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  1. Whichever way you do the cruise, do not have a connection in Iceland to anywhere else. We had a two hour layover there and still missed our next flight. We missed the extra day we planned in Bergen. We made it to the ship on embarcation day but our luggage did not. Fortunately we got it one hour before sail away. Icelandair made good by putting us up in a nice downtown hotel with a great dinner plus private taxi rides from airport but... The airport personnel said this happens all the time there. Either flights from the states are delayed on their stateside end or flights in Iceland are cancelled due to their weather. So get on the ship in Iceland but give yourself an extra day or fly home from there after cruise when you dont have to worry about a delay.
  2. CCWine yes you are right. Jim said missed port was due to wind and seas. Saw wind prediction was 10-20mph which is no big deal. However direction was from the South which means it was blowing right into the port. Probably quite a chop had built up. Protests today were called for but don't know if they happened. I too am still curious for live reports.
  3. Tracking had The Sun sail into Puerto Montt and then turn around and sailed out. Saw the Zaandam anchored there. I wondered why the Sun left. Saw news that major protests were called in all Chilean cities including Puerto Montt for December 6. Wondered if that was why. Wind and seas? Huh, i thought PM was pretty protected. Guess not.
  4. It is included and free on Viking Ocean but don't expect to stream movies on your laptop or tablet. Checking email, surfing on the Internet, posting pictures to social media work ok. Also you can be logged into only one device at a time. If you want to use wifi with both a phone and a laptop, for example, you must first log off the phone before you can log into wifi with the laptop.
  5. Great for you! Was wondering why the ships position was nearing punta arenas so early this afternoon. You have been scenic cruising for 4 days now. Gorgeous. Up and back in 2 fjords...marvelous. slowly, slowly passing glaciers. So lucky.
  6. Thanks for the photos. Keep em coming! Looks like the ship sailed very slowly by the glaciers. And what a day...we can onlg hope for January.
  7. Its up again. Only an hour or so blank. Look at Panomax between 7:30 am and 12:30 pm. Spectacular!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving world cruisers! The Panomax is showing a gorgeous clear day. Looks like you are just entering glacier alley. Enjoy the gift of beauty. However, the camera has not updated since 7:30 am. Oh noooo...for us armchair sailors.
  9. Ah, I love a ponytail on a man. My hubby had even thicker hair then the man on the right when he was in his 20's. He still has a ponytail bit, but alas, quite a bit thinner and shorter.
  10. Ah, then do the Midnight Sun cruise and spend a couple days prior in Bergen. Much better weather.
  11. So then if you have been to Ushuaia, as evidenced by that spectacular sunrise photo with caption, it must have been another cruise line.
  12. Yes, the Santiago to Buenas Aires one in January. You were on the Sun earlier this year?
  13. Agreed. This photo is a reminder to be up for sunrise each morning on our cruise. The Jupiter toward end of January 2020 is our date.
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