaroons as they Diamond perk. They also don’t provide Macaroons automatically anymore (nor the truffles I showed from the Topsail earlier). You do receive a bowl of whole fruit (not sliced). There’s just slot of small changes you will notice. We’re on day 3 and the food in LeMuse has been nothing short of amazing, the service spectacular and the ship although dated, just great. These small cut backs are somewhat insignificant but for some, it’s a big deal and I understand that. Overall the experience in YC is more than these small perks, it’s the whole vibe. You don’t get it in Haven, or Celebrity. It’s unique to MSC and YC, just as much as the MSC smell!!! and we love it. I think for me being of Italian heritage it reminds me of a lot of my childhood in the culture of the ship and experience and that for me is unique. Tonight I had a pasta dish that was out of this world, truth is you’re not going to find that dish on NCL, Royal, Celebrity, Well def the C word, and even some luxury lines, it’s the culture and unique Italian and Euro family influence. Okay enough of my MSC cheerleading. I fought with the land side through the entirety of Covid and 2020, it’s like a different company when you step on board and enter the glass doors, and for that I deal with the landslide nonsense. That’s just me though. You’re Mileage may vary and opinions will as well, that’s what drives this platform called cruise CRITIC.
  3. Sure no problem. He did say it was a change for the North American operation here from FL if that helps or not. Cheers all! Happy Sailings snd be safe, hope to see some of you on Seashore in December over the holiday!
  4. We’re on Divina, and yes he gave us the info Sunday morning upon him escorting us to our cabin, and giving us the suite tour and lowdown on everything as usual.
  5. Case in point I’m not too sad, I’m sitting here at the bar on top sail reading your posts and doing just fine with the ‘snack’ situation!! haha
  6. Glad to take the pain for you!!!! Haha. I did ask him if they were gone and he said yes and I wasn’t the first to ask. lol. Lord I’m pathetic!!!! hahaha.
  7. For us it was just a moment to be a bit surprised and then we moved on. I’m surprised it didn’t go away years ago when this topic came up in 2019. Not a biggie, still a great experience with a great Butler. I really do like the new bottle offering option though.
  8. The Choco covered are gone. Just plain now and the tin is TINY. I wish I took a pic of it.
  9. Send me your address. hahaha A better thought perhaps I’ll source the old chocolate covered peanuts and sell them on here for pre cruise purchase to stock the bars with! 😂😂
  10. No mention of the new snack rule in the QR Code Menu, however it is listed in the items for purchase list, but the alcohol offering policy is there.
  11. On our day one introduction with our Butler he made a point to tell us this change when he went over the MiniBar in the room. We’ve stayed with this Butler last Feb and he’s very good. I think if we asked for some more snacks he would magically make them appear.
  12. So for those who follow the MSC YC bouncing ball of policies… We boarded Divina this week and found out from our Butler that since the restart in the US, the Minibar will now only provide you snacks for free ONCE on your voyage. ONE of each: Pringles, nuts and a Twix Bar were loaded in it. That’s it for the voyage. After that if you ask for them to be replenished they will charge you for them. Also, alcohol nips are no longer provided. Instead they will offer you a bottle of wine or a bottle of alcohol (Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, etc) for the entirety of your cruise. If you want more than that, you will again be charged. Now I’ll tell you we requested Tangueray, and received a nice healthy large bottle of it that we won’t finish on our 4 night sailing for sure. I like this change better. Same as Celebrity Retreat. No change to non alcoholic drinks in the MiniFridge. There are 2 Heineken bottles provided as well like before, nothing to note on those changing at all. So those are the changes. Also no complimentary Macaroons or truffles at night daily. Only provided once for Diamond Club Members. We still get a fresh fruit bowl daily. That’s all folks. Now remember it’s MSC, your mileage may and WILL vary!! haha. Safe Cruising to you.
  13. No that was BermudaBound maybe? I know exactly who you’re talking about. No he and I and you were holding up the forums on here through the worst of it!!! haha. See you soon! Enjoy Mera. We fly into MCO Sunday morning, should be there by 10AM. We have a wedding on Sat and couldn’t fly down day prior, this is a first. We have a backup flight booked three hours later on another airline with a fully refundable fare if the 6AM goes sideways.
  14. See you on 9/26, YC as well. We’ve posted in a lot of threads on here over last 18mos, be good to see you! Did you say Arthur is on Divina???? Man that would be awesome, we left him in Feb of 2020 on Mera and then it all shut down. It would be amazing to see him again!
  15. It’s just luck of the draw. Out of NY on BA one summer, the Haven Courtyard was like a huge daycare, I mean you couldn’t hear yourself think, and kids running all over the place. It’s just luck of the draw. Back then we had teenagers and even they were over it.
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