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  1. You are right...we should have returned it. We thought of it afterwards and knew we should have nicely asked them to make it right. I will work on being bold, lol
  2. All great responses and I appreciate all of the comments. Please keep them coming. We do love good food but don’t require anything fancy. Even if the meals on the ship were dry and lacked flavor, they were for the most part presented nicely. A couple of examples just so folks know what really kind of put us off...the Crown Grill is a specialty restaurant on Princess. We ate there on our first cruise last spring - loved it and thought it well worth the $29 pp up charge. This time, the steaks were thin and gray...literally gray. We should have sent them back but didn’t want to be a bother. The server could barely cut into the baked potatoes...his knife almost couldn’t pierce the skin. And it appeared as though it had been cooked at least 24 hours earlier and had been sitting under a heat lamp or something for at least a day. It was old and tough. Most of the meat was “mystery meat”...truly we thought maybe it was soy product or something else. We kept trying the buffet and finally stopped because we felt we were being wasteful with plates of food that we just couldn’t eat because it was so bad. We just had such a different experience on our first cruise last year and I really wondered if anyone knew for sure if the overall quality of the food on the ship would/could change based on how much folks paid for tickets. This Caribbean cruise was a very good deal (meaning inexpensive tickets for all) so I wondered if they loaded the ship with lower end food for preparation. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.
  3. We just returned from a 10 day trip to the Caribbean on the Crown Princess and I must say most of the food was really awful...barely edible most of the time. Everywhere... the dining room, buffet, specialty restaurants, grill by the pool...just really poor quality ingredients and many times we wondered what we were actually eating. Here is the interesting part - we went on the Crown Princess Spring of 2018 (11 day trip to the Mediterranean) and the quality of the food was much better. The Med cruise was more than double the price of the Caribbean cruise. Does anyone know if cruise lines (specifically Princess) will change the quality of the food on board based on the cost of the trip or the destination? It was such a noticeable difference - enough that it could prevent me from booking a Princess cruise again in the future. We would like to go back to the Mediterranean again in 2021 but I am now leary to book with Princess because the food on this last cruise was so bad. If anyone has any insight as to what could make such a difference in dining experience on the exact same ship in only 18 months time, I would love to hear. Thanks!
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