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  1. What company are you renting the car from? Although we normally fly into FLL, not Miami, having a car is far more convenient. We rent from Alamo, picking it up at the airport and then return it to their nearby PE site on Eller and hop on their free shuttle to the ship. If you return the car to FLL, then you will will also have to pay taxi to the pier and plan on extra time to arrive at the ship - but then, who knows what's happening with specific details with Uber safety. Darcy
  2. The Hyatt Boston Harbor is at the airport. Not a good choice, located across from American Airlines cargo terminal. Look for a hotel either at the seaport or "uptown" near the Common. Darcy
  3. As long as you are comfortable driving "right" it's the best way to get to Key West. If I can drive in London, you can drive in FL 🙂 Do your research to identify where you want to stop along the route, yes it's a long drive, mainly islands, bridges and lots of pristine water. A couple of water bottles would be a good idea. Post cruise, arrange for a rental car, be sure to have either your own iphone or Sat Nav to guide you out of Ft Lauderdale area and onto the motorway. Once you leave the main motorway, you will get onto US 1 - it' s the original North South roadway from the
  4. https://www.introducingdublin.com/taxi Additional charge after the first person. Re: Fox restaurants - there a few others with fox in their names. Mr Fox is one. Darcy
  5. We've been to Dublin a few times and have had some wonderful meals/drinks there. My sister is still talking about the great fish ' chips we had a a place called The Oak. We got a window seat and had fun people watching. We've tried getting into the Stag's Head a few times, very historic, but each venture left us disappointed by the crowds. We meandered across the street to another public house type pub/restaurant, but didn't like the menu. We had coupons for appetizers/dining from the ho-ho bus booklet, but most didn't open until later in the evening. On
  6. Seychelles. My husband's family lived there in the early 60's while he was attending school in Nairobi. We recently found letters and journal written by his mom about leaving the USA with five children and husband, in search of the perfect place to live. By today's standards, life was primitive - generator for power, propane fridge, mail was via ships that traveled between Mombasa and ports in India. But for a few dollars, one could have a handy person, maid, laundress and cook. At least now one could fly non-stop from LHR to Mahe. Back in the early 60's there was no airport.
  7. The airport shuttle was @ $2. pp and the shuttle to the ship is $7. pp. You sign up for the shuttle to the ship on a sheet near the door or at check in. At least these are the last prices I recall seeing posted at the hotel - normally pick up a rental car at FLL and drop it at Alamo near the port and use their shuttle, then post cruise take the Alamo shuttle back to Eller for another rental car that we eventually drop back at FLL prior to our flight home. Calling the hotel directly will give you up to date info on shuttle service and cost. Darcy
  8. Hyatt is behind Bistro Mezzaluna, [love their happy hour bar menu], a bit further back from the main traffic flow where Embassy is located. I would say adjacent to the back left of ES. Harbor Shops is a five minute walk from the hotel. We often enjoy taking our morning coffee outside to the front of the hotel, ample seating in a mini tropical garden. Darcy
  9. That was my first reaction, so I dug out old pictures of the Serenade of the Seas inaugural crossing from Amsterdam to Boston back in August 2003. My skyline is ten years older than the one in the picture. The jetty looks similar to a few of my pictures as we sailed through the locks to the North Sea, NoordzeeKanal. One of the spires in the background looks like a old kirk. Darcy
  10. https://www.tripadvisor.com/RestaurantsNear-g34168-d4926189-Hyatt_Place-Dania_Beach_Broward_County_Florida.html Lots of options Darcy
  11. The Hyatt House Dania is not within walking distance of the port. Best option is inquire at the desk upon check-in and they will let you know the options - shuttle, uber, taxi, etc. We stayed at Hyatt Place and from the parking lot I could see the street with multiple restaurants - maybe 5-10 minute walk at the most. Also some major shopping venues. We've always found Hyatt to be very good at making dining suggestions. Like you, we found there was a significant price difference between the 17th st Hyatt and Dania. The do have an airport shuttle https://www
  12. Go to the hotel's web site and you will find the information about shuttle cost. Food is subjective as is bed comfort. Darcy
  13. Hyatt Centric certainly is a beautiful hotel. However, we always rent a car to venture beyond the immediate area and parking at this Hyatt runs $33. plus tax per day and is only valet. I would have to factor that additional cost into booking the hotel. Back when we used to stay at Pier 66, parking was always an additional cost, but we could save a few $ by doing self park. Being Hyatt members, we could often get a special rate and use points toward the booking. I would crunch the numbers and compare final cost among 17th St., Dania and Centric before I booked again. Darcy
  14. First, i would pick up the phone and call the police department to verify the validity of this email. Possibly ask a few questions of someone in authority before responding to the questions. Darcy Hey,Tony AKA Lucky TGO - How are things in your neighborhood? Hear your city is experiencing very high numbers. We're OK here in the southwestern suburbs. The Kraft family is doing a lot for everyone in this area. D
  15. Yes, smaller passenger compliment. Plus I truly have no interest in all the big boat glitz and amenities. River cruises afford the passengers the opportunity to see cities and towns along the rivers, focus on history and culture, very port intensive, not bingo and shopping talks. Totally different experience from main line cruise ships. And as DH said, if the current isn't bad, we can swim to shore - hard to do off a 150K ton ship. Darcy
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