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  1. I've read this tip to get it served in a glass before so I asked about it on Carnival Dream in July. The server told me that if they put the amount in the bowl in a glass, it would only fill it a little way. He said they would have to put several bowls in a glass to make it look like a serving and asked if I wanted that much. I really didn't and since I've never seen the glass they would use to argue the point, I said no.
  2. I paid the cruise in full and it is still a ways from the final payment date and they refunded my money rather than giving OBC.
  3. Thank you. I will be checking there too. We will be doing an 8 day next year. I love his website. I wish he would continue to update it.
  4. I didn't think he was updating his website very frequently nowadays. Where did you read this?
  5. Following. It would be so helpful if someone would post the Fun Times and menus for the 8 day Bahamas/Key West itinerary.
  6. We have parked across the street twice and neither time was foggy. However, the first time there was a policeman there stopping traffic and letting people cross Harborside drive. The last time there wasn't one and with no traffic light near the corner where you cross, it seemed a little risky. The traffic doesn't stop and there are four lanes of traffic. This has me concerned for our next cruise which is March. My family all want to park and walk but I'm afraid of doing this in March due to the chance of fog.
  7. Just wondering if you use a park and walk option and it turns out to be really foggy, what would happen? Is there police/crossing guards to help people get across Harborside Drive?
  8. Update: I called and talked to a different rep. I told her about my prior call and read her the guest notes on the emailed invoice which said price drops would be credited only in nonrefundable on board credit.She said that sometimes when you've paid off your cruise before the final payment date the only option their computer system shows is to refund the difference when the price drops. She said she could see that a refund had been made to my card, so I will wait and see.
  9. I am booked early saver and not past final payment date. I received the updated invoice and just like the rep said, it had nothing about receiving a refund of the difference.
  10. Thank you for your answer. The first time the price went down, I tried the online form and it said something to the effect of not being eligible but when I called I was able to get the difference in price in onboard credit so rather than bother with trying the form this time, I just called. It's still a while before the final payment is due.
  11. I booked a cruise back in September and paid it off with the Carnival Mastercard. The price went down in October and I called Carnival and the phone rep I spoke with verified it and I was given $130 onboard credit. I did a mock booking again today and the price went down again. I called the 800 number once again and spoke to a rep who verified it but she said since the cruise was paid off, they couldn't give me onboard credit but would refund it to my card. I asked her for her name so I would be able to tell them who I spoke if a problem ocurred and the refund didn't show up since she said it wouldn't show up on my card for 7 to 10 business days. She said she would email me a new cruise statement with the new price but she said it wouldn't say anything about the refund. It would just tell the updated price. I'm a little worried that I have no proof I was supposed to be given a refund today and if the price goes up, I would just lose this amount. I would have felt better having onboard credit added to my account. My question is has anyone else heard they can't be given onboard credit once the cruise was paid for?
  12. Is there a minimum age for the tour. Can a teenager go?
  13. What cell phone provider do you use and did you get an international plan that includes Bahamas so not to have an enormous bill? We're going there next year so this would be helpful for us to know in case we need it.
  14. I always get the middle wifi plan and the weight watchers app works.
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