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  1. This would be on a Wednesday morning arriving at 5:00 am.
  2. Also please email me perrydg2@hotmail.com Thank you.
  3. We are scheduled to fly from EZE to DTW on AA. Our transfer is in Miami and it is currently scheduled as 2 hours. Is this sufficient time? Would it matter if we had Global Entry or Mobile Passport? Amy information/advice is welcome. Thank you.
  4. We have made our final payment. We are receiving a large OBC from our travel agent. Can we use this to make some dining reservations and shore excursions before we board? If so, how do we do this? Our TA has told us that the OBC will not show on our on board account until the second or third day. Any information/advice is welcome. Thank you.
  5. I would just like to share that we visited Roatan on April 4. There were 8 of us, ranging in age from 8 to 70. We spent the day sailing with Amavi Charters. They had a driver meet us at the ship and drive us to the catamaran. We sailed and snorkeled in 2 different spots. Beautiful! They prepared a wonderful lunch for us with fresh grilled fish and barbecue chicken. One of our party has a peanut allergy and they adjusted their standard menu so that all of us could eat the same dishes. Open bar all day. The 2 children, ages 8 and 11, had never snorkeled before, but one of the crew was constantly with them to teach and guide them through the waters. It was amazing to me how quickly they learned. The driver met us when we returned and took us back to the ship. All agreed that this was an amazing and memorable day for our family and I heartily recommend them to you.
  6. We were on the Allure sailing of March 31. Although we are D+, we had never been on a ship this large. I was pleasantly surprised. The boarding process was one of the fastest we have experienced. The ship never felt crowded to me, as there are so many different areas where people disperse. The only real crowding was in the pools on sea days and in the dining room, which I did not care for as it seemed quite loud compared to smaller ships. We did express departure with our luggage, and we just walked off at 7:00 with no line. We especially enjoyed the Central Park area for breakfast. Also, the Diamond Lounge was never crowded, at least on this sailing, and the breakfast offered there was quite good. The Blue Planet and Aqua show were very well done. We made reservations for these shows 3 months prior, but we saw many people just walk in when the gates were opened 15 minutes prior to the show. This was a family trip with our children and grandchildren and everyone had a great time. I would, however, like to experience the ship without 1200 children on board. Maybe next time.
  7. Just to add to the above post, we also were on last week's Allure sailing. We had a private tour scheduled in Roatan. I told the supplier we would arrive at 8:00. He told me that the Roatan port schedule for Allure said arrival at 6:00. When we walked off the ship he was there to meet us. Ship goes by their time but people in Roatan go by their time.
  8. We were on the canceled Oasis cruise of March 31 and switched to the Allure. The difficulty was we already had flight tickets into Orlando and the Allure departed from Miami. We were a little apprehensive about making the drive but all went well. We arrived in Orlando the day before the cruise and rented cars from Alamo. It took us about 2 hours on the turnpike, with a short stop, to reach Ft. Pierce, where we spent the night at the Hampton Inn. The next morning we left at about 8:20, drove to MIA and returned the cars, took the rental car shuttle to the ship and were on board by 12:30. Upon debarkation, we kept our luggage and walked off the ship at 7:00. There was no line, regardless of what several people had told us. We again took the rental car shuttle. We were the only people at the rental desk at MIA that early in the morning and were on the road by 8:00. We stopped on time and were at Orlando airport at noon. I will admit that we were exceeding the speed limit, but barely keeping up with traffic. Anyway, it all worked out well and I thank all of you who gave us advice and information on how to do all of this. It was fairly "easy" to do, but I don't want to do it again.
  9. We are currently on Allure because our Oasis cruise for this week was cancelled. We were allowed to change to this cruise and given $200 obc. That's it. We could have been given a refund but many of us on here had already purchased our air to Orlando. RCCL wouldnot even reimburse us for the rental car fees because we had to drive to Miami and when we leave the ship Sunday immediately drive back to Orlando in hopes of making our return flights. Same story as many of you. School break week. No available flights to change too. Etc. You got a good deal compared to what we were offered. But we are having a good cruise right now
  10. Do any of you know if, and where, the NCAA tournament games are shown on the Allure? Do they have a big screen? I normally would not really care, but our team is still in it tomorrow and that is when we board the ship. Any information is welcome. Thank you. GO GREEN!
  11. Thank you for the information. This whole FAMILY cruise, with the Oasis cancellation in December and already having air tickets for everyone in and out of Orlando has turned into a bit of a stressful event. Hopefully, it will all work out okay for us.
  12. Sorry-We are on the Allure, which replaced our cancelled Oasis cruise. That is why we have to rent cars and drive, as we already had air tickets to Orlando. Any thoughts on if the ULTRA traffic will effect us on Sunday morning?
  13. We are driving from Ft Pierce on Sunday morning and dropping our rental car at MIA before taking their shuttle to the RCCL Oasis. Planning to arrive at MIA approximately 11:00 am. Will this effect us?
  14. Having cruised several times to all of the mentioned islands and on both of these ships, I would say the Freedom for sure.
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