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  1. To avoid the 10% extra charge to exchange US currency, we converted money to Canadian before we left home. Private tour in a ‘58 convertible was wonderful! I preferred that to the walking tour we took after lunch. There are some wonderful paladars within walking distance of the terminal for dinner and it is very safe to wander in Havana. We chose to see Cabaret Parisien after dinner and I’m not sure if the show was not good or if we were just too tired after a long day, but we left early. i loved the day we had and wished for more time to experience more of the country.
  2. I was recently on the Sky with the new Premium Plus Beverage Package and found it to be worth the extra money. The Sun and Sky have many premixed drinks since it’s all included, so asking for the same drink with Premium liquor, it was made fresh each time. Having bottled water on the ship tasted much better than the water served from the coolers at the bar all day and we always got bottles to take each time we left the ship to tour Havana. ( we were on and off 3 separate times) We didn’t plan on using the tour credit in Havana, since we were able to book for much cheaper on our own, but on Stirrup Cay, the credit practically paid for our snorkeling. Din er in La Cucina would have been almost $100 with the sparkling water we tried and the bottle of wine that was included with the PPBP. Bas, decide if you will take advantage of the extras and see if the added cost is worth it.
  3. I called NCL prior to our cruise to say we were celebrating our anniversary. A card was waiting in our room we could bring to dinner for a cake. We never needed to bring it because the night we dined in La Cucina the hostess greeted us with, “I see it’s your anniversary, congratulations!” A cake was brought to the table during dessert.
  4. We were in Havana in April. We purchased our visas through NCL and took a private tour. Nobody checks what your visa says. You hand it in at customs the first time you disembark. After that, you’re free to come and go as often as you wish, no questions asked.
  5. APDMOM, you sure do your homework! Thanks for the charts and advice.
  6. Newbie here with Royal Caribbean. I know NCL’s fares drop the closer you get to sail dates I would like to try Royal Caribbean for my next cruise and was wondering if the same thing applies. Thanks for any info you can share.
  7. I took an excursion last year with Bermuda Byways incorporating many sights with the history of the island. 6 hour tour includes lunch and costs $100 per person.
  8. To check how many cabins are available in a certain category, go to ncl.com and do a mock booking. You will be able to see what’s available when you “pick” your stateroom.
  9. You will all check in together. Is your cousin’s name on your edocs? If so, you can use yours.
  10. No, but if you do a mock booking, you can see the available cabins in each category.
  11. If there is a destination you want to explore further, go for it! You spend a short amount of time in a Port compared to the length of the cruise. There’s also a cruise to Bermuda you can take. I did it last year and enjoyed the history and sights very much.
  12. I hope you have a wonderful time in Alaska! Now.... elevators are available to bring your own luggage down tea is available in all dining venues, as well as in your room balcony dividers may not be removed Call NCL to note dietary restrictions and ask how it is tracked at restaurants ome of the MDRs will be open for lunch after embarking also... bring magnets to post dailies on your cabin walls highlighter to use on dailies maybe have a lanyard to carry keycard I hope this helps
  13. The Epic, according to Ship tracker, is anchored off Great Stirrup Cay. http://www.*****/cruise-ship-tracker/norwegian-cruise-line/norwegian-epic.php
  14. I have found when I cruise without a drink package, I think more before ordering that glass of wine (or two) with dinner or the drink during the evening show. Sitting on deck on an At Sea day, I think of the added cost before I choose not to get a coco mojito. When I’ve had the beverage package, I didn’t think twice when I wanted to try something new because of I didn’t like it, no problem- get something else as it’s already included. I want to enjoy myself while vacationing, not count how much more I will owe when the vacation is over.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. May not need the calling feature....
  16. Would Facebook messenger texting and calling be considered part of the NCL Social Media Package? I admit to not being completely savvy concerning social media. Thanks.
  17. Yes. You can use it at any bar onboard..
  18. I believe Azyaya meant getting OBC instead of the excursion credit. Unfortunately, if you don’t use it, you lose it. NCL won’t let you exchange it for OBC.
  19. But drinks are still served in disposable plastic cups...
  20. If you typically spend your time onboard in the haven deck exclusively, using the pool area, restaurant and bar, your experience on the Sun or Sky will not be what you are looking for. If you are willing to join the masses, there are half as many people onboard as on a mega ship so it shouldn’t feel as crowded.
  21. That depends on how you received the credit. It may be used for excursions, purchases onboard. Any unused credit may not be refundable depending on how it was received.
  22. The old post office and library has much history. There was a small museum in the State House as well.
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