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  1. A cruise to nowhere sounds fine to us. After 55 cruises, we have been to all of the Caribbean, Central America, and some of South America and I don't even get off the ships anymore. The cruise experience for me is just being on the ships and taking advantage of all they have to offer. DH just gets off to buy a t-shirt or two to restock his supply. We have done excursions and there aren't many left we would need to take and have bought enough primitive paintings and beautiful ceramics.
  2. Instead of just bringing enough of our meds for the length of the cruises ( usually 7-10 days) we plan on bringing a month's worth just in case we get stranded.
  3. Our first Carnival cruise was in 1996 on the Fascination. At the time, that ship was the largest cruise ship!! We had a Grand Suite and friends of ours had an ocean view down the hall. We had a great time and they spent a lot of time in our suite because it was so large and we had a bar. We stopped at Grenada and were tendered into the dock. Walked around and could smell all the wonderful spices that women were selling on the dock. Downtown we went to get a beer in a veterinary supply store. Weird. When we returned to our cabin, the four of us sat out on our deck having cocktails and there were young Grenadian men in small boats down below us. We started throwing quarters from my stash from the casino the night before. The guys would dive for them until they were chased away by some Carnival crew members. The only negative thing about the cruise was our very surly and snarky head waiter. We reported him to the maitre'd and well, the waiter got worse. Finally got a different waiter for the rest of the cruise. Have never had that experience since in all of our 55 cruises.
  4. We live in Florida and had our August 4-day Liberty cruise cancelled so we booked the Breeze for Sept. and received more OBC and casino fun play than the cost of the whole cruise (deluxe ocean view). I have my doubts that will even go. Maybe our Nov. Legend out of Tampa will go - let's hope. Have a Holland cruise booked for Feb. Florida Covid-19 cases are going up and down right now with over 41,000 cases and almost 1800 deaths. Of course our idiot Governor has stopped county public health departments from releasing their statistics now, so who knows what the real stats are?
  5. We are retired and doing pretty much what we normally do: reading, cooking, ordering take-out from favorite restaurants (instead of going to eat in them), working on home projects we had put off, shopping online, going through closets and removing items for Goodwill, watching MSNBC and Hallmark Channel movies. New things we are doing: wearing masks when we go out to grocery stores/take out restaurants and social distancing. What we are not doing: cruising, cruising, cruising!!! However, we have booked 3 new cruises and hoping they will sail.
  6. Peach Bellini has become my favorite drink on Carnival and Holland: Champagne glass Peach nectar on the bottom of the glass (about 1 tsp) Fill the glass with Proseco Sparkling and sweet! I've also had it with a mashed strawberry instead of peach nectar.
  7. No, Evandbob, I didn't know the answer. I knew there had been posts about it through the years I've been on CC, but I never read them because they weren't relevant to me at the time. That's why I posted the question and I appreciate everyone's answers. Now if we can just get cruising again!
  8. We are still waiting for our FCC email for an April cruise cancelled on March 13th! Our PCC said last week it could still be another 60 days until we hear something. Very frustrating.
  9. I know I have seen similar questions on this forum before, but I searched several times and nothing relevant came up. We will become Diamonds while on a cruise. Are we considered Diamonds for the whole cruise, or does it not go into effect until the next cruise? Thanks.
  10. I agree. I don't see anyway to do this online.
  11. I called yesterday morning at 7am and had to hold for about 5 minutes. Told that since I had a casino promotion on the August cruise I had to call the casino number which she gave me. They opened at 8am so I called then and was on hold for about 10 minutes. The agent cancelled my Liberty cruise and transferred my deposit to our new booking on the Breeze for late Sept. She sent me an email and waited until I received it and it had the $1000 in OBC (already had OBC on that booking so she added the new OBC to it) and we were done in short order. She said if I had filled out the form in the Carnival email it would take several weeks to hear back from them. So glad I called instead. Plus the deposit on the Liberty was non-refundable, but she just transferred it to the new booking. I would have lost it if I cancelled the cruise online by myself. She said it's best to call first thing when they open as the hold times get long in just a few hours and they had phone issues the other day when the email from Carnival arrived.
  12. We'll try the Cucina for the first time on the Breeze this fall. We didn't think we would care for the Canaletto Italian specialty restaurant on Holland America and didn't try it for a long time. Wow, then we tried it in Jan. and went back a second night and also in Feb. and returned. I hope the Cucina is as good. I don't like Asian food so JiJi's wouldn't appeal to me all.
  13. Pastrami on rye and then I stop at the salad station to put cole slaw and 1000 Island dressing on it (they don't have Russian dressing). Not quite NY deli standards, but it does it for me on the ship. Sometimes I get a pastrami reuben and add the dressing. Wish I had both of them right now!
  14. Read this today in the news: " "Norwegian Cruise Line warned that its upcoming financial statements will carry a statement detailing "substantial doubt" about its ability to continue as a "going concern" in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, another sign of how the crisis is affecting the cruise industry. The current, and uncertain future, impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, including its effect on the ability or desire of people to travel (including on cruises), is expected to continue to impact our results, operations, outlook, plans, goals, growth, reputation, cash flows, liquidity, demand for voyages and share price," the company said in an SEC filing on Tuesday." "The company warned it may need to reorganize, possibly through bankruptcy proceedings." Several weeks ago I saw they were going to Wall Street looking for investors.
  15. Thank you for posting the video. I have watched the other HAL ship videos and they all bring tears to my eyes. Can't wait to get back on board a 'dam ship!!
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