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  1. Bougainville, Istanbul-Athens, 19 July
  2. I received an email from Ponant informing us that our cruise was cancelled. The link was in the email.
  3. Plenty of new cancellations: https://wordpress.ponant.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/REPROGRAMMATION_CROISIERES_PONANT_ETE2020_02062020-2.pdf
  4. I fully agree with you Samiam1. We live in Luxembourg but the situation is basically the same as in France. I have a suspicion that Ponant is financially stretched due to all the new ships. Perhaps they can simply not afford to cancel the cruises.
  5. We are booked on the same cruise, and we also find it unacceptable that Ponant doesn't offer some kind of flexibility. We live in Europe, where the situation constantly is getting worse, and we simply cannot take the risk of flying to the Seychelles and possibly not be able to return due to cancelled flights and/or closed borders. At the same time I find it very difficult to accept losing all that money. We do not necessarily want a refund, just the possibility to reschedule. This would be our first Ponant cruise, but I honestly don't think that we will book another Ponant cruise considering the way they treat their passengers.
  6. We have a B2B cruise next year, but it appears as one single booking on the RSSC web site. Will we still be able to make multiple dinner reservations?
  7. Thanks a lot for this information. I have set our Sky box to record it, and I am looking very much forward to watching it. It seems to be a series of four episodes (1 hour each).
  8. Bali is a wonderful place, but the airport lounges are not. Emirates use the Premier Lounge in Bali, which is not a place you would want to spend much time. The lounge is used by many airlines and is often crowded and too warm.
  9. You don’t need any American connection to use an American TA. I’m 100% European, but I have booked all our Regent cruises through an American TA based in Florida, as she offers good service and significant rebates. The USD 100 cancellation fee is also an incentive. Everything is done via email, and it works perfectly fine.
  10. Just to add that I was informed by my TA that this pre-pay discount only applies to 27 specific sailings on Navigator, Mariner and Voyager in Alaska, Canada/New England, Asia and South Pacific. There is only one cruise with a 25% discount, and the other cruises are either 10, 15 or 20%.
  11. Just two more questions 😉 Do you feel the movement of the sea a lot on such a small ship? The photos of the restaurant show mainly rather large tables. Do you always have to dine with other guests, or can you also dine as a couple?
  12. OK. Thanks again I think that there must be some kind of problem with their web site, as 621 appeared as an Owner’s Suite when we made the booking, and their cabin description also indicates that the balcony of the Owner’s Suite is smaller than the balconies of the Grand Deluxe suites on deck 5. Anyway, I’m sure that we will enjoy the cruise😄
  13. Thanks a lot Lynn for this review. Were you in suite 621? We are booked in that suite in March 2020. I haven't quite understood the difference between the Owner's suite and the Grand Deluxe suites, other than the hot tub, which I don't really care about. However, we were offered 621 for the same price as the Grand Deluxe suites, so we took that one. You mentioned that the minibar isn't well stocked. What is in it? I have read somewhere that passengers can opt for a premium wine/spirit package for the duration of cruise. Is that correct? What's the price?
  14. Thank you for this video. Looking forward to our first Ponant experience on this ship in March
  15. We are in a Penthouse suite on Explorer right now, and we love it. I agree that the closet is a bit small, but we have still managed to fit the contents of two big suitcases into it without any problems. The PH shower is wonderful, and we definitely don’t miss a bathtub, which we wouldn’t even consider using.
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