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  1. but can you REALLY do all of it: water park, beach and aquarium in several hours? We have a great aquarium in Atlanta, and it's about $32 pp. It takes several hours to see everything, and by the end you are exhausted. Is it really worth paying $110 pp and trying to squeeze ALL activities into one day?
  2. we went on the Blue Lagoon Stingray encounter excursion in Nassau through RCI for $53pp and enjoyed a leisurely day in a gorgeous place. We have White Waters water park at home and Six Flags as well, so if we ever need to go to a water/amusement park - we'll go there, and for a lot less money than $166pp at Atlantis.
  3. I see. You are talking about bus tours, whereas I am talking about bus transportation to a beach/some other destination. That makes a difference. I am not aware of any guided bus tours in Roatan/Belize that would be interesting to a family with a 1 yo...
  4. depends on what you bought. I bought the special which includes Cirque dinner/show for 2. What car racing?
  5. to OP: think about bringing a car seat with you for LO, something light and easy to travel with, such as a Cosco Scenera NEXT, for taxi use. Buses will not always be available or safer than a taxi. Bring a locking clip with you in case the seat belts don't lock like they do in US cars and don't have latch (isofix). Please visit the Family board (link in a post above) and Traveling with Children board https://community.babycenter.com/groups/a10635/traveling-with-children for more tips and tricks. In Roatan we enjoyed going to the Infinity Beach (they have a wonderful pool as well as beach, and kids 5 and under are free). $20 per adult and kids 6 and over. Taxi is $15 pp roundtrip if you go to Kiosk #7 at Roatan Coxenhole port (not Mahogany Bay). See my signature for trip reviews.
  6. I am sure people will get over a fussy child's cry. It's not like a bus is a private jet or even the 1st class on a plane. It's a BUS.
  7. NCL didn't have a free buffet at Harvest Cay last December.
  8. All of the cruises we've ever sailed on were sold out. So..... I don't know any different.
  9. dang it, I misread the title. Bar brawl.... Came here for nothing. Nothing, I tell you.
  10. yes, prices are out there... On one of our first cruises my DH forgot his toothbrush at home. I had to buy one onboard. At Walmart it was $0.50, and on the ship it was $4. I still remember it. Ugh. Last November I forgot my hairbrush (neither my DH nor my DS use one)....NCL's Jade didn't have any hair brushes in the onboard store. I had to wait till day 3 of the cruise to buy one in Puerto Rico (it cost me $7, which was not outrageous). Little did I know - the ship broke down that same night and we got to go home the next day. Now, I just keep that same hair brush in the suitcase - it is my travel hair brush now. A couple of cruises ago my DH didn't realize that I brought ALL of our meds with us (still do!!!), and went down to the ship's store to buy an 8 pack of Tums tablets for $4. I almost fainted (yes, I am that frugal). I had TUMS in our suitcase!
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/49-msc-cruises/
  12. we find Princess food to be a whole lot better than RCI's, but we have always loved RCI's entertainment and great activities for the whole family. Princess is more sedate and doesn't offer much to kids who don't do kid's club.
  13. I would totally do the itinerary with ABC islands in it. We like Grand Cayman a lot as well.
  14. for me personally, the itinerary and the age of the ship would make a big difference.
  15. Found it! DS - super happy about the pullman bed. He was 5 on that cruise. This was on Caribbean Princess. The other ships we were on sometimes had a single guard rail, like in Essiesmom's picture.
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