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  1. I am very tempted to just get the Drink and Show for DS, because I know for a fact that he will NOT eat whatever food is offered (he is 9 and not adventurous when it comes to food). However, I am not sure they would let him sit with us while we are having dinner. Other people reported switching their promo Dinner and Show to Drink and Show once onboard, but they were in YC class and had their butler do it for them. I don't want to stand in line for customer service for an hour for that...
  2. check your invoice... I thought the dinner and a show were included for all the people in the stateroom, but the invoice clearly states it isn't so. This is what my invoice says for both me and DH: CAB − Cabin Fares (per PASSENGER) $xxx.29 PCH − Gov't Fees & Taxes $154.00 INCL − 735PTW19−CIRQUE DU SOLEIL AT SEA VIAGGIO − DINNER AND SHOW − 04/05/20 $0.00 INCL − EXP1−BELLA: classic cruise experience − 04/05/20 $0.00 and this is what it shows for the kiddo: CAB − Cabin Fares (per PASSENGER) $xxx.55 PCH − Gov't Fees & Taxes $154.00 INCL − EXP1−BELLA: classic cruise experience − 04/05/20 $0.00
  3. my DS used "rental" skates on the Allure, but I saw a few girls with their own figure skates. Since we are limited to 40# suitcases when we fly to our cruise, we wouldn't be bringing the heavy skates with us. For one week DS can just use whatever they've got onboard. No tricks allowed.
  4. if MIL is about 90, does that make her children around 60-70? are there any people in your party younger than 40? any actual kids? if everyone is over 50, I would recommend Celebrity, Princess (Regal and newer) or HAL. The best entertainment for us personally has been on NCL (the food was bad) and RCI (the food was good).
  5. were you in a regular MDR? or YC? Were you comparing the food only to the previous MSC cruises or to other cruiselines?
  6. how does one get to the LITTLE Dunn's river falls?
  7. thanks for the review, it was great! That's how we feel about NCL, and we are about to try Meraviglia in about 3 months. The food was equally atrocious, while everything else was very good. I guess we'll be eating a lot of pizza on this cruise. We ate a lot of french fries on NCL Getaway....
  8. a US citizen cannot reenter the US on a Bolivian passport. Or any other country's passport.
  9. you must either have your US passport or naturalization certificate + birth certificate. Have your parents look for it, because you are not going to board the ship without one of these.
  10. then ANY Southern Caribbean itinerary would be perfect. Since it's the same ship, pick the better timing and price. Maybe, when Kids Sail free applies. The first itinerary has 5 ports vs 4 ports on the 2nd itinerary. Perhaps, that would be the selling point.
  11. our kid is all about the beach time, so your 5 yo will be all set if that's what he/she likes. What do your teens like?
  12. at this time we are not interested in historical, jewelry or architectural delights, and concentrate solely on nature and beach activities. Seeing how OP is traveling with two teens and a 5 yo, they may not be interested in architecture or history either. I presume, of course, since my 8 yo is not interested in them.
  13. any Southern itinerary for me would be a huge win, but so far we've only been to ABC islands, and I have to say that Aruba and Bonaire (Lac Bay) are our dream destinations now. But I would love to try other Southern destinations as well.
  14. did you do a search? I posted November MDR menus back in December.
  15. lol, people were mostly in flip flops and bathing suits in WJ last April. Heck, I saw a dude in swimming shorts and a t-shirt at MDR on a formal night.
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