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  1. Has anyone else not received an acknowledgement of their refund request made via the online form ie a cancellation invoice? I haven’t and it looks now as if the refunds are coming through for my departure date (12 April).
  2. Better make it two bottles - I was going to suggest that too! 🥂 Have rebooked flights with Loganair. Thanks to everybody who posted about flights to Southampton.
  3. I am on this one too - will have to find alternative transport to Southampton as I was booked with Flybe.😢
  4. I am on this one as well. Will have to find alternative transport to Southampton as I was booked with Flybe.😢
  5. Because prices are plummeting (and the current situation re Coronavirus) I phoned my TA yesterday and asked for a price to upgrade from an inside cabin to a balcony. I was quoted in excess of £900 although a balcony cabin now costs what I paid for an inside. I was prepared for a few hundred more but not that much! I am due to sail in April so have paid the final balance. She was adamant and said I should wait and see if I could pay for an upgrade after boarding. Has anyone been successful doing that?
  6. An excellent idea. I really wanted to go to the Limelight Club on Britannia but didn’t want to book a table for one!
  7. Looking forward to reading about your travels - hope you enjoy your journey very much. Lucky you!
  8. Thanks to everyone who replied to this with your very helpful suggestions.
  9. I agree - I too have enjoyed your trip!
  10. Could anyone who has flown into Southampton the day before their cruise and stayed overnight in a hotel advise me on hotels near the cruise terminal? Would it be easier to stay at the airport and taxi to the terminal in the morning?
  11. Result! Thanks to all of you who replied. I have now re-booked to an inside saver instead of select outside with a saving (after losing deposit which was only £25 and obc) of £400 on a single cabin.
  12. Has anyone successfully cancelled (before full payment made) and rebooked the same cruise because of a big price difference? I have booked select and would like to rebook saver.
  13. Yes. That is correct. Premium economy seats can be booked as an upgrade when you book your cruise.
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