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  1. If you Iike to gamble while cruising and don’t like smoke, check out Celebrity...no smoking inside the ship, anywhere.
  2. If people who are concerned with catching the virus are wearing a mask, they are safe, yes? If masks work, why do we need to be 6 feet apart? If being 6 feet apart works, why do we need to wear masks? 🙂
  3. 9192 on Equinox had a giant balcony...two chairs and two loungers, plenty of room..check the deck plan for those above it.
  4. It seems that basic common sense has left the building on many thoughts about this virus. I'd sail tomorrow if they would go. And I would like to have my room tidied up...and a towel outside around the pool. And oh yeah, I need a mini bar to stash my extra waters and unopened BEERS in.
  5. I don't see half of this flying on a cruise ship, or even making a difference.
  6. Not all areas of the Country are the same...
  7. Exactly what I may try and do. Glad to hear you succeeded.
  8. The Wife and I also have a 10 day booked on Equinox this September ...they have changed the 10 day to a 9 next fall (2021), and the 11 day to a 12..I was thinking of seeing if they would lift and ***** my 10 day ABC Cruise to 2021..I may be calling soon to find out. I'll let you know if I hear the same BS. Honestly, I'd rather go cruising this fall if I don't have to wear a mask. I will say that the new 12 day cruise sounds great, with at least 3 ports that I have not been too. We were on the 11 day last Sept 2020...was a great cruise. I hope you get some resolution.
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