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  1. I have priced it, no way I can fly 2 from ATL to Jamaica fir $350 round trip. prices on Joy seem fair to me for this sailing. YMMV.
  2. Sounds like Mr & Mrs Smith panicked, now they need to unpanic and book another cruise in 2022 before their FCC's expire.
  3. Leadership is important...sounds like DC needs some. Masks outside are idiotic.
  4. Not wearing a mask on a cruise 24/7. Full stop. The CDC can KMA. I have the shot..ready to get on with life.
  5. Not surprised that anyone from NJ is shocked...check the death rates for your state vs Iowa.
  6. I like the guy, I never agree with anyone on everything, and I don't agree with him here. Not sure what's he trying to accomplish with this move.
  7. They may need to see cards for a while, I have a lift and shift cruise that was booked under the older program....it did include classic beverage, but the line has no way of knowing that without my cruise card. This cruise doesn't sail until March of 22. Come to think of it, I also have a Southern Caribbean booked on Equinox for Fall of 22, also booked under the older program...
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