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  1. Where we used to spend two or three days pre-cruise in Florida, I think we will now be doing it post-cruise.
  2. So here’s my $0.02 for what its worth. If you can afford the RS quite easily with zero impact then do it, because you can. If that’s not the case, then here’s our new approach, having sailed YC Deluxe on SS and Mera a few times.... We now book Interior, prior to Covid I could usually book ALMOST two 7ni sailings for the cost of one 7ni sailing. The experience is so great and the value so great, having the ability to have two glorious embarkation days i stead of one at the cost of a balcony is priceless. I have 5 sailings booked from Dec 2020 to Dec 2021 for this reason. If it were me, I’d book 4 7ni Interior sailings before I booked a RS. Now with Covid world pricing the spreads arent the same and overall YC pricing is up. Seashore Nov/Dec is up for sure. Typically early December pricing is great, not so much right now for SeaShore 2021. Anyway thats a didferent perspective. If you can easily afford to charter a Gulfstream Private Jet at 5000$/ flight hr and up, why not rather than First Class on an airline? Same with RS. If you can, do it because you can!
  3. So In addition to the insights here (DavidSobe as usual great piece here) couple other things to understand in that transition. First, Kevin had a VERY bad HR investigation and issue before his departure. He did I think, great things for NCL such as the original design for Breakaway back in ‘12. He was in tune with customer satisfaction, innovation, and really gave the customer alot of value for the money. A former Exec VP told me once that he was not a great team leader for the employee group. When he was forced to leave the company for his HR issues, along came Del Rio. FDR has an entire different take on NCLH. He is a businessman, 1000%. Wall Street Profits fkr shareholders is 99% of his goal and the other 1% is customer satisfaction, because it leads back to the other 99%. He is a better team leader to the employee group, however not great and anything to use as the gold standard. His son gave him the idea of racetrack at sea and bam. He took it back to the leadership team and they loved it and here we are, it brings in LOTS of revenue from the next generation of cruiser. FDR had the ability like many aurljne CEOs of the past to raise prices, cut costs aggressively over time and ride that fine line to the point of diminished returns. The Board loves him, the shareholders were happy, however we the cruiser over time have witnessed less value for the dollar, or same value for more dollars essentially. They have a quality product, a safe product, and their market is those like me, that will pay more than CCL, because the condition of the vessel and overall quality of the product is worth the money. Sheehan is involved with the Bahamas two ship operation out of West Palm, for those who didnt know that. They just got caught and fined for not paying their employees. For now, lets just hope for a return to cruising!! Be safe out there!
  4. Has anyone else experienced this?? I call Customer Service, someone answers that you can barely hear and sounds half asleep. You ask a somewhat complex question l, such as I need to change my booking, why do I have no FCC yet, can I apply this discount or change my fare type and after you go through all the questions of verification they tell you after sounding overwhelmed or clueless to please hold on a second while I look up uour reservation and bam either they hang up or put you on hold or mute indefinately until I give up after sometimes 15-20 mins and hang up. This has happened to me probably about 1 out of every 3 calls recently. I call as consumer and agent both depending on what I’m doing and it happens in both roles. These people they have ‘trained’ for US Reservations dont know squat and clearly dont want to know squat. They sit home collect their pay check and clearly do the minimum to get by. I did have a senior and tenured agent tell me that I’m correct that it is a problem. I love this cruise line at and after I show up at the port. The experience prior is nothing less than a disaster and grossly negligent to the point that its impossible or takes DAYS and many calls to get something changed fixed or amended. This stuff has to change and its up to us the consumer to make them painfully aware. If this has happened to you please post and share.
  5. Ok sorry to digress on the screename debate but I’m the OP and wanted to follow up: It is confirmed that the marketing of the Free@Sea from the other day was misleading and poorly designed by them and Free is still Free and perks are fully funded for the length of your voyage. I believe I was not the only one who interpreted that ad as credit caps, and they have since changed the splash page. Carry on... Free@Sea is well. Back to the Avatar and screename debate....
  6. So what happens when I book a 14 day or 10 day voyage? I exceed that amount, do I pay out of pocket for the Beverage Package in excess of the credit? If so thats a big nut! I don’t believe this is just marketing folks. I will find out more later today and get the facts from NCL.
  7. What is This????? They pulled the free and now there’s credit caps?????? This is huge IMHO. How did this get snuck in under the radar???? Is this here to stay?? Some of those amounts don’t cover squat!! Free 3/4th kids sail free is now down to 1000!! This just gets worse and worse this year. l’m sorry for the negativity but I wanted to post this for those who were totally unaware as me. No pre-announcement on this either from NCL. 😤😤
  8. If anyone is successful in adding the discount to an already existing booking on deposit (without cancelling and rebooking it) please post here. Ive gotten two answers on this so far when trying, unfortunately the yes answer was the day before the discount began so she cohldnt do it. Today the agent and hus Supervisor says only new bookings, however as they told me the other day, thats not a restriction in the discount and it can be combined with the Voyagers discount, also said today they cant. This is typical of them. Thanks all
  9. If a required Vaccine for bording is what the CDC needs to green light cruising from the US, then so be it! I’ll be first in line.
  10. Im a TA as well. I had to put alot of energy into getting it and others. Lots of phone time emails and communication up the chain through reps and management. Your TA should do the same. Thats the only reason I got mine at all since May.
  11. Im going to be getting my second FCC sailing cancelled this week for October. Getting my May FCC and set up for this October was painful enough and never did I think in April I would have been having this one go south on me. Back to hoping, waiting, and praying that my 4000$ investment doesn’t get lost. It took months to see my FCC show up from May and still havent gotten my Taxes and Fees refunded. When my May NCL cancelled, I had usable FCC in 24 hours and disnt have to worry about waiting 90 days for taxes and fees, they just rolled it all together. So now Ill have to wait another 30days or more to use FCC thats in their bank account. Thats such BullS***.
  12. They are rapid tests, and the document states passengers will not be boarded until a negative result is obtained. 60-90 minute waiting period (in reality this takes 20min) Most tests now are of the higher PCR quality, vs the early antigen tests used in Spring.
  13. No. She pulls forward through the narrow trenched channel and does an amazing and precise basin turning maneuver before berthing alongside the pier. Its got little margin for error and its very tight, impressive to watch. This is why high winds will cause them to skip OC on an itinerary. Not as common as Tendering in say NCLs island but still a possibility.
  14. I’m really hoping this is successful. It sounds promising. Fact is, they are going to get positive cases on board. Its inevitable, it however sounds like they may be able to handle those effectively. I would add alot more testing to the mix, however. Periodic while on board and before disembarking.
  15. Through November to me means it picks up Nov 1. Just how I see it is all. The OP wasnt intending to mislead, its just in how you may interperet it.
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