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  1. Maybe it is Better to let her sail here in the north when things come back to nearly normal life, It Will never Be the same....
  2. Why is Allure of the Seas in Southampton....
  3. The Italian people need us turist when This is over. I look forward to Be back in This wonderful country.
  4. Bluejays29 how did you ask for the refund. On the link on the website where you Can choose between refund or 125 %, or How did you do...
  5. How did you request the refund...it sounds like a Dream. I have responded the link on the web side, where you choose between refund or 125 % for the next cruise
  6. But what about Radiance This year in May..We Will arrive in Vancouver the 29 ,th of May. And They say, No cruiseship before the 1, of july.
  7. Canada Don t Want to have cruiseships before the 1 th of july. How does it affect the Cruises with Radiance of the Seas in May. You Can still make bookings on the website for Cruises in May
  8. Hello, I have booked drink package online on my Crown and Ancher site, on a Alaska Cruise which now is cancel. How do aI cancel these drinkpackage...
  9. I Will Cruise when the first MSC ship Will make a Cruise here in the nothern Europe. I Can t wait. I have two Cruises cancelled, and it was not me who did cancel.
  10. It s Very hard not to Go on a holiday booked a year ago. I am from Denmark and should have cruised from Miami the 5 th of April. Now 3 Americans Can have Our cabin on Meraviglia. I am so sorry.....
  11. Thats crazy only around 2500 people on your sailing. That must Be a Strange feeling. I hope there Will Be a little bit more people on Our Easter sailing. Have a Nice Cruise.
  12. Are the ship nearly full. We Will Be there the 5. Th of April
  13. Is it possible to se How MSC have change the routes in Europe...
  14. Just Pick up the luggage infront of the cabin nr which stand on your luggage tags.
  15. We are on the Meraviglia the 5 th of April. We booked 1 year ago. We are travel the hole Way from Denmark for doing This Cruise. We have cruised on Meraviglia before, so We are looking forward to Be back. Maybe We Will have No problem with finding a Sun bed.
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