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  1. My name is Silvia, and I was born on 16 March 1967 aboard the ship Galileo Galilei en route from Italy to Australia. The captain at the time, Rudolfo Sangulin baptised me aboard and he became my Godfather. I have the original birth certificate and baptism certificates issued to me aboard the ship. I also have a Lloyd Triestino gold medallion with the Lloyd Triestino flag on one side, and St Christopher on the other side. It came in a blue box which has the name of the jeweller inside the box. My family holds excellent clear black and white photographs of my mother after the birth with the Captain of the ship. We also have the original passenger tickets. I was astounded to find out this evening that the ship which I was born on 38 years ago, sank on 20 May 1999. I cried. Thank you to all the people who posted notes about their wonderful times aboard the ship. I never knew her, but I came into this world in the medical quarters. Anyone with information about other people born on the Galileo Galileo, please email me at zabika@bigpond.com. Thank you
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