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  1. we were on the Allure with an 8 yo, which I understand has different shows. He came to see pretty much all the shows, except for Mamma Mia, and loved them. I am sure he wouldn't have liked it anyway, so I only signed myself up for that show. Alas, I ended up having a migraine that night so we all retired early. You may have a different kid who loves musicals. DS did like the musical on NCL's Getaway, but it did have strong language/sexual innuendo and they smoked on stage. But the music was great, and all of the "adult jokes" went over his head. He didn't go to the Family Comedy show on the Allure either, but I did and it was sort of a waste of time. Plus, I didn't find the jokes to be all that appropriate. What he absolutely loved was the Family Fun party at the end of the cruise, and he is still talking about it. Harmony may have one as well.
  2. it appears that that the cruise line was providing the alcohol to the adults. Not to her. Bartenders don't have the time or ability to monitor where the alcohol goes after they serve it to the adults. P.S. on the other hand, all sorts of people on the Family cruising board are asking whether they can let a 8-11 yo kids free roam on the ship, and all huff and puff in disbelief when I say that predators cruise too... So, I am keeping an eye on my kid at all times, and he is MY responsibility.
  3. if the parents are unaware of what their daughter is doing, why are they blaming the cruise line for not keeping an eye on her? Why aren't the parents doing it? Is it really the cruise line's fault that the kid checked herself out of the teen's club, roamed the ship alone, made some questionable adult "friends", and drank herself silly with them? If the parents are unable to keep tabs on their ONE kid, how is the cruise line going to keep tabs on hundreds of free roaming teenagers?
  4. how old is the child? Contact the cruiseline and ask them directly. Do a search on this board.
  5. of course, some teens rebel and do stupid crap, but do their parents then sue the hell out of the cruise line (airline, hotel, fraternity, boy scouts, whatever) because they themselves failed their kids? Failed to supervise, failed to make sure the kids were safe, failed to teach them survival skills, etc.?
  6. no, but they need to teach their teenagers (preferably, before they become teenagers and start "knowing better than their parents") not to get drunk with adult strangers. Because you don't know when you will get incapacitated and attacked. Young people think they are invulnerable and untouchable. It's best if their parents teach them to be responsible.
  7. is there anything strange about this curfew? I had it.
  8. Princess ships we've been on don't have an indoor pool. A small kiddie pool on Caribbean P was not technically indoors... Perhaps, your particular cruise had that many activities indoors because it was sailing in Europe during cold weather. We only go to the Caribbean and it's always warm there, and Princess doesn't really offer much to families with kids compared to RCI and NCL.
  9. we simply left our then 9 month old at home with the grandparents. As a breastfeeding mom who was working full time and not getting any sleep since my kid ate every hour at night all I wanted was a vacation that I could sleep on. So, we went on a cruise sans the baby. It worked out great - my parents got their dream, and I finally got my sleep. A whole week of it. :) When DS was 2, we once again went on a cruise without him. We had a ton of fun, but I didn't need my sleep any more, and we missed DS very much. We looked at all the families with similarly aged kiddos, and from then on cruised with the kiddo. I still don't regret leaving him home when he was under a year old. He would have been a full time job for me on my vacation - we've had land vacations with him to teach me that.
  10. it's interesting, but I didn't like the buffet sushi. I tried each kind and was disappointed. They were kind of dry and tasteless. Full disclosure: I am not a sushi connoisseur, but I do like it. I really looked forward to eating all that sushi on Regal, and when I finally got to it, it was very blah. I kept trying piece after piece hoping to find some that stood out and would make me reach for a second piece of the same, but all of them were underwhelming. The Pistachio Dome and the Chocolate Journey dessert were outstanding. And this time around we WILL make it to Alfredo's. :)
  11. or attach it to a carry on suitcase.
  12. when we brought our car seat with us, I didn't trust porters with my $300 seat. I am very picky about who gets to handle it. It's a life saving device after all. Car seats are discussed a lot on the Family cruising board. I attached my car seat to a Magna cart with bungee cords and used it to wheel it around the airport and the port. One can also use it as a sort of a stroller. Below are some example, and also a pic of my kid in his Britax Frontier CT on the plane. He was 5 at the time. If they bring a stroller, you can also attach a car seat to a stroller.
  13. My 8 yo has been on RCI, Princess and NCL. Alas, he has refused to go to kid's club on all three. That is not a reflection on cruise lines, ships or the kid's program quality. Our friends' kids are the same age and a little older and they LOVED the kid's club on all of these ships. DS loves cruising, though. And it's not all about the kid's club.
  14. I love it so much, I got two on my last cruise with them in 2017. They are not very big, but soooo darn delicious.
  15. I don't have a picture. Twice-baked goat cheese souffle on Regal Princess. To die for.
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