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  1. I don't subscribe to ANY social media, so guess I'll miss a lot. But I seem to have survived without it, so que sera, sera
  2. Do you mean the other cruise lines can track your location on the ship by GPSing your room key card?
  3. I'm flying on Air Canada from Dubai to Orlando via Toronto with Crystal's air. I didn't think it was unacceptable. Am I too agreeable or missing something?
  4. The article says the band will allow the ship to keep track of sailor's location. Hmm, Big Brother is watching...
  5. One of the tasks at Check-in is registering a Credit Card. Under your system on Celebrity, did you register a CC online or see Reception once on board?
  6. I'm going to miss the prayer wheel!
  7. My second Crystal cruise, B2B Barcelona to Dubai, is coming up this fall, so I've started thinking about shore excursions. Final payment isn't until mid-April, so I know I can't book Dining, but there are some excursions listed. Will more appear later this year? When it says, "There are none for this site", does that mean they are sold out, not added yet, or never considered? Also, in most of the descriptions of the ones I've seen, there is a 30-day cancellation feature. Even for the Rome coach transfer - a bit harsh, since the bus is going anyway, for others, isn't it? No meal included, no guide provided, etc. My question is: if there is a waiting list for the excursion, and someone is available to take your place, is the 100% cancellation penalty waived if you cancel within the 30 days?
  8. Pretentious is all in the eye of the beholder/diner. I look forward to my evenings in TK, dining solo, usually, people-watching of course.
  9. I thought it was for life too, but mine was in 1996, and the CDC talks about a booster if it's been more than 10 years. BTW, my doctor, with whom I discussed this yesterday, said the CDC precaution for anyone over 60 applies to ALL vaccinations, not just yellow fever. After talking to Passport Health here in Florida today, I discovered the booster is the same as the original, and since I am over 65, would need a doctor's certification that I was in good health. Price is about $300. Does that sound about right? See you all on Quest soon!
  10. My apologies: I was on a Royal Carib about 8 years ago and no way paid that much for the drink package which I just looked up. Wow, what a money maker. But I admit, paying as much as I did, I had no reservations about trying something new and discarding it without finishing to try something else!
  11. Make sure to book Sagrada Familia tickets on line to avoid the long line.
  12. Were you on a World Cruise - or do you have a, ahem, problem?🙄
  13. This past fall, they used the Beverly Wilshire, very nice, but if you stay extra nights, beware of the pricey breakfast. The breakfast included with the Concierge level room was a buffet in a conference room - disappointing.
  14. I just returned from a Viking TA, followed by a Western Caribbean on Regent. I agree, the décor of Viking is lovely, lots of welcoming public spaces to lounge, but I had to upgrade to a Penthouse Junior Suite to have the space I'm used to on Regent. The Viking Restaurant has lots of window tables since the galley is between the dining tables, rather than at the end which is more common. Though light and airy, I felt tables were too close together. But it encouraged chatting. The reason I will never sail again on Viking, but continue to recommend it to couples, is the 200% charge for Solo travelers.
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