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    Singing at Karaoke's, Woodwork, Travel (Cruising)
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    I wished that HAL brings back the Karaoke.

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  1. I agree completely with the remark: If you dont like it, don't go. Nobody is forced to go.
  2. Karaoke haters are usually those, who can not sing, not even try to sing. I think it is pure jalousy.
  3. I know that Holland America Line has no karaoke. Which cruiselines don't have it either. I like to stay away from those.
  4. The HAL has cancelled the Karaoke on the ships. WHY ?? All other cruise line have it, I was very, very disappointed when I was on the Maasdam on a double cruise from Venice to Rome via Greece and from Rome to Barcelona to be informed that was NO Karaoke anymore. Please bring it back !!!! :*:*:*
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