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  1. Going to give the MDR a miss tonight - I hear it's Indian theme in the Windjammer - could murder a curry!
  2. I had a shellac manicure in the end. I was pleased with the result but could have done with a little help/guidance about choosing a colour /how the process worked etc as I did tell the manicurist that it was the first time that I was having a manicure. It looked good for the whole 2 weeks, came off easily after 2 weeks (just peeled it off) but my nails are quite weak now - guess that will pass gradually.
  3. I have looked at some 3rd party tours doing the same thing that the RC excursion is doing and have found them sometimes to be more expensive than the deal that RC have been offering, but I will look again for our next cruise to see what I can find. We did have 3 brilliant RC excursions (and 2 that were ok/good) on our latest cruise - the brilliant ones were down to amazing guides/drivers
  4. That's interesting. As we booked online before our cruise, we got the excursions at a much cheaper price than they were onboard, so maybe there is an element of RC pricing excursions too cheaply then hiking the price way up so people are put off booking then they can cancel the excursion due to lack of participation. You did well to be offered 20% off - we were only offered 10%, which we felt was WAY too low. I have also noticed that RC tend to offer one or two almost identical excursions at the same port rather than a wider breadth of different experiences.
  5. Recently on Independence - drink of the day was on Cruise Compass nearly every day but most bars didn't have daily sign up. Generally about $9 I think
  6. Not aware of any water stations around the ship. Wouldn’t necessarily go back to cabin every time I needed a drink of water. Not sure who’s complaining about the price.
  7. Went to a Q&A with officers on recent cruise and they were quizzed about plastic bottles- they are trying to find a solution. For all their employees at Christmas, they got a refillable water bottle (amongst other things) and staff now have water stations to refill their bottles rather than paying for plastic bottles- a step in the right direction but a way to go.
  8. The rest of the cruise was indeed wonderful! We booked our next one on board 😊 - different ship (Anthem), never sailed on her before. We would be more than happy to book Independence again but she isn't sailing out of Southampton next year
  9. None of ours has been to do with weather - just lack of participation - that's why I wondered if it was a trend. We were told it was bcause of the younger demographic on our cruise (school holidays, lots of children).
  10. On the Independence (sailing from Southampton), under 18's were allowed without adults in Playmakers up until 5pm, but many were there later with parents/accompanying adults. There were certainly many evening activities for different aged teenagers (i.e .12-14, 15-18 , etc) and lots of 18+ things going on.I realise that the 18+/21+ drinking rule is different depending on where you sail from but I'm sure that there will be plenty for her to do with you, and on her own with others of her age
  11. On our latest cruise on Independence we had 3 RC excursions cancelled whilst on board (one with less than 24 hours notice). Last year we had 2 cancelled, before that , none. Is this a new trend or have we just been unfortunate?
  12. Have just come off the Indy - didn't see Cuddy during the 2nd week at all, he didn't do the Morning Show and didn't present big events like 'Rock Britannia'
  13. On Indy at the moment- Captain Iv still on- spoke to a member of staff who isn’t sure if Captain Teo is coming back on Independence- they think he is moving on.
  14. We did a wines around the world a few years ago . It was ok but no more than just ok. We have also done a wine tasting in Vintages on the Navigator (I think) which was WAY better - just about 10 in the group, good fun as well as informative but the fun was mainly down to the people in the group, especially a gentleman called Geoff who was an amazing raconteur and the life and soul of the group. The Vintages wine tastings seem to be unpredictable as in whether or not they happen- seems to depend on the staff in Vintages.
  15. My husband has had a phone call after several of our cruises after we had filled in the online survey. The calls were quite lengthy (about 30 minutes). After the last one, they kindly added a glass of champagne each to our SeaPass cards for our next cruise.
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