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  1. I’ve used Charley’s Taxi from the airport to Waikiki for the flat rate of $29 and also used them from Waikiki to the port. Check out their website and give them a call. It should be less than $30. Very good reliable service.
  2. That was my first social media post I did for Celebrity. I normally don’t do that but decided to give it a whirl.
  3. Woohoo...got all of my points for Oct...9 in total. I’m keeping track...went from 366 to 384 since this started. At least this keeps me entertained.
  4. They definitely should have had mask wearing at the start of the cruise. It originated in the UK. Sad to say that I believe they promoted the cruise advising no masks were required. Hopefully everyone recovers from this.
  5. It will be very interesting to see what the excursion prices will be like due to the COVID restrictions. They should be quite a bit lower if they’re not allowing private excursions. TUI cruises had some lower prices in Europe and they are all inclusive as well. Let’s see what $200 will get us.
  6. We sailed on the Millie on the TP sailing in Sept 2019 so I did sign up for the roll call for the first time. There were a lot signed up for that sailing. The only activities I did was the Meet and Greet at the Sky Lounge and the cabin crawl. I loved the cabin crawl as it showed you all of the different cabin types. The only one we didn’t see was an inside. This was well worth my time.
  7. Miaminice..Could you book this cruise if you weren’t German? I’m Canadian and could travel over in that region. All I would need to do is learn some German this winter with Rosetta Stone.
  8. Great review and I’ve enjoyed following along. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did your cruise cost? I realize your airfare from Germany was included but you also mentioned it was all inclusive. Did you only have to pay for your excursions on board?
  9. Thanks so much for your review. It certainly gives us hope that we will be cruising again soon. Great post on the mask wearing. This would not be a problem for us as well.
  10. I’ve been reading the posts from the MSC cruises in the Med and their excursions are costing only 20 Euros for walking tours which amounts to $31 Cad. They are even offering specials for 3 ship excursions. They only take around 20 people on the bus. The cruises lines will have to offer lower pricing on their excursions to attract passengers on their ships with the new rules.
  11. I don’t think any your March cruise will be going so I would lift and shift to 2022. Thank goodness we had no cruises booked for 2021 as we had decided in 2019 that we would wait until close to departure to book some future cruises.
  12. I cruised on the Edge on Feb 9th for a week in an Infinite Balcony. As I stated earlier on this thread, I would not book it again. When I booked the Edge in Nov, the pricing was lower for the Feb 9th sailing than the Equinox so that is why we decided to try the new ship. The Edge pricing was not always more expensive.
  13. I was in one of the Infinite Verandas on the Edge on Feb 9th. When you first enter the cabin it does look impressive with the room more open but I would not book one again. I found that the room gets very hot when you have the window open for a short amount of time so you have to close the accordion door to keep it cool in your cabin. Also we have travelled with other friends and have always opened up the balconies between our cabins. This can’t be done with the Infinite Veranda. I’ll stick with the S or M class ships for now.
  14. We stayed in Cabin 7171 on the Millie and the balcony was larger than normal. It’s a 2A category. Not sure which sailing date you’re on but the Feb 7th sailing has Cabin 7177 which does have a larger balcony. The cabin we had is not available on that date. I like the aft cabins now as they’re quieter but your location of 7100 is very good.
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