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  1. We were continuing on to Vancouver too.
  2. We are just starting debarkation. We will debark in groups according to our luggage tag numbers. Some are going to the airport here by special buses. We are going to LAX by bus at 2:15. Our flight is at 8:20, so we debark much later than those on earlier flights. others do not disembark till tomorrow. It is all very organized. This has been the most amazing cruise we have ever been on. Many first timers on here are totally impressed with how Celebrity has treated us on this longest celebrity cruise in history. Ship departs Tuesday or Wed? for Acapulco with the remainder of the guests who are South American. Lovely picture. Thank you.
  3. I am on the Eclipse being treated royally, and heading for Manta, Ecuador where we will pick up some more meds late tonight. Then we head for San Diego arriving Mar 30. No sick people on this ship and lots of cleaning going on. Kudos to Celebrity. Many first timers on here are very impressed.
  4. We are being taken care of so well on this little healthy bubble called Eclipse, we may just be like barnacles on a rock when we arrive at San Diego! They may have to pry us off!
  5. Exactly. Beachin2, which side of the ship were the dolphins on? We missed them.
  6. So how are we going to get home from San Diego when this cruise to nowhere finally ends? Still being held by the uncooperative Chileans off the coast of Valparaiso. We have lost 5 precious days in getting home because of them. No one sick on board, so maybe we're lucky to be here in our safe little bubble, being treated royally by Celebrity.
  7. We are being well taken care of. Provisioning will start soon. We are very happy to go to San Diego.
  8. When we were up at Oceanview this aft, I heard them tell a couple they were running out of house red/white and white zinfandel. Nnot surprising as they offered free drinks for all at least 2 evenings ago. I asked for fresh berries this AM and was told they were out of them. They are probably keeping a small amount for garnishes, but that is OK. No big deal. We are still being fed well. Last announcement for the night, minutes ago.....no change. I would be happy if they would let us in to refuel. Then we could say Hasta Luego Chile!
  9. Who are you anyway? You are so funny. Do you frequent Al Baccio? Maybe we can have a much needed laugh there. Yes, they are running out of stuff. Do we need to start hoarding toilet paper in case we are on here for a 14 day quarantine, even though there are no sick people on here?😀
  10. CNN is WRONG! We are NOT anchored. We are sailing in a rectangular pattern which my DH has captured on cell phone. We are hoping the unsympathetic guys in Chile once more refuse us as we will be sailing north. There are NO sick people on this ship.
  11. Ever thought about running for President? We are now joined by Azamara Pursuit. Hope we don't run into one another.
  12. Well said Arubamoose! I would also add thoroughly disorganized to the list. Captain speaking as I write this, same old stuff. It is now Monday, 16th 4PM. We all had to give our information AGAIN today, Name, destination city and airport. More lineups as they forgot to give us the instructions to do this from our rooms.
  13. Wow! And you are sitting comfortably in your home! We are being offered the same and we are sailing in rings off the coast of San Antonio, Chile where thy will not allow us to dock even thought there are no sick people on board. We were supposed to sail on to Vancouver. The confusion and disorganization on board here is a disgrace. We finally got through to UA last night and booked a flight home 6AM Monday which cost nearly as much as our AQ fare on this 15 day cruise, San Antonio to San Diego. As time passes we fear we will have to cancel it. I will be taking the cash.
  14. I think Concierge class get invited often. Don't know why.
  15. We will be doing a coastal Mar 30 on Eclipse. I think in the spring, there can be rough seas. We have sailed Vancouver to Hawaii once and Honolulu to Vancouver 3 times with another booked. Loved them all, but we enjoy sea days. You don't say when you are cruising. The weather can get colder as you approach Vancouver if the sailing is in the Spring. I would choose Vancouver to Hawaii and then stay a few days in Hawaii.
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