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  1. do I need to do that with every meme I have collected over the years? Like - a link to where I got it from?
  2. the one on the right is clearly photoshopped.... but here are some other recipes one may enjoy:
  3. It is nice that the KSF will be honored in your case as well. I am sure we will love Harmony more than Independence, although we are quite nostalgic about Indy: Indy was our very first cruise back in 2009, and then our son's very first cruise in 2014. :) We loved everything about Indy, but will be in even more awe of Harmony.
  4. Thank you, all, for the great advice! I am happy to report that I've just received the confirmation that both my parents and my family were switched to Harmony of the Seas in November 2021. The balcony cabins have already been assigned, and they are perfectly located, on the same deck, a few cabins apart, just like we wanted! The invoice price difference is what was expected with a slight change in itinerary. Kids Sail Free was honored, even though it is not offered on that particular Harmony sailing. I am very happy with the outcome.
  5. I had a $1,600 refund and just used it for the next couple of months on regular purchases. I don't see why I would need to convert it to cash.
  6. the waiting times today weren't bad at all, but the conversations themselves lasted quite a bit...
  7. will do, thanks! I was feeling guilty about spending 3+ hours on the phone with them and neglecting my work duties. :)
  8. Submitted an online form for us and then my parents with only one preference. And now we wait.
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