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  1. No worries....... It is possible to import a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet, but it takes some work. If there are only a few charges it would probably not be worth the effort, but for a long trip with many charges it might be worthwhile.
  2. I hear what you are saying. I spent much of my career working with them, but get the antipathy towards them as well! 😁
  3. Thanks..... That is exactly what I would like to have happen.
  4. Thanks, Good to know this is possible. It would be great if they allowed us to do this for ourselves.
  5. Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to download a list of your on board charges as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file? I would like to import the charges into some finance software, which I can do from those formats. Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone for the great feedback and ideas. I like the idea of making the final payment in installments so as to be able to use one credit card for this purpose. With regards to on board spending I could see going to the purser's office at the start of each month to pay off any outstanding balance to help keep an eye on things and to avoid possibly having a large charge at the end of the world cruise. I do know realize that you can check your charges at any point and that on a higher end line you will likely have fewer on board charges.
  7. Hello, We are thinking of staying in Southampton and then travelling to Heathrow Airport. Can anyone advise on the options for taking a train, bus or similar (or any other options)? From a transportation App we see a suggestion to take a National Express bus for approximately US$9. We will have luggage. Thanks for any thoughts.
  8. I agree, the ships have really improved for all levels of passengers. Of course, this has to be looked at in perspective for the time she was built. I remember in the 1970's staying at hotels in Britain where there were shared bathrooms and if you wanted to watch TV you went down to a lounge.
  9. Thanks......... I appreciate all of the information.
  10. @Conte Di Savoia Thanks so much for posting that! Can advise if that is port or starboard side and if it is forward or aft? I agree.... Very sad that she is in financial difficulties in Long Beach. It sounds like it would take quite an investment ($235 million to $289 million according to one survey in 2015) to bring her back.
  11. Thanks! That is a great shot. I remember Mum talking about how the steward would draw a bath for your and then let her know when the bath was ready.
  12. Thanks to everyone who responded. I found a cheaper version ($20) on eBay and have purchased that. I'll see if I can post pictures of the plans back on here once they arrive.
  13. Thanks...... I did find one on offer for $40 for the one deck I am interested in. I was thinking that somewhere this might just be posted on the internet for free.
  14. Hello, My mother sailed on the original Queen Mary in the 1950's. I have a letter from her saying that she was in cabin C-189. She passed away a number of years back, so I can no longer ask her for details, but she said the cabin was in Cabin Class, at the bow and from her description it may have been an inside cabin. Does anyone know where I might find a deck plan from that era? Many thanks.
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