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  1. Really enjoy getting the gift cards in the mail from said big box. The 10% mentioned seems to be around the norm, some a little more, some less. It buys a lot of gasoline. I dont watch prices after final payment, so no worries there. Still able to access cruise planner for anything I want to book/add to my cruise. I see zero downsides.
  2. A day without news on a cruise is a good day...relax..
  3. Expedited will come back QUICK...no worries and the right move.
  4. I wouldn't consider leaving the US without a Passport....a real Passport. YMMV
  5. I think it will go on your on board account...but you said in โ€œthe terminalโ€ so not sure at this point...
  6. See you onboard....we are flying down to FLL on Sunday from ATL to board Equinox....
  7. It's not bad is a Mimosa, etc...orange juice, pineapple, cranberry juice etc...
  8. 105 kilometers or 90 minutes by taxi or uber is the same estimate I found. I can't help on clearing customs, etc....but it sounds like you should be fine, assuming no delays.
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