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  1. It was not operational when my sister and I were on the Escape in the fall..
  2. Hello All, I would appreciate any recommendations on a Catamaran Sunset Set company that one has used in the past.. Best, Conciergecruiser
  3. I agree, I had on my Bahamas cruise last April, on the Escape, I liked the all of the shower heads :)
  4. Hi emsiam , If you see him please tell him that the Good family Jerry, Tina and Carol,from Boston says "Hello !! Thanks
  5. Hello...UPDATE...I Instant Messaged him on FB and he is on the Dawn...Thanks to all who responded !! My family will miss seeing him on the Escape, he really was our vacation hero !!
  6. Hi, Thank you for your reply...I IM him and we spoke today, he is on the Dawn, My family and I are going to miss seeing him on the Escape in October !! Thank you..
  7. Thanks for your review, I have sailed the Sky twice and had a great time !!
  8. Thanks for your reply, I am hopeful someone knows what ship he's on !!
  9. Hi , has anyone seen Junifirst Ohoy, or as he goes by "Chips Ahoy", he was on the Escape out of NYC back last April ...He is an amazing bartender so if anyone has seen him, please let me know what ship he is on now, Thank you !!
  10. Thank you, He is not on Facebook recently, since 2018, I did message him !
  11. Hi, Thanks for your review, my family and I really enjoyed our cruise last April and we are going again on her to Bermuda next month out of NYC. Can you tell me by chance did you have an awesome bartender anywhere on the ship called Chips Ahoy? that's his nickname, he from the Philippines and is great, always happy, great personality, singing, his favorite line is "Happy wife, happy life " or " Free chicken dinner !!" He throw ice at you and plays great music of his IPod etc.. I am hopeful I will find him still on the escape..Appreciate if you could let me know if your paths crossed..
  12. Thank you, it is just 1 guy tho, his nickname is Chips Ahoy :) He Usually works the waterfront, I was looking forward to saying hello on my upcoming cruise next month..If anyone else has a sighting of him, let me know !!
  13. Thank you, he is a pretty memorable character, he sings, has a great personality and I believe he is from South Korea, just an amazing "Vacation Hero" in my mind..If anyone else has just come off the Escape, please let me know...Thanks P.S, his nkickname is I think.".Chips Ahoy," but his real name is Junifirst Ohuy .
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone who was just off the Escape can tell me if that great bartender "Chips Ahoy" or Junifirst Ohuy is still onboard ? My family and I had the pleasure of meeting him while he was working the 5 O'clock somewhere bar on the Waterfront on our Bahamas cruise on the Escape this past April. I would appreciate anyone's help...Thank you
  15. Can anyone confirm that Chips Ahoy, (Junifirst Ohuy ), bartender is still onboard the Escape, He is AWESOME !!!-Thanks in advance..
  16. Hi Juvesgirl, I hope all goes well with your cruise on the Escape out of NYC tomorrow.....once your onboard and enjoying a beverage of your choice would it be possible to see if the best bartender in the world " Ships A hoy" is still working the 5 O'clock somewhere bar outside on the Waterfront and if so could you ask if he will stay on the Escape thru the Fall ? My family and I had the pleasure of meeting him last April while on a 7 day Bahamas cruise out of NYC..He was amazing and will do the escape again because of him and that great ship, thinking about Bermuda out of NYC in Sept or October...Thank you in advance..
  17. Hello All, Could I ask if they really enforce the 1 carton of cigs thru NYC port arriving back from the Bahamas? I know that at times the duty free shops will run a special on the last day where you buy 3 cartons and get 1 carton free.. Thank you..
  18. Bird Travels...Thank you for your "live review", on behalf of all of us on the 4/7-NCL Escape Roll Call heading out on Sunday ....THANK YOU ! You have made this trip even more exciting by having us living it thru your eyes and on-board experiences... If you have a moment would you know what the cost of a carton of Marlboro's would be in the duty free shops..I understand there is a special on the last day where one could buy 3 cartons and get 1 carton for free, that cost would be great as well...I apologize if your a non-smoker :)..thanks again for everything..Safe travels home..But if you can swing a "B2B"and head out with us, i think we all would buy you a drink !! Best, ConciergeCruiser
  19. Thank you, I am really enjoying your review..2 more days for me..
  20. With regards to the pricing in the Mandara spa, what is the difference between Standard and value pricing...Thanks to anyone that can assist..
  21. we are on the Escape this Sunday 4/7/19 out of NYC...Can't wait !! We recv'd out Upgrade Offer Acceptance E-mail today at approx. 4:00pm to go from a FWD Balcony on the 10th deck to a Spa Mini Suite Balcony on the 15th deck, for $200 per person...$400.00 total...we also were going to buy the thermal suite pas as well, the bigger bathroom is just icing on the cake..
  22. Sounds and looks great, I can't wait until we "Escape" next Sunday 4/7/19...
  23. Hello, Newbie to Cruise Critic... I sailed on the Sky a few years ago and ordered the caviar that was on the room service menu on my balcony. Does any of our members know if NCL still offer this as an option via room service, back then I believe it cost around $75.00. I'm sailing on the Escape this April, and would like to enjoy this again. Thanks for your help !
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