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  1. My drink of choice is the classic MOJITO. when its made correctly. It’s fantastic.
  2. You know something, with all the sad crap going on in the world we are all very fortunate to afford share this LUXURY. Some of you are old school, and like to dress up. And others like me just like to be casual. This bickering is so silly. So many others can only dream of having disposable income like we obviously have to take this vacations. Bottom line is how someone dresses is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
  3. My food taste the same regardless of what I’m wearing. These days with 50lbs max per suitcase. And airlines charging for everything else. Who needs the hassle of packing dress shoes, suits, dresses, gowns ect. We pack light, not looking to impress anyone. When I’m on vacation. I usually don’t even pack underwear or sock... Just kidding, I always pack socks... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Just a question about connected rooms on Oasis. In a regular land hotel there are 2 doors. I read on another thread that on ships there is only one door. If so, can that be locked for privacy and one of the rooms has the option to lock or unlock that door?
  5. Will be taking 7 night Cruise on Oasis in Aug. I have received several emails about pricing on the Voom & Beverage pkg. for that Sailing wha is my target Price to book it at. Is there a certain time where the pricing is at its lowest? Although the cruise includes a stop at Great Day @ CC. the price for the water park was shockingly expensive. However, my kids love waterslides. Is it worth it? Please tell me your thoughts. thank you guys...
  6. once the GF lifted his GC up. all safety protocols, preventative measure the cruise line already had in place were deliberately and knowingly ignored by him. He is 100% responsible for this tragedy. Now they want a pay day. Give me a break!!!
  7. This post has some fundamental issues with the pointing of blame. When a TA makes a booking, it is the TA (By contractual obligation) owns the booking. The TA, not the end passenger would have ZERO direct contact with the cruise line. Your TA has to have been notified and agreed to this change on the OP’s behalf. your issue is NOT with RCCL, it is 100% the TA who is to blame.
  8. Have wow bands from Anthem cruise. can they be used on Oasis?
  9. We are all so excited. My first Cruise when i was a kid myself... was on the Costa Carla “C” when i was 8. It was 20,000 tons. And seemed big to me then. now going on a ship that is 11x as big. AMAZING...
  10. My Employer uses some gigantic corp travel group??? They had some group rates available that were extremely attractive. Because its a group rate they told me I cant get the same rates if that particular category was not part of the group they have access to sell??? I did not know it was so complicated. However, they told me because the sailing is still several months out, things can open up. But i’m satisfied with what we have for now. My kids are so excited about the waterpark at PD@CC, I was too until i saw the prices, 🤕
  11. I booked through my my employer. Im paying less then the rate you posted. Half the amount was in Rccl gift cards. However, i think its really cool of you to look that up for me. It is greatly appreciated.
  12. was not a DB for me. The wife has concerns after her hotel room was robbed while she attended a conference a few years back. When it comes to staying in hotels she gets a little and understandably over cautious. But, yes your post is spot on. I guess it only takes one bad experience to cloud your judgement.
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