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  1. Rols, you are the best at watching pricing. Keep us apprised. Mr. SLSD and I have been dragging our heels about booking our next cruise. The main issue is that we are changing travel agents and haven't settled on one yet. We know we are definitely doing a European itinerary, but that is about as far as it goes. I agree with another poster that the Set Sail Events have not seemed that enticing. We don't necessarily choose by price, but like to know our options. Still trying to convince Mr. SLSD that we need to do 21 days vs the 14 that he prefers.
  2. I agree that the website is not in line with the quality of the product Seabourn is selling. Surely someone in the administration offices knows that the website is poorly done?
  3. Markam, We remember Viktoria from several cruises back and she was wonderful. Also, there is something to be said for regulars and we enjoyed meeting a number of them, including you, on the Kobe to Vancouver route. We find ourselves hoping to see them again. As for every Seabourn cruise having its own vibe, you are so right. A few years ago, we took a Mediterranean itinerary (it was our first SB cruise) and the passengers were exactly as we expected-- genteel, well educated, interesting, and well mannered in all respects. I took the vibe of that cruise totally for granted. On our 2018 Baltic itinerary, the atmosphere was somewhat similar, but changed markedly for the last seven days which was also sold as a separate segment. The change fascinated me at the time and I got in a bit of hot water here talking about it. I'm more careful and more guarded in what I say now. Then, there was the Kobe to Vancouver cruise which had all kinds of different people on it--and a totally different vibe from the earlier SB cruises. I have to admit--I find myself wondering, which routes will have the greatest likelihood of duplicating the vibe from that first Mediterranean cruise?
  4. I don't mind the names Encore and Ovation at all. What struck me is that Ovation should have been the first of the two to be finished and named and THEN Encore.
  5. Navis, Seabourn is a wonderful cruise line and absolutely is more refined and relaxed than the mass cruise lines (from what I hear--I've only sailed SB and Silversea). I've always been concerned that the Caribbean itineraries would be as Emperor Norton describes.
  6. Your description is why we have not booked SB cruises in the Caribbean. While not geriatric (yet), I not a party person.
  7. We were on Sojourn for 23 days in May/June 2019. Sojourn is a good ship, but she is not a new ship. She is well maintained but that does not mean you won't see areas that need painting with a bit of rust showing through. While we were onboard, there was ongoing work to the swimming pool and to the deck, so those two areas should be in good shape. Those of us who love sailing on Seabourn often have different views on which ships we prefer and why. I know that many who sail often love Sojourn and her sister ships and prefer them over the newer Ovation and Encore. Their slightly smaller passenger number may mean slightly better service. I do love the cozy atmosphere of the TK Grill on Sojourn. I also found the Club to be just right. At the same time, the newer ships have the wonderful TK Grill bar which is delightful. They also have a more flexible schedule which worked for me as I like enjoying as much evening as I can before 11pm. You will enjoy the Sojourn even if she is not new and spiffy and is a bit overdue for dryadic (in the opinion of some).
  8. SLSD


    The laundry bag may not look very big, but it is amazing how many items of clothing can be stuffed into it! My husband and I had no difficulty putting in all of our clothing that needed laundering. I think you will be pleased at the value. Unfortunately, there is no daily rate. Of course passengers who have reached a certain number of days cruising with Seabourn can get a free bag of laundry, or, at some levels, free laundry.
  9. I have NO idea why the flowers were placed in our suite.
  10. We received flowers on our last SB cruise and we were in a lowly OB suite. They were lovely.
  11. I totally agree with you Catlover. It is such a delight to see beautiful gowns. Perhaps one day I will pack my finicky dresses and trust the SB laundry to touch them up. I'm beginning to think I am just lazy in my desire to just black for evening.
  12. I'm just saying it gives me pause. Maybe I am incorrect in feeling this way. But--I have never cruised on Viking. I don't have loyalty built up. I haven't experienced how wonderful it is as a cruise line. That is all I am saying. Most cruise lines HAVE had accounts. I get your point.
  13. OK. I get the jokes. But seriously. I've never cruised on Viking as we really love Seabourn. My point is that reports like this one give me a bit of pause. That's all.
  14. Quite surprising that Viking was not following manufacturers recommendation. It makes me wonder what else this cruise line is not doing.
  15. I have always been amazed at those of you who travel with just a carry on. We marvel at this on the last night when everyone's bags are set out in the hall. I do my best. I am not one to bring a different choice for each night (especially on a three week itinerary). On the only 7 day cruise we took (16 years ago) I DID do that---and had SO much baggage. It did not make me happy to have so many bags---so now I try to be more of a minimalist--but obviously not as minimalist as some. I don't take my favorite black tie appropriate dresses as they would require so much care after arrival. (I've learned that they do not travel well). Plus, there is the fact that they are more memorable and would be one night wears. I've grown practical in my older age. I do still strive to be totally with the idea of formal--so I am always on the lookout (in between cruises) for the right items. I have observed a few women who cruise all the time and noticed that they often wear black ensembles--which makes me think I am on the right track---for me at least. I don't want anyone to think that I think the way I do it is the only way. I am hardly a fashion maven--and admire women who are.
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