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  1. This, I don’t trust the numbers...
  2. I'm curious as to how the virus knows you're sitting down or walking around a restaurant....? That's one smart virus. And why should a bar be cordoned off...if I want to sit with my Wife and have a drink together, what's the harm?
  3. The 😊 I posted should have told you I was joking...sorry if you took it any other way.
  4. I'm headed to the FL Gulf Coast Friday..thanks for staying home. 🙂
  5. A good percentage of people have never thought a cruise was for them. This poll doesn't surprise me at all. That said, I could cruise tomorrow. Waiting on a vaccine is fools gold.
  6. Agree, people are crazy...you’re outside and away from others for goodness sake..
  7. Good for him, I find them uncomfortable and they also make it basically impossible to read ones facial expressions, full body tyvek suit would save more lives.
  8. Exactly, this is not Celebrity’s fault at all..
  9. Yes...I would fly, don’t care if someone eats, drinks etc...
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