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  1. These are the current “sale” prices: Oasis 7 night 11/21 - $58 Independence 3 night 2/25 - $58
  2. The magical number for capacity is: however many cabins they can sell. Cruises are cheaper now than they’ve been in quite some time. As we all know, the pricing model is based on supply and demand. When 3-night weekend cruise interior cabins on an amped ship are going for less than $400, 7-night interior on an Oasis class for less than $1,000 and the beverage package for 2 costs more than the cabin itself, it’s safe to say the demand simply isn’t there.
  3. As of late, I have not seen any cruises selling deluxe beverage package for less than $58 while “on sale.” My Oasis sailing next month got down to $50 up until about 6 months ago. Now the “sale” price is consistently $58. Which is still a great bargain based on my consumption. 😂 I think the days of paying in the $45 range are long gone, unfortunately.
  4. Is there even an “excursion” available? I remember it just being a hut where you’d pick up the equipment and then you’re on your own. I went snorkeling in Coco Cay once and won’t be doing that again. If you’ve ever snorkeled anywhere decent, you’ll be disappointed. If you do go, you can buy your own snorkel and mask for less than the cost of renting one.
  5. I have a radical suggestion. Don’t wear it. I wore mine but it didn’t bother me in the least. I observed plenty of people on Mariner who eventually cut theirs off. To my knowledge, no crew were “checking” to see if the bracelets were being worn. And if they weren’t being worn, what are they going to do? Throw you off the ship? I still don’t understand what the point of the band is when everyone on the cruise over 12 must be vaccinated. If you’re an adult and you’re on the ship, that alone means you’re vaccinated. Not sure why I need a wristband as well.
  6. The cruises are at a reduced capacity but not because the cruise lines are limiting cabin sales. The reality is that they couldn’t fill those ships even if they wanted to. They are practically giving away those Mariner cruises (my drink package cost more than my cabin). The demand just isn’t there. Now that Florida is no longer the COVID-19 hotspot of the entire country (at least not as big of one) maybe folks will be more encouraged to cruise. Time will tell. I’ll be on Oasis over Thanksgiving and I imagine those holiday cruises will be at a higher capacity simply because it’s a holiday and people are off work / schools are closed. I’ll find out soon!
  7. I was on Mariner last week (3 nights) and am on Oasis next month (7 nights). I was considering purchasing the dining package on Oasis, so I took a look at MDR menus and was disappointed to see that the menu is identical to Mariner for 3 out of the 7 nights (and 2 of those nights are back-to-back). Is this common, or just bad luck? I've never had identical menus on different ships out of different ports in the past.
  8. Royal’s food continues to decline in quality so I’d splurge for the dining package.
  9. Well, the title says it all. Why can’t Royal include a decent serving of fresh vegetables with an entree? And no, one piece of broccoli does not count.
  10. Can’t speak to Odyssey, but they did do love and marriage on Mariner. Crammed everyone into a venue that was way too small. We couldn’t even get a seat, standing room only. No distancing in dining room.
  11. I was just on Mariner over the weekend. Was told the weekend sailings have had about 1,500 passengers and weekdays are more like 900. This was a server in the dining room telling me this so I have no way of knowing if that’s accurate. I would assume numbers on Independence are similar. So if you’re looking for smaller crowds, the weekday itinerary is the way to go. If you’re looking to socialize, go with the weekend. To be quite honest with you, the ship was depressing at times with the reduced capacity. The shows suffered horribly. And I was on a weekend cruise. Can’t even imagine what it’d be like with less than 1,000 passengers.
  12. I was on this cruise and if distancing is important to you, you might want to reconsider cruising right now. They were sitting people very close to one another in the dining room. So much so that I had to request to be moved, something I’ve never done before. I can’t understand why they are cramming people in when the ship is at half capacity? No distancing at any bars either, all seats available.
  13. 3 night dining package is no longer available for any of my sailings, Oasis and Mariner. Unlimited is available on Mariner only. Disappointing because of course today I decided I wanted to switch from UDP to 3 night. Hopefully the option returns.
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