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  1. That's correct, because its what I requested on the form. But I haven't officially received my full FCC yet. If I could change my mind, I would.
  2. I requested my FCC on Mar 30 for the Mar 15 cruise. Yesterday, the taxes and fees were refunded to my credit card. My TA can see a cruise credit in my account for 100% but not the additional 25%. However, on April 20, I had received a personal response to an email inquiry I had sent through the website. That email stated "I looked at your booking and it is protected and you were given Additional Credit : 876.40. You can call in and rebook when you have your dates." So I'm planning to wait until 5/30, which would be 60 days from the initial request and if no additional information shows up to me or my Travel Agent, I'll ask her to call. I would just really rather hope it shows up and let her book online, because I like her, and I hate to make her suffer through the phone call process. @cellfree- how did you "receive" your FCC's- was it a certificate? coupon code? or just an amount in your account?
  3. That link worked for me the other day, but not anymore. Currently using the "all deals" page on their website, but nothing specifically comes up as voyager's club discount.
  4. Also posted this in the Americans' refund thread, but we got our refund today. Booked USA to sail Mar 15, which was canceled by MSC. Requested FCC on Mar 30 through online form. Pre-paid items and port fees, etc. were credited to our credit card today in the correct amounts. Have not received official FCC certificate, but it may have gone to my TA. Previous emails from MSC state that the 125% FCC is already in my account and they will apply it when I am ready to book. It was a nerve-wracking two months, but in all, they are officially within 60 days of when I submitted my online form. I'll be ready to sail with them again.
  5. Happy to report that all the appropriate refunds showed up on my credit card today! It was for pre-paid items, port fees, etc. This was for a cruise that was canceled for sail date 3-15, and for which I completed the refund survey on 3-30. So more than 60 calendar days from the cruise days, but less than 60 calendar days from when I completed my survey. (We had previously canceled around 3-12, but that was for 100% cruise credit, and I filled out a new request on 3-30 when they offered 125% cruise credit.)
  6. Elsewhere, someone pointed out that [in January] was in brackets- indicating it was the reporter's addition, not part of his direct quote. I've also seen this quote interpreted in a couple of ways- " In the Caribbean, Ocean Cay will be key for us. We have opportunities to stay there overnight and for multiple days." But I think the simplest explanation is the best- that he means the ship would stay at Ocean Cay overnight and cruisers could visit there on consecutive port days, not that passengers would get to sleep on the island.
  7. Interview with Ken Muskat, posted today- https://www.travelweekly.com/On-The-Record/Ken-Muskat-MSC-Cruises?fbclid=IwAR1hStV-971fdzyJmLBzWo8SiM1bknjLX_57GkpvEJeiZeqrn_y7aWsxtlw
  8. We love Maya Chan and we keep checking their website and social media for any indications on how soon they'll open. Just saw that some Carnival Cruises are going to go to Costa Maya as soon as August. We've never sailed Carnival, and would only grab one of these cruises if we knew we'd be able to go to Maya Chan.
  9. 60 days for us today too and no news. That's a very strange email to get- something went wrong, pls resubmit? Obviously they know you need a refund, since that cruise was completely canceled. Maybe they're hoping you'll take FCC?
  10. We were also booked for the March 15 sailing and canceled ourselves the week prior for 100% FCC. Still waiting for for the taxes, fees, and pre-paid items to be refunded. Maybe it will be soon, or maybe we "reset" our clock when we opted in for the 125% FCC on March 30. (Which I now regret.) As it is, I've got May 30 as my "don't get upset until" date, but it's a little unsettling to see others who have gotten their refund portions back immediately and wondering if they've missed me and won't come back to it.
  11. I posted this in another thread, but I'm in USA and had the March 15 cruise canceled. I was able to opt between FCC and refund and I chose the 125% FCC. I followed up with a website inquiry and got individual confirmation of the amount of credit I had in my account. The email said I could rebook with that credit by calling any time, but I use a TA, so I replied asking for some kind of certificate. I also still have not received the portion that is refund for everyone, the pre-paid items, port fees, etc. My TA is going to follow up from here, but based on the experience so far, and her comments about what she's seeing across all cruise lines, I do believe that MSC is just more swamped than we can imagine, they are working through these things as quickly as they can, and they will make good. She said that 60 days for refund is standard (we haven't hit that mark yet) and that she still wouldn't be worried if the new goal was 90 days because of sheer volume. I can only speak about MSC USA and I'm sorry for whatever is happening with other booking countries, I don't have any insight on that. It really sounds like they are all separate entities with their own CEO's and management.
  12. I've lost track of time, and I'm not sure what day it is today, but I think it took a couple of weeks to get a response to by web inquiry. I had stopped expecting to hear anything. I did reply to their email and ask for clarification on getting an actual certificate as well as the refund for port fees, etc. and no response to that yet. My TA said that she'd follow up, and that overall, she's been dealing with this on all fronts for her clients. Nobody has seen a lot of movement on credits and refunds and that before the 60 day mark (I haven't hit it yet) she wouldn't expect anything, from any cruise line. It made me feel better. I've been browsing future cruises to see what i would want to book if I had the FCC in front of me, and came to the conclusion that there's nothing I would want to book right now anyway. I don't know if the ports would be open, or if the itineraries will change anyway. And the cruises we could do (Caribbean on US school breaks like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, or Summer) are sold out for Super Family Cabins. So I'm second-guessing the decision to accept the FCC. I guess I'll wait and see if MSC shifts any of their other ships around, or if there's actually more availability than what's showing... maybe there are cancellations that haven't been processed.
  13. I had sent a general inquiry through the website (USA) and received a personal response yesterday. It said that my account had been credited with my cruise fare plus an amount that I figured out was equal to 25% of the base cruise fare I paid. It said I should just call to rebook. I emailed back to ask for something I could send to my Travel Agent, some kind of certificate with a total amount, and I asked when I would receive the refund of the taxes, port fees, and prepaid items. This does feel like some sort of progress to get an individual acknowlegement that there is an FCC in my "account"! FYI- this was for a cruise that MSC canceled for March 15. I believe it was the first cruise that was actually canceled by the cruise line, at least out of Miami.
  14. This is on their website today. I had previously canceled our Mar 15 sailing for a 100% FCC, but website indicates that even I am eligible for 125% FCC or refund. We followed the submission steps and it seemed to work. see screenshot.
  15. Are any of you still trying to upgrade or going to try again? I booked through a travel agent and I don't want to send her on a fool's errand, but we sail Sunday and at this point, could cancel and rebook connecting balconies for half of what we paid for a balcony and an inside. I'm fixated on getting moved to connecting balconies and wondering if I should ask her to call (again) or ask at embarkation. She's called twice before, but that was before the FCC offer and they just said no. How messed up would the luggage situation be if we got moved at the terminal check-in. Do they have a good process to make sure the bags get to the new room? That's my biggest concern with waiting. Also that probably everybody is going to be asking the same question and could get all the inventory before we get there, when we're specifically looking for connecting.
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