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  1. Thank you all. Now, my husband and I were NEVER told to fill out paperwork (our cruise has not been cancelled). I do have a cancellation confirmation from them. Hoping that will suffice. Thank you all for your responses. Stay healthy.....
  2. Details: End of May Land Tour/Cruise - Denali to Vancouver. Cancelled on March 18th. We had Standard INsurance. Had been told we'd get the money in 7-10 business days. Question: Has anyone who cancelled on or around March 18th received any money yet? Please, I don't to hear anyone flame me for asking. Looking for honest factual answers. Thank you and God Bless....
  3. I agree. We cancelled our May 26 alaska cruise and aren't getting 100%
  4. Did it ever occur to you that some of us took a beating in the market too? Your words are very cavailer and snobby.
  5. I called and cancelled my 5/26 cruise on March 18th. Have not gotten my refund yet....
  6. I'm waiting too for a cash refund of 6K. If they would ONLY rebook my cruise for the same price/amenities for the same period next year, (Alaska Tour/Cruise) I'd let them do it. Funny, but when I suggested this on another post, someone actually blasted me for that thought. I guess it takes all types.....
  7. My same cruise, next year, BEFORE the crisis was $2,000 more. That's a big bite.
  8. The same cruise at the same price and amenities that we had to cancel for this year for the same period next. If they offered it to me right now for 2021, I'd rebook in a heartbeat. But, alas, I guess they've considered that internally and passed on the thought.
  9. I cancelled: 1 2DL total cost $6500 Standard insurance of $249 x 2 = $498) Total cost out of my pocket $7000 (give or take)..... So, based on the $6500 that paid for my entire package: Over the phone (on March 18) the phone rep said that I would get back $5956 applied to the two credit cards on file $538 FCC The email cancellation notice didn't state ANY of those dollar figures All it stated was that the applicable cancellation fees are $538. Did I get snookered???
  10. I know, but what if they run out of money for reimbursements?
  11. Thank you for posting about your call. I'm thinking of doing the same, albeit I only have the Standard Coverage, but I guess 80% is better than nothing......
  12. But my issue is this.........I have a deadline to make the decision, which is March 21. I have NOT, and I repeat NOT, been advised that the decision date has been moved further down the road.
  13. I'm the OP, and the "better offer" I was looking for was 100% cash back and no FCC. Doesn't seem fair if there is NO cruise then I can't get a full refund.
  14. I' m in the same boat. HAL only sent out one email....a week ago. And we have to decide by March 21. They haven't pushed that date back yet.
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