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  1. Yeah, OP was nice with the people who weren't quite keen on the surprise-at-the-last-second part. But other posters called us nasty, rude and horrid just because we like to plan things in advance. How interesting.
  2. there was a wheaten that looks EXACTLY like yours at the (obviously) Roswell Area park... We stopped and chatted for a minute. Too bad it wasn't you. Would be fun if I actually met another CC person in real life but not on a cruise. :)
  3. I'd forgive him because he is a Wheaten and he is beyond adorable. I have a special place in my heart for any bearded dog. So, fine, I'll take a free dog! Wait, did I see you at the Roswell Area park last week?
  4. can we get a pic of the dog? :) LOL my dogs are angels.
  5. I just renewed my passport and it took 2 weeks, NOT expedited. We have a Thanksgiving cruise.
  6. when you have a moment and if you have a chance, can you please snap some pics of the MDR dinner menu? You don't have to post them while you cruise if the internet is slow, but I'd appreciate it if you posted them later. How's MDR food? How's buffet? You can compare to other major lines if you want. We've been on Princess, RCL and NCL before.
  7. No, Princess does NOT force you to prepay grats. Gratuities are charged to your account, and if you registered your credit card for your account, they will get charged to it at the end of the cruise. Or you settle your account in cash at the end of the cruise.
  8. I think it's a good stroller for travel. You could also do a search on this board with the words City Mini GT. Stroller discussion comes up about every week or so on this board. Also, check this board out: https://community.babycenter.com/groups/a10635/traveling-with-children
  9. locking clip like this: https://smile.amazon.com/Diono-Super-Lock-Secures-Shoulder-Place/dp/B005PK1D1A/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=locking+clip+diono&qid=1571748930&sr=8-1 some seats come with a locking clip attached to the back of the seat.
  10. OP is in Canada, and Scenera NEXT is about $99 there ($69 at walmart.ca today, though). Their car seats are usually about 1.5-2 times more expensive than in the US. However, OP could buy a US version of Cosco Scenera NEXT at any walmart in the US for $40 and use it for travel/cruising. By the way, it is easier to install NEXT with the seatbelt, not latch. If you do use it in other countries (other than US/Canada), make sure to bring a locking clip with you to use with the seat belt. Edited since the kid will be 1 yo at the time of travel.
  11. again - that was 10 years ago on our first ever cruise (RCL's Independence of the Seas). I didn't know at the time that some cruise ships had washers and dryers.
  12. it was very slippery on the sharp rocks. We got off the tubes to explore the rocks in the caves. It was a private party tour. I was hoping the sneakers would dry out eventually, but the inside cabin air was humid, with no air movement, and they went "sour." It's ok. That was on our very first cruise 10 years ago, I know better now. P.S. No, I didn't know there were dryers on ships.
  13. I see people with horrible fungus and herpes blisters on their feet all the time, so yeah - no, thanks, I am not going barefoot on the deck. Neither is my kid or DH. Some people have no problem spending money on extra flip flops and sneakers at the ports, and some are extremely frugal to a fault. It's psychological. I walked among the market stands and I couldn't bring myself to pay $20 for a $0.50 pair of flip flops. It was our first cruise and I learned my packing lesson very well. If somebody surprised me with a trip now on the way to the trip, I wouldn't be a happy camper, no matter how much I appreciate free trips. I appreciate them a lot more with sufficient time to prepare for them. We are not the "just get up and go" kind of people. We like comfort. It's not that I forgot the flip flops on our first cruise, it's that it was our very first cruise, and I wasn't on cruisecritic, and I knew exactly NOTHING about cruises and what to pack for them. So, I didn't bring flip flops. In subsequent years I actually forgot a hair brush, and my DH truly forgot his tooth brush. That was the real forgetting.
  14. trust me, when I forgot my flip flops, I looked ridiculous in high heels on the pool deck. My beautiful dressy shoes got wet and were ruined. I also wore sneakers to the cave tubing excursion, and they got ruined as well. I had two pairs of shoes ruined because I was not 100% prepared for the cruise. And yes, I only brought one pair of shorts with me and when they got wet, it was very inconvenient. Nothing dried out well in the inside cabin, even overnight. We are not saying that we wouldn't be grateful for a free cruise. Some of us are saying that we'd like to know in advance so we could get ready. A dress gown is not the only thing they need for the cruise.
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