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  1. Have you tried sarina.bratton@ponant.com.au? Spelling of surname as per google searches, email extension just a guess.
  2. Have been watching this forum with interest. I have three back to back cruises with Ponant which were due to sail out of Lisbon in early April and conclude in Dublin 3 weeks later. I have been offered (and accepted) the 120% credit and my Travel Agent is trying to put together a new package for me for the same time next year. I am looking at it in the light of trying to keep this company (as well as my travel agent and airline) afloat (did you see what I did there) in this time of global emergency. Ponant also say they are committed to keeping their employees from the poor house until cruising can re-commence. What use will getting the money back if 80% of us are brought low by the virus and a good proportion of us oldies actually killed by it? I am taking a gamble on the company and hope that the world recovers by this time in 2021. That said, I understand some travellers need to recover their money to care for themselves or their families in this uncertain time. This is just my viewpoint from someone who can afford to take a risk on the future looking brighter.
  3. Good news, please keep the rest of us informed on their offerings for cancelled cruises 🚢
  4. Probably will in the next couple of days - thinking of their crew early is a good sign. Many of them will return to poverty and no job prospects for many months.
  5. Whilst Deep Diving on the Internet - I found this posted on a crew site - it should give everyone hope we should be hearing from Ponant soon: http://crew-center.com/ponant-pause-all-cruise-operations-crew-will-get-financial-support?fbclid=IwAR0PLpExxWjF44WFqyn30lu8XrpkSKDUs_2PwjaP2J9Htm64JZQyZ_TWyCE
  6. Hi, can't find this information anywhere - can someone either on or recently cruised on, L'Austral tell me if there is a power outlet in the bathroom OTHER than the shaver type (speciality) outlet? I bring a Waterpik and Electric Toothbrush with me on holidays but cannot use the Waterpik unless there is a regular power outlet in the bathroom...... thank you :)
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