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  1. I just chuckle about all the negative comments on the Carnival board. Just off the Miracle and had a great time and she was declared worst ship in the fleet before my sailing. Just go ahead and book the Sunrise/Triumph, I did.
  2. Ask locals were open air markets are located.
  3. Add the Jade for foggy windows throughout the ship.
  4. No, have sailed Carnival, NCL, Royal, X, Princess no compaints.
  5. No need for a cab, as you exit the pier walk way you are in the middle of everything.
  6. My spouse and I have the same latitude level but on our cruise different color cards ? 🙂
  7. Any reason why there are different color S&S cards. Latitude level, drink package, ship designation, etc ?
  8. Just off the 01/25/19 Jade cruise. The smoke was very bad in the casino and when walking through, it would make me cough. At times the smoke would reach the Magnums Bar area.
  9. I would do the Carnival Breeze: Pt Canaveral, Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk (7 day) ! 🙂
  10. Frozen and martinis run can run up to 14.00.
  11. A jigger of bourbon is around 7.50 and a can of soda is 3.00. A case of bottled water is very inexpensive.
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