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  1. Before leaving the ship in port, check the sign where you disembark to make sure of the time you need to be back.
  2. Yes, towels are provided and can be exchanged for fresh ones by the pool or by your room steward
  3. Thank you for suggesting I check with Guest Services. My concern with the CUC is the exchange won’t be open when I return in the evening and I have no way of knowing how much I will spend during the day.
  4. Thanks, I didn’t consider the visa.
  5. We will be overnight in Cuba, but leaving too early to exchange money back to US and getting back from excursion after the money exchange closes. Is it acceptable to tip the cruise staff in CUC? Are there any other options for unused CUC?
  6. Not sure if there is a difference between Platinum dining and a meal through the dining package, but I read recently that there is a charge for an additional entree, nothing about only a salad or app. Used to be unlimited apps and desserts.
  7. Now it’s not available for cruises 2 days or less.
  8. Last year I sailed on the Escape out of Manhattan. It was arriving empty from Florida. The evening before the cruise, NCL sent out texts and calls telling passengers not to arrive before noon. The ship had to wait for the tide to go out to be able to pass under the Verizzano bridge. Being empty, it was riding higher and that affected the clearance.
  9. I’ll be sailing mid April on NCL Sky and planned to wear casual dresses mostly the time. Will a light sweater be enough in dining rooms and shows? I hate feeling cold and don’t want to end up buying something overpriced on the ship to be comfortable. Thanks!
  10. Travel agency probably won’t add it to your account until a day or so before you sail.
  11. Thank you, stormynow. We plan on being out until midnight or so in Cuba.
  12. I was hoping to see some Sky dailies from recent cruises to Cuba. I’m interested in what there is to do on the ship in the evening.
  13. Even the Premium Plus doesn’t include Starbucks, only LaVazza in the restaurants
  14. Yes. They sell them as you leave the ship. With your keycard, there will be no charge.
  15. You can even get bottles of water to take off the ship for excursions!
  16. I’m sailing next month also! Specialty dining is an appetizer, entree, sides and dessert. Some may allow more than one app and dessert, but I’ve read that might have changed. Drinks are included on GSC. They also serve lunch.
  17. Won’t all the information except cabin number remain the same? Do all the online stuff and wait to print.
  18. The credit was for more than the cost of your future cruise? Do you still keep the balance to use in the future, use as onboard credit, or just lose the difference?
  19. Did the dollar amount include the original taxes and fees you paid for the first cruise?
  20. I recently had that same discussion with my husband. We may book air for the cruise we want and wait for the price to drop to what we think will be our best deal.
  21. Cb2367, I just got 25% of the difference back in onboard credit when I called my TA. Speak to a live person and ask them to contact Norwegian for you. My other option that NCL was willing to do was to upgrade me one category in the same cabin type. I opted for the $. This occurred 24 days before my sail date, long after final payment was made.
  22. Under what circumstances will they allow another change?
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