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  1. I bought 1 deluxe beverage package for my husband and 1 refreshment package for myself. Did it a few backs. Then cancelled because of the pricedrop and booked again. So it wasn't a temporary system glitch. Normally I book 2 deluxe and have to call Royal to have one changed to refreshment (I am not allowed alcohol), but this time could do it by myself.
  2. I was able to purchase only one. Maybe they have updated their policies.
  3. I see an added 12 night on Odyssey from Rome in May. Earlier this was only available in September.
  4. Anything from Europe to Egypt and back. There are no cruises to Egypt unless the travel onwards to Dubai where I do not want to go since I don't fly
  5. Apparently someone on another board (where I got it from) subscribes to an RSS feed with press releases of Royal Caribbean and it was on there. They saved it and posted it on the other forum.
  6. I actually posted it this morning, but removed it because I heard from Royal directly that the release wasn't the final one. She told me they will release a formal press release with the right information later today. So maybe wait on that before we panic 🙂
  7. Thank you all for the responses! Very good information 🙂 To add: - I once lived for a year in the USA, so I have a good picture of how big it is (lived in Texas). That's why we are going for 3 months. That's the maximum amount of time without a visa. - The train is a really good suggestion, I will look into that thanks! - Flying is not an option. Somewhere along the way I got a fear of flying and flying on the first flight after 9/11 from NY to AMS was the final drop for me. Haven't flow since. Don't plan to either. Even if I would push myself to do it, all the fun of the vacation would be gone because I would be so stressed for the way back. Cruising is the way to go for me 🙂
  8. Thank you for your response. I live in the Netherlands, so it would be Europe to USA and back. I am now thinking Europe - Northern USA - roadtrip across the country - maybe a short cruise to Mexico from Texas, then roadtrip further along to either Florida or back to Norther USA and then back to Europe. Super excited already even though it might be a few years 🙂
  9. Hi! I have flown all over the planet for years and years, but since 2001 I have an enormous fear of flying and have not been back to my friends in the USA. Since I really want to visit them me and my husband are now looking at taking a longer period of work (maybe 3 months) in 2 - 3 years and going to the USA for an extend period of time. We are planning a transatlantic cruise back and forth. Maybe a 'fast' one like QM2 one-way and a slower one the other way. I am not sure where to start looking for a good solid plan. There are so many options. I have a few main questions you can maybe help me with; and other suggestions are more than welcome: - What is the best season for these cruises weather wise. I am a little bit anxious about big storms, and super large waves (spent too much time on youtube); so I want to pick a quiet season. - Does the ship matter in terms of waves /storm/ stability? I know QM2 is an ocean liner; are smaller ships much different going transatlantic? - Which cruise lines offer the most ports on the way? Are the routes pretty much the same each year? Thanks!
  10. I went to Meyer Werft on a tour last week and saw Odyssey there. She looked amazing already. Can't wait to sail her in September.
  11. I cancelled an item in cruise planner on august 24th and received the refund 3 days later. I cancellend 2 other items on augustus 28th and today, september 9th, still no refund. I have e-mail with Royal, but no response. Purchases were done with the same card. Anybody else having problems with slow refunds? I also ran into another problem. Royal didn't cancel my original purchase but issued a manual refund to my creditcard. Now my creditcard company is charging me 40 euro's of currency conversion costs, because there are 2 separate dollar - euro transactions instead of a cancellation. So now I have bought nothing, but am paying 40 euro in costs. Is this normal way of refunding with Royal?
  12. Hi, If I get the refreshment package but order a alcoholic cocktail; do I pay full price for the cocktail or do I get a lower price since I already paid for the soda that's usually in there (e.g. coke)?
  13. I live close to Meyer Werft and saw that you can do a tour there. Since I am sailing on Odyssey I would like to see the ship being build. Does anyone know what would be a good month / period to go do the tour and be certain of seeing this particular ship?
  14. I got alot of information on the Shorebee website. I gives you lots of tips per port that you are visiting. Do you know where you want to go?
  15. That website is actually how I got into this 'mess'. So confusing and also confusing to see which travel agent is reliable and good with follow-up and customer service.
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