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  1. There is no happy hour per se, but there is a drink of the day that is slightly discounted, each day.
  2. I know OP is consistency bashing MSC for any reason he may have experienced or imagined. Yet, on this one I think he's right. Even while cruising the Baltic Sea (2018), an all-Europe cruise, I booked a future cruise on board, with MSC USA. That gave me the usual US reduced deposit, and all payments were processed is USD, from the US. The cruise I so booked was a TA (2019), originating in Europe. What was is Euros were on board purchases such as excursions and stuff from the shops, but that was clear in the contract. OP can bash away at MSC, and I won't participate in such posts, but when the person is right (IMO)...
  3. I got similar information from my TA. My TA wrote of a 2 month charter, September and October 2021. We booked a 16-night sailing, from 23 October 2021. This has been postponed to 2 November. From my reading of cruises aggregated on the Cruisebe app, a few sailings may be affected by this charter.
  4. There is a fixed price menu, where you order selected items, such as an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert, from some items that would otherwise be à la carte. The price is in keeping with what you can book in advance. À la carte offers more variety, and you can save 1-2-5 $/€ if you curtail consumption (e.g. a filet and a side), or you can splurge (e.g. a tomahawk and other stuff).
  5. You can order as many of any item on the menu, even half or larger portions, and in the order that you wish. Your table mates’ life is obviously easier if you are on a 2-Top rather than a 6 or 8, as Joeyjeremiah suggests.
  6. I’m just off Divina, YC. A fellow guest wanted to try one of the MDRs and asked the YC concierge if she could arrange it. The short answer is yes (it’s always yes in the YC), but it would take some coaxing the MDR maître d’. In the end, it did not happen, because the guest wanted a table in a specific location, namely next to the aft windows at Villa Rossa restaurant. I suspect that just joining a group at a 6 or 8-top would not be an issue. Especially if you only intend on doing it a couple of times. Get it done by the YC concierge on board, having your friends’ table number at hand.
  7. i just checked at the gym. starting with the next Divina sailing (25 November 2019 from Miami): Revolution (indoor cycling) yoga pilates fitness over 50 outdoors: stretching class poolside power walking track in a group no Zumba because there is no Latin dancer.
  8. Yes. It’s not called the voyagers desk, as that would create confusion with the Voyagers Club desk. It is called the Future Cruises. The perks are OBC, the value of which depends on the value of the cruise that you book. Also, you get double Voyagers Club points, which may be relevant if you intend to be a repeat guest on MSC. Future Cruises desk if very busy, as there are max 2 people there, the hours are not very long and, naturally, talking about a future cruise can be a protracted affair. 3 tips: try to book an appointment with a consultant, e.g. “tomorrow, 5 minutes before you open”; double check the prices on MSC site if you have internet on board. The consultants don’t necessarily have the best prices. if you are sailing in YC, ask the concierge to set up an appointment. The consultant will come meet you in the YC, at a time that may be more convenient for you.
  9. Currently on MSC Divina and was indicated by the butler that I can send in batches. First one out was 16 items, and I expect 2 other shipments to come with no issue. Like EG, we are in YC, so no idea if that makes a difference with respect to shipping out. As for service, I suspect our YC butler had a hand in it. The official line is that you leave the laundry out before 10AM, and it will be returned before 5PM the next day. Butler told me to get my stuff ready and leave it on the bed. I did so at 7PM and got it back at 9AM the next day, shirts and skirts on hangers in the closet. 😀
  10. The train company is calle Via Rail, and the web site is ViaRail.ca The corridor between Québec and Windsor is the busiest is Canada, and yet travel is not so crowded; but that means it is safer to buy your tickets in advance. There are all the modern options for your boarding pass: on your phone, print at home, print at the station. There are luggage racks at the end of each car. Ample space. I have never had an issue, and I usually have my « cruise » luggage even when I go to Quebec on business. You can easily fit large suitcases in those racks. While the racks are not usually full, if you’re one of the last passengers to board, you might have to wrestle other people’s stuff to fit yours in. Business class offers access to a lounge in some stations, as well as a warm meal. The food is actually good. Drinks are also offered in business. In economy, everything is for a fee. Affordable, but not memorable. You can bring your own food on board, but your own alcohol is illegal (if you plan ahead, remember you can’t see through a paper cup or a travel mug...) I’m not entirely sure there is a lounge at the Quebec station. Bear in mind your seats are reserved, and there are no security checks other than the boarding passes. You can arrive at the Quebec station with only minutes to spare. From the entrance to your seat, you can expect less than 10 minutes. Just remember the luggage issue. Hope this helps.
  11. If you look at the deck plan, you will notice that the cabin is at the end of the hallway, just next to TSL. There is a thick fire door. TSL is a quiet venue, and not many people use that door to return to starboard cabins; most go through the concierge area, because it looks great with the skylight and Swarovski stairs. So no noise issues. We are currently in 15033, being port and right next to YC entrance. We are on day 2 of our sailing, and have no noise to report from people going by. YC is quite civilized...
  12. I’m currently on this sailing. Although there are numerous reviews and threads about this beautiful ship, please let me know if you have any questions. Will do my best to fetch information. 😀 We are in YC.🎉 We are now on day 2, having left Civitavecchia last evening, and on a sea day, heading to Valencia tomorrow. The itinerary afterwards should be (sea days excluded): Lisbon Ponta Delgada 2 days Bridgetown Philipsburg Fort-de-France San Juan 1 1/2 days Patrick
  13. We took this excursion with MSC. IMO it was money extremely well spent. Our guide was very knowledgeable and had a doctorate in art and architecture, in particular of Gaudi’s work, no less! Also, being on a guided tour, we went straight into a dedicated line at the Sagrada Familia, whereas the general public lineup was announced to be 3 hours at the moment we went in. We also had ample time at Guell to visit, get insightful information and photo ops. Again, we had tickets to skip the line and went right in. Finally, we completed with a walking tour downtown, where we were shown residential works conceived by Gaudi, and were explained why they were avant-grade and splendid constructions, yet an engineering nightmare. We absolutely loved that excursion with the ship.
  14. I suggest the train. There are 2 stations in Quebec, Gare du Palais and Ste-Foy. The former is easily accessible from the central part as well as old part of Quebec City. Ste-Foy, in cas your hotel is rather (quite further) west. Your train will arrive in downtown Montreal, a short taxi ride from your ship. Gare Centrale is just under the Queen Elizabeth hotel. Tons of taxis. A bus ride is cheap, but longer. Renting a car would be my last choice.
  15. Really enjoying your review, and looking forward to your thoughts about your upcoming ports of call. We are hopping onto. MSC Divina in 4 days, for a TA that will call to several of your upcoming ports. Also, your review confirms my thought to g9 to BC. Not so sure about the package; night just prefer à la carte. Be well and enjoy the rest of your cruise. Regards to Mr. B.
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