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  1. And the beverages are not to be taken away, ie they are to be consumed at the elite breakfast.
  2. I read cruise critic in the 6 months prior to a cruise, so I’m not always looking at these boards. I’d never seen anything about this song, not would I ever have a reason to search for it here, so I’m glad the op brought it up. I love the song, always have, and love the book Go Ask Alice. It is surprising that Celebrity chose it for a theme song. Their target market is obviously for those waaaay younger who don’t associate the song with anything, except Alice in Wonderland perhaps.
  3. We’ve been on two transatlantic cruises, looking forward to another one with plenty of sea days. We don’t sleep in, but head to the elite breakfast for yogurt, fruit and a pastry to go along with a cappuccino. Sometimes we will have a bigger breakfast, muselii , eggs at the buffet. an ideal day would have exercise...yoga, walking laps in the sunshine, basketball coffee.... a dip in the pool.......solarium a nap... a good book ( iPad or kindle) a win at roulette or a slot machine an early lunch at the buffet, salad and/or Indian food preferable visiting with old and new friends a bit of contemplation time staring at the sea listening to live music somewhere on the ship, and finally........being grateful to be on a cruise
  4. I prefer gelato, more dense, less heavy cream than ice cream. Still, I forget to use my coupon/card, but I’ll make a point of finding hazelnut ! And my husband prefers the sorbet, each to their own.
  5. You made my day, thanks. I haven’t seen them for a few years on Celebrity. Not to worry, we aren’t suffering. We just polished off a small bag at home today.
  6. We always loved a small bowl filled with peanut m and m’s and other candies from the ice cream sundae topping station. We’d share it on the balcony or in the theater. Just a handful each, but a treat we never had a home. It’s easy enough to bring our own, but we enjoyed it when Celebrity provided it.
  7. If I missed a speaker, it was nice to find their “recorded” talk on the tv. Plus you can pause the talk and pick it up later when you wish. I don’t recall which channel, probably 10. It was great when I realized I really enjoyed a talk and could go back and find ones I’d missed.
  8. Like sleeping on a rock. And during the night, the two “cots” would move away from each other.
  9. Being under the weather today, I skimmed through my all my cruise journals. Our first cruise with Celebrity was 2006, and we’ve done 11 or 12. So not too long ago. Things I miss from the first cruises to now are the top quality desserts and the delicious soups. There used to be more room between tables in the MDR. And since each waiter was responsible for fewer tables, he/she was more relaxed, and able to serve us better. I sure like the more comfortable beds and bedding now!!
  10. Just going by what he posted in his live blog on cruise critic yesterday.
  11. There is a couple sailing on the Equinox , giving live reports right now. They said the app does NOT accurately report the meal choices. Too bad:(
  12. Hotel Richmond was one of our favorites, location was superb and the view from the top floor while having breakfast is second to none. I see that it has changed hands, not even a hotel anymore, sorry. we have used bobs limo services and Civitavecchia shuttle services for port drop offs and pick ups. Both are reliable companies and will be able to communicate by email with you.
  13. Now we understand your T-shirt’s message. I’m really enjoying your take on things. You are adventurous. Your students are going to like the “ flying” pictures too. ( I’m also a spec ed teacher, but subbing at the moment).
  14. If you use YouTube, there are many food videos that people have taken of the offerings of the buffet. Type the name of your ship, or “celebrity cruise” plus the word “ buffet” and you’ll be amazed at the variety of foods on offer throughout the day.
  15. We had perks included when there was a Remembrance Day/ Veteran’s Day special sale on Nov 11. We’ve never had them on a Transatlantic crossing before.
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