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  1. Really, really hope your cruise sails and is not Covid restricted. That's because, next week, we're going to book the cruise following yours to Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas also on the Rotterdam!
  2. Details are here. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/giftcard.html
  3. The offer dates have been extended. Buy the cards by June 30 and use by Dec. 31, 2021. Good to know you can buy multiple cards.
  4. You are probably right, and I've probably asked it before, too. It doesn't make any sense how it's figured. And doesn't seem right that some have never received a discount. For those who don't know how to see discounts, when you look for fares online, sign into your account and start a booking. After you put in# of passengers, click "continue," and you'll see the fare for your Mariner number. (You don't have to complete the booking to see the price.)
  5. Haven't booked yet, but plan to within the next month. The "Have It All" special is way too tempting with free drinks and free gratuities. We're looking at the 32-day Hawaii-Tahiti-Marquesas, Feb. 21-March 25, on the Rotterdam. Just hope there is a vaccine before then; we won't go without it. Our thoughts are that, the day after the vaccine is developed, people will be booking a lot of cruises. We want to make sure we get onboard for all those South Pacific beach days.
  6. They have called it a Casino Credit/Discount. DH used to gamble a lot, but not for a few years. I play the slots more than he does, but it doesn't seem to matter. You are right, it's not consistent. Or there is a secret formula. . .
  7. When shopping for cruises, the HAL website usually shows a lower fare if you plug in your Mariner number. But not always. And it's not the always the same discount for spouses. My DH and I have cruised the same cruises and always together. But when shopping for fares today, using his mariner number gave a much lower fare than using my mariner number. My discount was a mere $1 per person off the published rate. Sometimes, it's the opposite, and my using my mariner number gives a lower fare. Anyone know why? We're both four-star.
  8. When we cancelled our recent March 22 cruise, we had the money back on our card within two days.
  9. That feeling of smiling all the time. And the forever friends we make during happy hour in the Crow's Nest, from the bartenders to everyone sitting around the bar. Miss you guys!
  10. Hi, Barb - to let you know what to expect in Colorado, most public & private schools are closed, restaurants only serving take-out/delivery, bars all closed, grocery stores decreasing the hours they are open so shelves can be restocked, many churches are having services online and on TV rather than in church. There are 160 that have tested positive, but very few have been tested. The state is under voluntary stay-home (as much as possible) for everybody for at least 2 weeks. That started Saturday, two days ago. It's OK to go outside and take walks but advised to keep 6-10 foot distance from others. I'm guessing this is the same for most states. Safe travels to you and John. From Laura (& Tom), Oct-Nov 2019 TransPacific to Australia.
  11. Thanks for letting us all know. I hope flight reservations can be easily changed.
  12. Not "incredibly," but depressed. Not as much with missing our planned cruise, because I know we will cruise again, but the whole covid-19 situation. Now CDC is advising no gatherings of over 50 people for the next eight weeks!
  13. Thanks for the post. Hope you get extra time on shore in Cozumel.
  14. Stay safe, Everyone. Hope to see you on another Dam ship soon.
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