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  1. We were on the Emerald to Alaska, and this NCL flew past us. We were sitting at the window in the MDR, and the waiter told us that this NCL ship always runs really fast. -- EBC
  2. You didn't make any mistakes. It is fine for Anytime Dining guests to make reservations for a certain time for Anytime Dining. When you spoke to the Maitre D', he assumed that you were making reservations for every night for the remainder of the cruise. You did your part -- you were booked for Anytime Dining in the Symphony, and you showed up to keep your reservations in the Symphony for ATD.
  3. Last month, the MDR open for lunch on embarkation day on the Regal was the aft Allegro dining room on Deck 6, I believe. But, you cannot get to it directly from Deck 6, because the galley is in the way. You have to go up to Deck 7, walk towards the back ( aft), then go back down to Deck 6. That's kind of tricky for pax new to the Regal. So much more calm and relaxing than the frantic atmosphere of the buffet. ( Even though Regal's buffet is very good). JMO --- EBC
  4. Thank you for the absolutely gorgeous photos ! What a beautiful sky and ocean ! This reminds me of one of the many reasons that I really love to go cruising. -- EBC
  5. Thrak - I am glad that you brought this up. That is a terrible fire. All of the smoke and ashes are blowing into our community here in the East Bay. I am so sorry to read that the town of Paradise was destroyed. I was thinking of you today and sending positive thoughts to you both. Please stay safe and keep us updated. ( We're scheduled to depart in 11 days from FLL for a full transit of the Panama Canal, arriving in San Francisco. But, it's difficult to think about that when this fire season in Northern California has been so brutal). - EBC
  6. That will be fine. I'm sure that both your children will look very nice.
  7. Agreed. Why would your husband sail with Princess, then disregard the dress code??
  8. They don't enforce it to the extent of requiring every man to wear a dark suit or tux -- No. But, they do enforce it to the extent of refusing to seat passengers with bare feet, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, ripped/torn blue jeans, cut-offs, ball caps, etc. Why would you tell a newbie to wear anything he wants to the MDR, when that is not the case at all? This sounds like gaslighting to me.
  9. We have been over this topic before -- a lot. This "enforcement" comes up every time a dress code thread is started ( about twice a week, because people never use the search engine to find dress code information). It IS enforced, but the enforcement is nuanced. It is not strictly black-and-white -- there are some shades of gray. Depending upon the Maitre D', they don't strictly enforce it to the exact letter of the law, but they do draw a line in the sand. One of the lines in the sand is that long pants are required. Unless the Maitre D' or Head Waiters are temporarily away from the door, no one is going to walk into dinner wearing shorts -- no matter how "formal" the shorts are. ( The term "formal shorts" is a complete oxymoron, IMO).
  10. This doesn't relate to the Royal, but we were on her sister ship, the Regal, last month. Wow-- those beds were hard as rocks. I like a firm mattress, but the Regal cots are kind of like sleeping on a concrete floor. Sorry for the thread jack -- but the new beds will surely be a welcome relief. -- EBC
  11. Agreed. Hand washing and using the Purell sanitizer is a great help in keeping germs from spreading. In the elevators, I carry along a little pencil and push the buttons with the eraser end of the pencil. We're booked on the Island Princess for a 14 day Thanksgiving cruise. After watching everyone handle the serving utensils at the Regal buffet last month, I'm taking along a package of medical gloves to wear to the buffet. ( Seriously. I know this looks dorky, but I really, really want to avoid illness). We both had our flu shots this season, and I'm taking along a container of wet wipes that are supposed to sterilize the cabin again noro virus. ( Chlorox makes them). I'm normally not so germaphobic, but this upcoming cruise is a bucket list item - trip of a lifetime for us, and I don't want to ruin it. Sometimes, though, just by chance, we've had to sit next to someone coughing and sneezing on the plane trip to the port -- and even wearing a mask does not help much. We are flying from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale, and I'm really praying that everyone on the plane will be healthy. -- EBC
  12. Thank you for the review ! That was very helpful. We're leaving for the Canal in 2 weeks, and we appreciate the information on the best shipboard locations for viewing the Canal transit. -- EBC
  13. Thanks so much for your reply ! We'll have a wonderful time being with other family members for Thanksgiving and being out on the ocean. You're correct -- it's what you make it. -- EBC
  14. The only time our family members could get together for our "bucket list" Panama Canal cruise was over Thanksgiving vacation this year, which is coming up. We wanted to sail with Princess, so we had no choice but the Island, as she had the only itinerary that could fit our schedule. I have warned our other family members that the Island has very bad reviews, least popular ship in the fleet, long wait times for MDR and theatre. But, what could we do if we all wanted to be together for a special reunion? So, sometimes if people want to cruise with Princess on a specific itinerary at a specific time, they just have to take what they can get. The other day here, someone wrote that if you want to walk/jog the entire circumference of the Promenade Deck, then just walk through the aft doors, then through the ship and come out the doors on the other side. That seemed like a pretty good work-around for me. I'm nervous about this cruise due to the negative publicity, but we are all going to try to make the best of it. I'll write a review of the pros and cons when we return to San Francisco on Dec. 5 -- EBC
  15. We are sailing on the Island on Nov. 20 for a full 15 day transit of the Canal. Just received an e-mail from Princess that there will be 2 formal nights. Your 10 day cruise, therefore, will probably have 2 formal nights also. One formal night is almost always the first full day at sea. ( not embarkation day). They almost never have two formal nights in a row. On a 10 or 15 days cruise, the formal nights are 4 or 5 days apart, depending on your itinerary. ( Hope this is a little bit helpful) -- EBC
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