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  1. Glock-17 I think there is every chance that no-one will be cruising in August. However, nothing is certain yet. I would carefully check the Tui/Marella website terms and conditions, and FAQ regarding the '4 week' final payment date (I have heard that mentioned on other websites, but it was in regard to re-booking cancelled holidays), but assuming it is correct, the lady you spoke to, did you a very big favour, but if its wrong, could cost you a lot more.
  2. NIX70 - I recommend ringing the number around 8.30 (supposed to open at 9.00am) My daughter got into the queue at that time, and after listening to endless repeat messages, and about to give up, at 9.40 they answered and refund was sorted out. Received a confirming email within the hour. She rang the number that ends in 68, not the one that ends 88. 2 days later, part of refund was in her bank (the 20% paid by debit card), the remainder which she had paid by direct debit, is administered by a separate Tui dept, and hasn't arrived yet. Although they tell people that they are working in date order, Tui appear not to be. My daughter was due to fly on 24th May, her refund credit email arrived a week before that date, and the part refund was received before her flight date (she got through on the 2nd day of phoning) We however, waited 8 weeks for a refund on the cruise and stay that got cancelled mid holiday on 15th March.
  3. At this moment in tie, June 11th is the date up to which, Tui has cancelled all package holidays, and refund credits are being issued to all passengers, eventually. (Previously it was sometime in the middle of May - 14th I think) It has always been Tui's stance, that if the holiday is still going ahead, they wont refund, you have to take the financial hit., regardless of the fact that the Gov advice says do not travel abroad. Hence, Martin Lewis and Simon Calder have been advising paying balances, and waiting for the company to eventually cancel. If the Gov advice is relaxed in future, allowing foreign travel, and Tui are going ahead with holidays, then a doctors note is a possible way of not travelling and getting a refund, under those circumstances I believe.
  4. Marella ships max out at approx 2000 passengers, so even less passenger availability.
  5. Well, just checked bank account, (no update after receiving the first and only email from Tui last Friday), so amazed to find that the refund has arrived! No explanation of monetary breakdown, but amount is actually a bit more than I expected! Very frustrating wait, due to lack of communication by Tui, took 50 days, but can now draw a line under it - thank god. All I can say to others is, hopefully yours will come soon, as lots of people are reporting receiving refunds (on Trustpilot) in last 7 days. Perhaps threats from the CMA has helped.
  6. At long last, a response from Tui regarding our cruise and stay holiday - See below We’re writing with an update about your recent cruise. We’re really sorry your holiday was cut short and thank you for your patience while we’ve been repatriating our guests and crew. It’s a phrase that’s been used a lot but these are unprecedented times and we’ve had a number of challenges to work through in the last few weeks. But we’re pleased to say that many of our Marella family are now safely back home. Before you returned to the UK, we wrote to you onboard promising a refund for the significant disruption you experienced during your cruise. (Ours must have been mislaid as we never received anything) Local authorities introduced restrictions that meant we weren’t able to offer you the holiday you booked, missing ports and ultimately repatriating you to the UK. We’re really sorry for the delay to this refund and we’re pleased to say the confirmed refund will be with you very soon. We expect to have most of these finished within the next 7-10 days. Once again, thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. We hope to see you onboard again in the future. Sincerely, The team at Marella Cruises Yours sincerely, Hayley Lian Holiday Change TUI Group Progress at last. It will be interesting to see how much it will be, and how long it takes to receive anything
  7. The 'within 28 days' is from the actual departure date of the cancelled cruise, not the day you received the cancellation notification (from what I have read ), so would be up to some date in June. Also, be careful if cancelling a holiday/cruise (check the T&C to be safe). If you booked with Tui 'low deposit scheme', you may have only paid a small amount of the 'actual' deposit so far, but the FULL deposit is charged if you cancel - a few people have been caught out by this. eg. Low deposit £125, but full actual deposit £400 per person
  8. Hi, glad you have received your refund, as very few appear to have been that lucky (me included). Did you get your dates mixed up a bit. I assume your holiday was cancelled around the 15th March. You were phoned at home by Tui a week or so later. How did the email promised a refund for the 18th March?
  9. I think the crux of the problem is communication - or in Tui's case the lack of any. Many people have reported their departure date has passed without any contact from Tui regarding their holiday being cancelled. The fact that Tui have changed position a number of times regarding refunds, re-booking holidays, and now refund credits with possibly 20% discount, has added an extra layer of confusion for customers, on top of the situation they already had. With no shops and a skeleton staff working from home, contacting them has been the biggest issue for most customers. Covid 19 was not of their making, but the way its being dealt with, has lead customers to think that their sole intention is to avoid refunding cash, even if that is not the case, due to their inability to communicate effectively. The statements Tui have made regarding working through refunds/refund credits in date order doesn't appear to hold water from what customers are reporting, so for many less fortunate people who have no work, or have been furloughed, cash refunds are needed urgently, and are virtually unobtainable. Many of us are fortunate not to be in that position, but the way Tui have handled the situation is dreadful. This is just my opinion, I am not trying to be controversial, so feel free to agree or disagree
  10. Calton - £100 a great bargain. Hope you realise of course that you have set the benchmark for future cruises 🤣 (well that's what would happen in our house}
  11. Congratulations - wonders never cease. I would definitely buy a lottery ticket this week!!
  12. Ahh, didn't realise that. The second email you just received might be 'real money' not just a promise. Let us know when it arrives, as I haven't seen hardly any reports of actual money being deposited. Fingers crossed
  13. Dont get too excited, again on Twitter and Facebook, people with the similar emails are still waiting for the actual money to arrive, 4 - 5 weeks after
  14. Jim, Its all a bit of a dogs breakfast at Tui. On twitter, people who rebooked holidays recently, but before the latest refund credit + 20% incentive, are asking and being told by Tui, that the 20% can be applied retrospectively and to ring a Tui number. Come the 'refund credit' announcement last Fri, everyone now has to wait 4 weeks after their planned holiday date, to even get an email about 'refund credit and an up to 20% incentive'. Another few days and Tui will have dreamt up another scheme to fend off paying any money back
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