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  1. Not sure on Insurance (thats a 3rd party) but if you go past Final Payment and you have CNCs on the booking you WILL forfeit the entire value of those CNCs. Your insurance will need to assign a cash value to those (if they even will) and reimburse you that value. NCL will NOT put the CNCs back in your account. Theyre gone.
  2. Can anyone provide the cost for Vibe and Mandara Thermal Pass costs for 5 nights on board Breakaway? If you know what it is for Escape or GA Im sure BA is probably the same or close. Thanks
  3. Hey gang, Despite this being our third MSC voyage, first two on SS, this one on Meraviglia, I can't recall on the Western Caribbean 7 ni itinerary (SD,Ocho, GC, Coz,SD, OC), the first Sea Day is Gala night and second sea day is formal night, with Gala being fancier than Formal, is that right? I want to make sure we've got this down this time, they take it seriously on MSC, so we want to ensure we've got the flick!
  4. I’ve been saying theyve been out of hand at NCL for two years now. However, as is discussed in the shareholder meetings they will continue to raise pricing and in turn revenue as long as the consumer supports it, and we have supported it. $12,000-$15,000 for 7 nights on Bliss or Encore in Alaska in Haven? $2000 a night? For those prices goto a Luxury line. $5500-$7500 for two in a balcony same market and season? Wow.
  5. They also killed off the promo to use one standard cruise next (in lieu of just a lite)on a 5 day sailing.
  6. Thanks all, this is a great decision they made. They really needed some of these cabin options between Royal and Deluxe to fill the void.
  7. I took photos of the Venchi Menu. We ordered lots of Martinis of all kinds, and probably one item from each page without issue. I believe the 12$ limit is applicable. Sorry for the sideways images, they saved like that. This should help you guys and.... well make you want to book again... haha.
  8. Update, called Customer Service and they emailed it to me and waited on the line until I received it, which was great of her. She is reporting the issue to IT.
  9. Hey gang. Now first let me make the disclaimer that I can be mistaken, as I am known to be, however when researching 2021 Meraviglia Caribbean cruises in YC I found a new category, its the dual level two story loft, that I think was non YC (SS or Mera) and maybe now they have brought it into the fold? If it was always there and I missed it let me know, as its quite possible. Anyone can confirm?
  10. As of December 14th Venchi still included with YC and when I asked no known plans to discontinue it. Also still no charge for minibar replenishment as of 12-14.
  11. Anyone else having issues printing or gettjng eticket emails? We are inside 20 days, fully checked in (even put pics up! lol) and when we request the email it never comes and when we click the link to download them it gives and error and says contact MSC. This hasn’t happened before. Its always been smooth. We sail on the 9th.
  12. Don’s review is spot on. Im Platinum and our Encore 9 night experience was worst of all. The design comprimises customer satisfaction and experience for profit more than any other ship and by a great margin. Eacape is the home run folks. Second by Bliss and then BA/GA. You know what I respect the heck out of Don? Most of these Content Creators get thrown free or very reduced incentive cruises from NCL and these people go on there and give some roses and flowers and unicorns review because they were comped the cruise. The cruise line is buying their content as advertising. If NCL pays for their cruise or a large portion of it (The sailing from NY to MIA or Germany to Southampton was a freebie for Content Creators) the creators have been bought. Don calls it like it is. Thats called integrity. As for Encore, it will make the investors and shareholders very happy. Thats a fact.
  13. They told me I could only email and not call, what number did you use by chance? My email two and a half weeks later for my points still hasn't;'t been answered or addressed. Thank you!
  14. I was supposed to receive double points from booking a Voyager Select Departure (5+15) sailing, and only got the base points. Two and a half weeks ago I emailed them and other than the automated response email with the tracking number, I got no action or response. I just sent the request again today. This is so frustrating. There's nobody to call and there is ZERO accountability for any pre-cruise employees and their lack of performance and attention to guests. If anyone has some way to speak to a supervisor, or anyone who gives a darn, please share.
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